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Colostrum LD: Natural Antiviral Supplement

Bovine Colostrum Vs. Traditional Antiviral Drugs & Supplements

Searching for a natural, broad-spectrum antiviral supplement that delivers consistent results? Check out the bovine colostrum products from Sovereign Laboratories, a leading supplier of colostrum supplements that have been shown to help fight viral infections and modulate immune function for better overall health.

What Are the Natural Antiviral Properties of Colostrum?

Although some antiviral supplement makers claim to provide support against viral infections, there's no "magic potion." In fact, there's no cure for the common cold, which is caused by viruses. Although many people feel reassured by taking a natural antiviral supplement, these products provide only limited support. Most over-the-counter supplements only help relieve symptoms; they do nothing to get rid of the infection. The same can be said for OTC flu medications – patients feel better because the symptoms are minimized, not because the infection is gone.

Moreover, natural remedies that "boost" the immune system are not what you need because they contribute to over-activation of the immune system. The desired action is instead, a balancing of the immune system. On the other hand, there's Colostrum-LD™ from Sovereign Laboratories, which offers an effective, science-backed, natural antiviral supplement that helps to rid the body of the infection and balance the immune system.

Colostrum-LD™ is a proven and reliable treatment for many viral (and bacterial) infections. It does this by "teaching," or instructing the body's immune system to destroy these pathogens. Powdered Colostrum-LD™ is the recommended form to take (not capsules) because it begins to work on any pathogens that are inhabiting the mouth, and continues to work all the way through the G.I. tract.

Furthermore, studies indicate that colostrum is at least three times more effective against influenza than conventional flu vaccines. And unlike a flu shot, which takes 7-14 days to become fully effective, Colostrum-LD™ goes to work immediately. And because flu viruses are continually mutating, vaccines cannot keep up. The immune components in colostrum can help the immune system react quickly to fend off new forms of the flu viruses. This makes it the ideal supplement for broad-spectrum immune support.

Why Is Colostrum-LD™ an Effective Natural Antiviral Supplement?

Let's face it – the market is stocked with a wide range of antiviral supplement products and flu remedies, all of which claim to deliver the best results when you're feeling your worst. None of these products contain immunoglobulins (natural antibodies), lactoferrin, or proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs), the most powerful immune modulating components in colostrum. The PRPs stimulate the production of natural killer (NK) cells which help destroy pathogens. Colostrum-LD™ contains a minimum of 4.5-5% PRPs and these components are protected by a proprietary liposomal delivery (LD) system for maximum effectiveness. LD ensures that colostrum will bypass the harsh stomach acids and circulate throughout the body, reach the organs and cells quickly, and remain bioavailable for an extended period of time. As a result, Colostrum-LD™ is proven to be at least four times more effective than other colostrum supplements available today.

Sovereign Laboratories recommends supplementing with powdered Colostrum-LD™ daily to maintain good gut health and a balanced immune system. But for those times when germs are everywhere, such as during flu season, or when everyone at daycare, school, and work, are coughing and sneezing, a little extra help may be necessary. Viralox™ is an oral spray containing concentrated PRPs, and with consistent use, these components have been demonstrated to reduce illness in children by 74% and antibiotic usage by 84%.

To learn more about Colostrum-LD™ or Viralox™, and how this natural antiviral supplement modulates the immune system and helps users maintain overall health, please check out our blog.

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