Why sell colostrum?

Every patient who walks through your door with a chronic disease or pain complaint has Leaky Gut Syndrome and now you have a viable solution to offer. Colostrum-LD® is vital as a nutritional adjunct for every patient you see with any form of gastrointestinal, infectious or chronic disease condition as they are all directly caused by toxicity and immune dysfunction caused by 24/7 leakage of toxins into the bloodstream. This recent and catastrophic phenomena has literally exploded with out-of-control disease processes, patient misery, not to mention skyrocketing health care costs. Colostrum-LD® is the missing link to optimal health and YOU can be part of the solution.

Would you like to sell colostrum?

Please review our wholesale pricing requirements below and register your practice/retail store at www.ColostrumTherapy.com. Just click the Register button in the top right and fill out a short application form. Once your application is accepted, you may log into the site to make wholesale purchases. If you application is not accepted, you will be notified by email.

Wholesale Pricing Requirements

  • Must have a valid sales tax resale number AND...
  • A retail outlet with a physical (brick and mortar) location that specializes in the health industry that serves their customer/patients.
  • ...OR...
  • Must be a licensed medical practitioner with an active patient practice. Sales tax resale number required.
  • ...AND...
  • Must purchase a minimum of $200 per sale to receive free shipping. Must maintain an active ongoing purchase and education program.
  • Free shipping is limited to all US addresses. International shipping will be charged at cost. For wholesale account application please visit and register on line at: www.colostrumtherapy.com

Only those with an active practice and client base that are reselling our products to your clients/patients qualify.We do not offer wholesale pricing for personal use only.

If you will be shipping outside the Continental USA you must call (928-683-5759) to inquire about purchases and wholesale pricing.

Purchases of $500.00 or more (in a single transaction) are eligible for an additional 10% discount.

NOTE: Sovereign Laboratories does not offer bulk, raw material purchases or private labeling of its colostrum products.