How Colostrum Modulates the Immune System

Fall is finally here, and cold and flu season is right around the corner, which means now is a great time to consider how you’ll be able to fight off cold and flu symptoms in the foreseeable future.

Currently, there is no “magic potion” to eliminate cold and flu symptoms altogether. Although many over-the-counter (OTC) cold and flu medications are available, these supplements often are designed to minimize cold and flu symptoms for only a short period of time. And after a few hours, the effects of these medications likely will wear off.

It also is important to consider some of the dangers associated with various OTC cold and flu medications.

modulate the immune system

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OTC cold and flu medications can be purchased without a prescription. However, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) notes that many cold and flu medications can be abused.

NIDA states that dextromethorphan is a cough suppressant that is present in numerous OTC cold and flu medications and can cause serious problems for users of all ages. In fact, dextromethorphan in OTC medications may lead to hallucinations if quantities are taken in excess of a medication’s recommended dose.

Clearly, OTC cold and flu medications offer limited value. And in some instances, these medications may prove to do more harm than good.

But for those who want to control cold and flu symptoms, a safe product is readily available – Colostrum-LD® from Sovereign Laboratories. Because Colostrum-LD® has been shown to help modulate the immune system, this product could make a world of difference for those who want to eliminate cold and flu systems both now and in the future.

How Does Colostrum-LD® Work? 

When it comes to cold and flu supplements, Colostrum-LD® is in a class all its own. This bovine colostrum product has been shown to help users combat viral and bacterial infections. The colostrum supplement even instructs the body’s immune system to destroy pathogens, fights off pathogens in the mouth, and works its way through the GI tract. As a result, Colostrum-LD® is exceedingly valuable for improved immune function in men, women, children, and even pets.

In addition, Colostrum-LD® contains many powerful components to support enhanced immune function that you simply won’t find in most OTC cold and flu medications.

These components include:

Immunoglobulins – Immunoglobulins are able to identify bacteria and viruses and work to eliminate these problems quickly and efficiently.

Lactoferrin – As a protein commonly found in cow and human milk, lactoferrin has been shown to help protect the immune system against bacterial infection. It also regulates the absorption of iron in the intestine and administers iron to the cells.

Proline-Rich Polypeptides (PRPs) – PRPs have been shown to help limit the effects of allergies, chemical sensitivity, and auto-immune responses. They even stimulate the creation of natural killer (NK) cells that can eliminate pathogens.

Colostrum-LD® contains myriad components that have helped it stand out from other colostrum products, too.

Plus, Colostrum-LD® even boasts a liposomal delivery (LD) system that guarantees optimal effectiveness.

How Does the Colostrum-LD® Liposomal Delivery System Work? 

Colostrum-LD® features an LD system that allows colostrum to bypass stomach acids and circulate throughout the body. This system also ensures colostrum can reach the body’s organs and cells instantly and remain bioavailable for an extended period of time. Thus, the LD system drives maximum effectiveness and has helped Colostrum-LD® become one of the leading colostrum products on the market.

With Colostrum-LD®, you can reap the benefits of a colostrum product that has been proven to be at least four times more effective than other colostrum products.

Moreover, Colostrum-LD® has been shown to help users enhance their immune function and delivers other benefits, including:

Slows Down the Effects of Anti-Aging – Colostrum-LD® has been shown to help users reduce the effects of aging.

Improved Muscle Strength and Stamina – Colostrum-LD® may help users speed up the recovery period after exercise or injury as well as increase their muscle strength and stamina.

Superb GI and Stomach Lining Protection – Colostrum-LD® is the only substance that has been clinically proven to heal and prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS), a leading cause of chronic disease.

Perhaps best of all, Colostrum-LD® serves as a non-toxic supplement. This colostrum product can be consumed in any quantity, at any time, and it has been shown to aid users of all ages.

Don’t let cold and flu season get the best of you! Thanks to Colostrum-LD®, you can enjoy the benefits of a colostrum supplement that helps users boost, balance, and maintain unparalleled immune function. As such, Colostrum-LD® may make it easier for you to fight off cold or flu symptoms and prevent them from returning.

Ready to learn more about the benefits of Colostrum-LD®? Please explore our blog to find out how Colostrum-LD® can help drive improved immune function and much more.