Deepening Your Resilience- Interview with Antoinette Caruso and Kat James

Deepening Your Resilience- Interview with Antoinette Caruso and Kat James

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  • Colostrum may be best known for its effects on the gut, but did you know that incorporating it into your everyday nutrition can provide foundational support for your health and immune system?
  • The nutrient-dense nature of colostrum, especially the immunoglobulins, proline-rich polypeptides, lactoferrin, and a wide range of immune bioactives provides this benefit.
  • Taking a colostrum supplement daily can support healthy skin, tissue healing, and ameliorate damage to the gut microbiome caused by antibiotic use.
  • Colostrum supplements are widely available, but be sure to choose a one that utilizes liposomal delivery to ensure efficient delivery to the intestines and maximum absorption.

Colostrum contains nutrients that are known to support gut health, but everyday usage may support all aspects of health, from a stronger immune system to improved mental health. Here, Kat James talks with Antoinette Caruso, NTP to learn about colostrum’s potential benefits to foundational health.

While colostrum is best known for its potential to support gut and digestive health, it may also support general immunities and immune resilience. Some studies have found that consistent colostrum supplementation contributes to a reduced incidence of upper respiratory tract infections. This is just one example of how colostrum may act as a supplement for foundational health. Instead of only using colostrum supplements when you are sick, regularly taking colostrum can strengthen the gut and support the immune system and the body’s natural defenses to potentially reduce the incidence of illness.

In a previous episode, Douglas Wyatt, the founder and director of Vibrant Life Initiative, suggested that colostrum is foundational to the immune systems of newborn babies. Mother’s colostrum provides babies with their first antibodies and supports their developing guts and immune systems.

The immune and growth factors in colostrum help to support a baby’s growth and strengthen their developing immune system. Colostrum also plays a role in creating the foundation for the gut microbiome. However, antibiotics and other environmental factors can contribute to damage and imbalances in the gut bacteria. More often, people are overusing antibiotics when they are not necessary, which can ultimately hurt the gut by causing an imbalance in gut bacteria and the development of antibiotic-resistance.

Good gut bacteria that have been depleted by antibiotics can further succumb to an imbalanced diet, particularly when it involves foods that are high in sugars. Pathogenic bacteria can feed on sugars from broken down carbohydrates. This is where colostrum supplementation can help.

Colostrum supplements are designed to work within the intestines. Liposomal delivery ensures that the colostrum is protected from stomach acids and digestive enzymes, allowing it to safely reach the intestines relatively intact. Colostrum acts like a prebiotic to feed the good gut bacteria and supplies some probiotic strains as well to help the microbiome remain balanced and thriving.

Along with proline-rich polypeptides, colostrum is rich in lactoferrin, which further helps to strengthen the gut microbiome. A healthy and diverse microbiome is likely to contribute to better mental health and cognition, a result of the complex connection between the gut and the brain known as the gut-brain axis. 

Studies on colostrum have shown promising results in its ability to support health and strengthen the immune system. Along with its potential effects on upper respiratory tract infections, colostrum may reduce symptoms of arthritis. This may come from its natural ability to decrease pain and inflammation.

Colostrum supplements are versatile and easy to use. Mix powdered colostrum into water and take on an empty stomach, once in the morning and once at night. If you don’t like the taste, blend the colostrum with a couple of strawberries or blueberries.

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