Colostrum: The Forgotten Prerequisite to Immunity

The “Modern Father of Colostrum” and Director of the Center for Nutritional Research (CNR), Douglas Wyatt, recently joined Kat James on her live radio show. Please listen below, or read the transcript provided afterward.

Kat James: Hello everybody and welcome to The Kat James Show. I hope you’re ready to be transformed yet again, because I think today I’m going to fill in a big blank with an incredible guest on a forgotten game-changing health factor that we all should be getting more of, because times have changed and we are not exposed to certain things, certain old traditional foods, and even the way you come into this world and how your mother took care of you, you’re going to find out really has an incredible impact on your lifelong health. But for some people whom I believe are suffering needlessly right now, you know how strongly I feel about diet and becoming sensitive to the hormone leptin, for example, but this is, I think– as much as leptin is capable of, I would have to say this is probably almost the second most game-changing factor, and perhaps my guest, probably the foremost expert in the world on the subject, Doug Wyatt, of Sovereign Labs Colostrum, who is– he’s the director of Sovereign Health Initiative, twenty-five years or so experience with colostrum. He’s probably even going to feel more strong about it and I just have to say this is going to be life-changing information. But before I introduce him officially, I want to mention a couple of things coming up. I have a retreat coming up and most of you know about my Total Transformation retreats that I’ve been doing since 2000 based on a transformation that I brought about in myself in the early ’90s, and this is a living, dawn-to-dusk experience where around the third or fourth day you actually have a biochemical flip into a state where the body is preferring fat for fuel instead of preferring sugar for fuel, and it’s a– there are many things that you hear about that are fat-burning, and this is something quite different; there’s no thermogenic interventions, et cetera, and there are so many incredible stories about it – you could even Google Kat James and leptin and see some of my articles. There’s more information at InformedBeauty.com – that’s informed with an E-D Beauty.com – or TheKatJamesShow.com also. In November 10th through 15th, I have a retreat in Manhattan, so it’s going to be right after this Navel Expo that’s coming up, and I finally, after eight years, am headlining the event and have been on the cover of this magazine. If you want to get a free magazine and a free ticket for this event, which happens October 29th-30th at the Huntington Hilton in Long Island, very short drive from Manhattan, feel free to email us at info@InformedBeauty.com.

And now I want to also mention that my guest today is also speaking at Navel Expo and we’ve talked about many factors in this show regarding immunity, gut health, et cetera, but this again, this discussion of colostrum, which we’re going to talk about, is long overdue. Welcome to the show, Doug.

Doug WyattDoug Wyatt: Well, thank you Kat. It’s really a pleasure to be with you this morning, and thank you for the kind intro. And you’re correct, I’ve been working with colostrum for a long time. I like to teach people because colostrum is the elixir of life: it’s actually what transfers all of our immunity and creates the whole immune process in our body without which we couldn’t live. The greatest medical anthropologist in the world, Dr. Robert Heinerman, who has written fifty bestselling New York Times books over the years, gave me an absolutely incredible story of colostrum’s history, and one of the things he’s pointed out that I think we need to understand is that the human race wouldn’t even exist without it; that’s how vital it is. Second thing is that I want you to understand: colostrum’s our first food of life. This is where we obtain all of our gastrointestinal health, our immune process, we obtain our initial seeding of probiotics. Colostrum was designed to come in and not only transfer immunity, as I mentioned, but create the whole immune process. But it does a third thing that’s vital: when we’re born, we have holes in our gut that allow colostrum to leak into our and transfer into our bloodstream freely. If it can’t do this, it will not do those things that I’ve described. The third thing that’s critical is that if colostrum doesn’t heal and mature the gut– when we’re born, we have an immature gut on purpose to allow colostrum to do its work, but if it doesn’t mature the gut, then milk starts coming in 72 hours after birth, and if that gets into our bloodstream, that creates havoc in our immune system. I mean, it’s really just common sense to understand: if you get some foreign matter into your body where the blood flows, the body’s going to fight it, try to destroy it, carry it out, so when milk from our own mother gets into our bloodstream, it creates autoimmune disease. This is the primary cause of autism. We have one out of about fifty-seven kids today being born that have autism, where it used to be eighty years ago one out of five to six thousand, and the predominant reason for this is the inability and/or the willingness/unwillingness to have breastfeeding as a predominant food for infants, for whatever reason. Now, I’m not criticizing women for making the choice; a lot of women, a third of women, can’t breastfeed, but it used to be we’d go find a neighbor and have a wet nurse. Today, we go down to the drug store and buy formula, and formula’s dead. And I want to tell you what’s missing: what’s missing is the immune and growth factors. Colostrum is all immune and growth factors – a little bit of sugar and a little bit of fat to feed the infant and keep their metabolism up, but the rest of it, 80% of colostrum are proteins – hundreds of different types of proteins that prevent infection, that provide the stimulus of the body to fight infection in every possible manner, including the creation of antibodies and T cells and natural killer cells, et cetera, and colostrum stimulates growth and it stimulates the repair of the body and it repairs damage to and keeps the RNA and DNA in perfect condition, colostrum stimulates the production of stem cells in the body, and colostrum contains growth factors, tens of different types. But the most important that we’re talking about right now are skin growth hormones that stimulate the repair and healing of the gut so that the milk and other foods don’t pass into the bloodstream.

Now, I want to mention, everybody’s been talking about gluten for a long time. Gluten allergies are a symptom of holes in our gut. You can’t have an allergy to a food if it isn’t getting into the body, so dairy and peanuts and gluten allergies are symptoms, and the only way that we can treat and heal the gut is by bringing in colostrum’s growth factors that are purposely developed by our body, by our species, to do this specific task. And so that’s– this, and I’d like to remind people, this is the pathway to every form of chronic and mental disease. We have been able to show that depression and Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia and bipolar and depression are all tagged into gut health, and all of our immune systems, including an out-of-balance immune process we call cancer, we call autoimmune diseases – arthritis, et cetera, joint pain being the number one medical complaint in this country – is a symptom of leaky gut syndrome. And so, if we bring back colostrum– see, we used to– we used to never have these problems. Chronic disease was in such a very minor amount of our population prior to the invention of antibiotics, which creates this problem – pesticides and preservatives that are in our foods that create this problem, alcohol abuse, pain medication abuse – the CDC says have of the population’s taking a pain med every day, and every one of these people have leaky gut syndrome. And so, every one of us that eat in restaurants and eat antibiotics-laced foods have leaky gut syndrome, and so it’s critical that we heal and prevent this and turn around the process of chronic disease that is virtually destroying the economy of our country.

KJ: Yeah. Absolutely. Now, I want to say, and leading into the next segment, I think the question is in a lot of people’s minds: “Well, my mother didn’t breastfeed me, and yeah, sure enough, I have all of the signs of autoimmune disease,” and I would love – when we come back, because we’re just about to go to break – for you to answer that question and also talk about the other sources that we used to have for some of these growth factors when we come back. This is a fascinating interview, really with the father of colostrum, so everyone stick around. We’ll be right back.

KJ: Welcome back to The Kat James Show. We’ll be lucky to fit– even give good representation to the subject of colostrum, especially since we have the foremost expert in the world on the subject with us, in the next two segments before I– and this is promised, I want to give some highlights from the Natural Products Expo in the final segment. But Doug, Doug Wyatt, for those of you just joining us, I would love– as we went to break, I mentioned that some people might be discouraged because they weren’t breastfed. Can you talk about what they’re not getting, what they’re going to need to replenish, the best way to replenish it – obviously colostrum – any other ways, et cetera, and what we need to know?

DW: Well, that’s a very good question and I want to have your listeners understand that it’s never too late. I don’t care if you’re sixty-five or seventy and you’ve had arthritis for thirty or forty years, it’s never too late. I like to liken this leaky gut syndrome that we talked about to a hole in the pipe in your kitchen, and we’re in here with mops and trying to mop it up. You’ve gotta fix and repair the pipe in order to stop the progression and cause of disease, and the sooner you do that, the better, but obviously it has to be done or you will never control the leakage of toxins into the body. I want your listeners to understand this: it’s the toxins that enter through the damage to the GI tract that creates the disease, and you have to fix the leak, and only colostrum has been not only devised by nature to do that job, but clinically proven in innumerable trials that have been published in the top medical journals in the world – journals that your doctors should read but never have time to. And so, that’s why we want to bring the message directly to you as the public. Now, to answer the question further, when we take colostrum, a number of things happen: first of all, we’re going to destroy and prevent infection in the GI tract, including that caused from candida. Colostrum contains lactoferrin, which destroys yeast and fungi. That’s exactly what its purpose is. And there’s a whole number of other immunological processes – immunoglobulin lactoperoxidase that hydrolyzes bacteria that cause damage to the gut. So, we’re going to clean out the pathogens with colostrum; it happens the minute you take it, and so you’re going to see bowel changes when you take colostrum. And colostrum that we obtain is bovine colostrum. We’ll talk a little bit about that, and it’s very, very safe and it’s bioidentical to human and it’s the only source of colostrum that actually we have any capability of harvesting, collecting, and making certain that it’s safe, and it provides all of the benefits we’re talking about.

Now, the next thing that colostrum does is it heals the gut damage and it will prevent future damage even if you’re doing things that normally will damage it, like taking pain medications or eating in restaurants where the meats and foods have antibiotics in them, and/or there’s—

KJ: GMO foods.

DW: —glyphosate, i.e. Roundup in the GMO, wheat and corn that we eat. These things we cannot escape. In fact, I was giving a lecture at a medical conference and I had six hundred MDs in the audience and I was talking about leaky gut syndrome, and I said seven out of ten of you, to my best knowledge, have leaky gut syndrome, and I had a doctor that was one of the top GI docs in the world and he sat up and he says, “Doc, I’ve been researching GI health for over two decades,” and he said, “You’re wrong.” He said, “Every one of us have leaky gut. You can’t escape it.” And so, this is a part of our modern society that we need to recognize. Now, it’s modern: this problem is today – it didn’t exist in your grandparents’ era, because during that time, we got raw, fresh milk delivered either by a local dairy or we had a cow, a goat, or a camel, or depending on what part of the world you lived, a water buffalo or a yak or a reindeer in the backyard and we were milking it to get our primary source of food. And milk has always been the primary source of food for humans on every continent on the planet, and it provides a whole range of benefits. The immune growth factors are essential. I want to tell you how essential this is. During the time of the Great Plague in Europe, when you had a goat or a cow in the backyard, they lived in the same building downstairs from you and they would be subjected to pathogens from various sources, and they would immediately – the cow or goat – will immediately create antibodies in its milk. This is like a vaccine source: this is a walking pharmacy, and the people that lived with their cows didn’t get the Great Plague and they lived through it. The people that lived in the cities that couldn’t get fresh, raw milk every day died. It was that important, so colostrum has been the antibiotic of choice, the treatment for infection, the treatment for repairs, the treatment for body damage, the treatment for surgeries and wounds and et cetera all throughout all of recorded history – this goes back as far as four thousand years in India, and in Ancient Egypt. It’s all been recorded that colostrum was the treatment of choice for almost every major malady. This is how physicians began the treatment. So, this is what we teach doctors today is to bring colostrum in.

The next thing that colostrum does is it balances the immune function in the body – brings it back into homeostasis. That’s a medical term for perfect balance. When you do that, then the body can attack and destroy damaged cells like cancer in the body, can attack and destroy cells that are infected with things such as AIDS and herpes and Hepatitis and shingles and ongoing other types of viral and bacterial infections. And, I want to tell you how powerful this wound healing process of colostrum is. We did a study with the Department of Defense and Homeland Security where we took wounded soldiers – they’re coming back – that had intractable wounds – couldn’t heal them through any other process whatsoever. These men are dying because of infection, and in fact, the wounds wouldn’t heal. When we applied colostrum directly to the wounds, it not only took away the inflammation and the pain immediately, it took away and destroyed the infection, stopped the infection in its tracks, and accelerated the healing so that these wounds that weren’t healing at all would heal and heal very, very quickly. So, this is what it does to your GI tract, it does the same thing to your outside skin, and it does the same thing throughout the body – accelerating repair. So, this is also why colostrum is so fantastic for athletes and as an anti-aging to keep us young, keep our muscles supple, help us burn fat and help us have robust energy and to eliminate inflammatory responses that are creating pain.

We did a study with eight thousand patients with arthritis – rheumatoid and osteoarthritis – and within three and a half weeks of taking colostrum on a regular basis, we had over 85% of the patients in that study pain-free.

KJ: Fantastic. Something entered my mind and that is that pasteurization, you know? You just want to say, “Why?” Because clearly– and those– I can’t drink raw milk now. I was breastfed and I’m glad and look forward to, honestly, to taking your product, because I’ve taken colostrum before, and in listening to some of your other interviews, understand that there’s a liposomal delivery that Mother Nature had that in the mother’s colostrum and that your product mimics that so that it can be delivered, because I think I’ve been taking inferior colostrum products in the past. But it– I just see incredible health in people, I’m sure your familiar with Weston Price, and people who grew up on the raw milk, et cetera, as an adult having overcome the eating disorder and the metabolic disorders and become leptin sensitive. For me, the milk will throw me out of leptin sensitivity because the sugars are too high, so I’m always looking for farmers who are willing to share their raw cream, and I don’t know if those growth factors are in there. But long story short, I think people want to know how to take it, what’s good, what’s not? And we do have one more segment, but that’s going to go really fast. So, where do you want to dive into first?

DW: Well, first of all, colostrum needs liposomal delivery. Raw, fresh colostrum is, as it’s expressed from the mammary cell, is surrounded by the outside of the cell that contains very special lipid fats: phosphatidylcholine and serine, and these are fabulous for brain health and neurological health besides, protecting colostrum from digestion and delivering it across into the bloodstream and preventing it from erosion and damage while it’s flowing in the bloodstream so that by the time it gets to the cellular level, even across the blood-brain barrier, it can perform its tasks. Colostrum is so powerful in doing this, we’ve seen a reduction in damage to the brain due to Alzheimer’s damage and it helps restore memory, helps stop the progression of Alzheimer’s. One out of eight people over the age of forty are now showing signs of Alzheimer’s. This is directly, again, a symptom of gastrointestinal damage. So, when we’re talking about mental health, we’re talking about probably one of the most important factors for destruction of family life and family integrity and family wealth that has ever arrived in this country, second only to the autoimmune and heart disease and cancer, et cetera. All of these are basically preventable. I want the public to understand all of these are caused by toxins. The liposomal delivery is critical – it’s critical, and then we like to say that if you haven’t tried colostrum LD, which stands for liposomal delivery, you’ve never tried colostrum, because we have the only colostrum that’s been clinically proven on the market. And no other company will put their colostrum by brand into clinical studies because it will fail, and this is the process of twenty-five years of working with colostrum that led me to understanding how vital this liposomal delivery is.

Now, as far as taking colostrum, it’s very simple. We suggest that you buy and use powder – the colostrum LD powder – mix it with water, and you want to take anywhere from one teaspoon to one tablespoon mixed in six ounces of water and drink that first thing you do in the morning on an empty stomach, and again do another dose about an hour before you go to bed, because during your sleep, that’s when the growth factors do all the repair. So, we’re really getting advantage of the immune factors in the morning and the growth factors in our later dosage. And think of colostrum as this: colostrum is a superfood; it’s 100% immune growth factors. We take the lactose out of colostrum LD and we take the fat out, because there’s no immune growth factors in the fats. Immune growth factors are proteins. Butter is fat, it’s not proteins. And so, this is– I think it’s a very commonsense process, and we’re going to give you some websites where you can find out more information.

By the way, my speech at the Navel Conference is 4pm Saturday and 4pm on each of the days of the Navel Conference, and I’m also going to be at the Weston Price Foundation conference down in Montgomery, Alabama a few– about a week and a half after the Navel Conference, so those of your listeners who are in the southern part of the country, stop by and visit us at the Weston Price Foundation.

KJ: What a great convention that is. And so, when we come back, more about how to get it and I wanted to also talk about anxiety, and we’ll talk about a few other issues that people might be dealing with that this– and some anecdotes – some things that you’ve seen, Doug, and I know that’s going to be very interesting. So, stick around and we’ll be right back.

KJ: Welcome back to The Kat James Show. What an incredible interview with really the father of colostrum, Doug Wyatt, and he is also the director of Sovereign Health Initiative and is the most experienced authority on this subject that I could be talking to, and if you’ve missed any of the show so far, you can visit TheKatJamesShow.com, but we’ve really– Doug has really laid out all of the things that these growth factors found in this pre-milk – mother’s milk – and also in some other sources, so there’s encouragement that we’ve heard for people who weren’t breastfed, but how it can affect everything, not just the things you would think that it could affect – autoimmunity, immunity – but inflammation, heart disease, thinking, mood, anxiety, and just memory, so many other things – wound healing, beauty, even topical application, which maybe Doug, you can touch on. But now with our last segment with you before we do my wrap up of the highlights from Expo East, I would love for you to fill in any blanks and talk about– maybe mention the role probiotics have, because when you mention that it’s really– there’s a design by nature, a reason why the colostrum comes first. How does that message also kind of correspond with how probiotics might be best used?

DW: Well, probiotics, in essence, are critical for overall health; they help maintain the integrity of the gut if we have the balance of beneficial bacteria to offset what we always have in the gut and will always have and never want to get rid of. Here’s the point: never want to get rid of the bad, pathogenic disease causing – we want to manage them; want to keep them at low percentages. Now, due to the fact that colostrum is initiating, it’s responsible, it’s the very first substance to ever enter our mouths of all mammals, it delivers acidophilus and bifidus, which are the two most vital beneficial bacteria. This is where they come from – they come from our mother’s breast. They don’t magically appear in our gastrointestinal tract. When we’re born, our GI tract is sterile: nothing has ever been in it. And so it’s important to understand also that in our research, we need to maintain approximately– and for optimum health, we want to have about 80% of the bacteria in the gut be beneficial bacteria to 20% pathogenic. That will allow us to have homeostasis reduce and eliminate damage from the pathogens in the gut and, again, help us keep the gut integrity in tact.

Now, it’s my opinion that because of – and we have basically done a ton of research over the last two decades – we see that people that are not getting immune growth factors in their life on a daily basis – I don’t mean you take this for a little while and quit; this is something that needs to be in your nutritional program every day for the rest of your life, just as much as you need proteins in your diet every day for the rest of your life or you won’t survive. It’s that critical. But the growth and the immune factors are even more vital, because this is the only way we can keep those bacterial count balanced. And right now, the public is running about 80% pathogens to 20% good because of all of the factors that create destruction in the gut that are available for your listeners at ICNR.org – that’s our website for the Sovereign Health Initiative Center for Nutritional Research – and right on the homepage there’s an article that was published in the Townsend Letter, which is the leading complimentary alternative health care physicians magazine in the world. That article was written and published in a previous issue of the Townsend. It will talk about all these factors: what causes leaky gut, why colostrum’s the only thing that has been clinically proven to heal that damage, et cetera.

Now, you asked me a little while ago about some anecdotes and I want to tell you that I started this business because I didn’t go out and look for some way to make a living, I made a better living in doing what I was doing before I got into working with colostrum. My wife, when she was an infant, had radiation damage to her thymus – she couldn’t produce T cells. She had spent her life on antibiotics and she was dying. The antibiotics were killing her: she could not– she did not have a functioning immune system. And I went to a business meeting one morning and the friend of mine that has studied medicine in Europe, unbeknownst to me – he’s a business partner and couldn’t make a living doing naturopathic health in the U.S. twenty-five years ago – to ask me about colostrum. And it was a really short conversation because it was that vital to him; it was the most important thing in the world for him and all of his family. And I got some colostrum from him and it not only turned around my wife’s life, it saved her life. It kept her from having any infections whatsoever for the next twenty years and she was one of five hundred thousand people in this country that had medical doctors radiate her thymus when she was an infant as a mistake – a medical mistake – and it killed all of those people except my wife. My wife had the only history of surviving that. Now, secondarily after I got involved with colostrum, I was sitting and saying, “I can’t understand why this is so vital for Kaye and why it works so well,” and I put a prayer out to the universe and I was asking for the spirit and God and the higher power, whatever, to lead me to answers. And I went to work out in the gym the next morning and a young lady comes over to me and she starts asking me silly questions about how to work out and I thought, “This lady doesn’t look like she’s flirting with me – what’s going on here?” And I asked her that and said, “You have another reason for talk– come on, talk to me,” and she started crying, she was so embarrassed, and she says, “Well, my husband is home and he’s got hives all over his body – all over his body. Can’t even stand to have sheets touch him and he can’t swallow hardly anything. They’re all down the inside of him and up his anus and everything and he’s had every medication, we’ve been to multiple doctors, this is ongoing months now and we’re going to lose our home, and we believe it’s killing him.” And she’s crying and she’s, “I don’t know why I’m telling you this story,” and I turned to her and I said, “I know why you’re telling me. Please follow me home.” And I took her home and introduced her to Kaye, my wife, and sent her home with some colostrum. Two and a half, three days later she comes back to me and she’s just joy; she’s just bouncing all over the place and she says, “This is a miracle. His hives are gone. All of them. He can go back to work.”

The next story I had is I had a lady with MS, an autoimmune disease – every one of them, all of them are symptoms of leaky gut syndrome, so we know that that’s the primary cause today. I didn’t know that then. But I had a lady come to me and she had MS and she’d been in a wheelchair for three and a half years, couldn’t walk. We got her on colostrum and within thirty days, she was out of the wheelchair and walking and she became a walking testimonial. Every place that I would go to speak, she’d show up and tell the audience unrequested what was happening to her and stand there and tell the story with tears running down her eyes. And this is how I started with colostrum is because those kind of testimonials coming firsthand in front of your eyes. This has happened tens and tens of thousands. We’ve had millions of people use colostrum. I have over ten thousand medical clinics in this country that use colostrum as the primary and first treatment for every patient that walks in the door, and then they take a look at what other modalities they can to improve the health of the patients, and it’s mind-blowing when you see this. But you have to understand, we have a hundred million years that are creator-used to perfect colostrum. It is not one bioactive, it’s thousands. It contains antibodies to all of the existing pathogens that exist in our environment, that are in existence around the dairy farms where we collect the colostrum, from pasture-fed antibiotic-free, the best cows in the world, and the cows produce antibodies just the same way that vaccines produce antibodies in us. So, they’re a walking pharmaceutical factory and they have an incredible ability to deliver these incredible bioactives to us, and there’s nothing like this on the planet.

KJ: Amazing. Doug, I want to– I know that you have set up a way on your website that my listeners will be able to go there and get this product, the one that has the liposomes and it is, like you said, the only one that can be studied because the others know that they’re not going to get the results in the research if they do it. And so, could you give the information on that and, I think, a paper that you wanted to let them read, and any other information, and please repeat when you’ll be speaking at Navel Expo?

DW: Yeah, I’m going to be at the Navel Expo on the two days, 29th and 30th of October, and I’m speaking at 4pm both days. And again, I’m going to be at the Weston Price, that’s around the 8th or 9th of November in Montgomery, Alabama. As to colostrum, we have free samples available to your listeners; you have to go to SovereignLaboratories.com – that’s spelled S-O-V-E-R-E-I-G-N – and there’s a free offer for colostrum LD powder on that site. All we ask you to do is to pay shipping and handling. And that’s a five-day at a tablespoon a day, or one teaspoon a day that’s a twenty-day supply at no expense. Now, as to the articles and education about what we’ve been talking about, we have interviews on– go look at Doug Wyatt on YouTube. Come to ICNR.org – that’s our nonprofit and there’s all kinds of articles including the leaky gut syndrome we’ve been talking about, but there’s articles there on anti-aging, on infant care, on recovering mothers, on wound and wound healing, the subjects that we’ve discussed go in length on that website: SovereignLaboratories.com to find the products, ICNR.org.

KJ: Great. We’re at the end of our segment. Well, stick around everyone, please, to hear more new products, but this is amazing stuff. Thank you for what you do, Doug Wyatt, and I look forward to having you on the show again. Everyone stick around – we’ll be right back.