G.I. Permeability and Chronic Disease: Improving Patient Outcomes

The “Modern Father of Colostrum” and Director of the Center for Nutritional Research (CNR), Douglas Wyatt, presented his introduction to “G.I. Permeability and Chronic Disease: Improving Patient Outcomes” at the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA) Conference. Hear the compelling story of the rediscovery of colostrum and the profound impact it may have for today’s epidemic of chronic illness. Please listen below, or read the transcript provided afterward.

Introduction: Our next speaker is Director of Research for the Center for Nutritional Research (CNR), a nonprofit institute dedicated to nutritional health. It is dedicated to the prevention of chronic disease through natural, nutritional intervention and is working with the World Health Organization and other internationally recognized research organizations. He has appeared nationwide on television and radio shows and at health conventions worldwide. His topic today is G.I. Permeability and Chronic Disease: Improving Client Outcomes. Please welcome Douglas Wyatt.

Doug Wyatt: Thank you. Thank you so much. I want to thank all of you for being here. I see a lot of faces that I recognize and a lot of advocates and people that have worked with us and have had experience with us over the years with Colostrum-LD and working with their patients. I want to begin by telling you who I am and why I’m here. I became involved in Colostrum because of an incredible spiritual journey.

Doug WyattIt began many, many years ago, and I’d like to begin by saying that I was newly returned from Vietnam. I was suffering from PTSD. I’m an ex-Helicopter pilot in the Marines and I had a rough go and felt life was a little weird, and one day, out of inspiration, I was driven – virtually driven – to go to a private tennis club that I belonged to for many years and hadn’t been to and didn’t care about. I thought they were kind of stuffy and it was the last place I wanted to be, but I had an old Marine friend of mine call me up and he says: “Come on, Doug. Let’s go out and get a hamburger and chat.” So I did.

I was sitting in this restaurant and along came the most beautiful lady that I’ve ever seen in my life, and under my breath I said, “There she is.” I don’t know why I said it; I didn’t even know I said it. Out came this and she heard me. She told me later, and I couldn’t remember saying it. Within minutes I was surprised out of my seat, virtually, I felt like God had grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and dragged me over and plucked me down and sat me next to her, and she gave me the weirdest look, like “What the heck are you doing? Would you please go away?” The last thing in the world that she wanted to do for lunch on a Saturday afternoon was have me come over and plop myself down next to her girlfriend and her. I turned to her and I said, “I don’t know why I have to tell you a story. It’s coming out of my mouth. I can’t stop it.” There’s something that’s bubbling out and I said “I cannot resist this. I have to tell you why I’m here. It’s not because I want to hit on you. I want to tell you something that is so vital. I don’t even know what you’re going to react to this. You might throw me out the door. I see you in my mind and in my heart. I see you. I know you. I know you intimately. I’ve known you forever.” She says, “What are you talking about?” “I see you dancing with me. I see you in an off-white dress. It’s cut kind of funny. The hem’s uneven.” She says “Oh, that’s on the bias.” I said, “That’s something I didn’t even know – the definition of women’s clothing. There’s Japanese lanterns and its outdoors and it’s beautiful. The stars are out and there’s a big band playing. It’s very romantic. I’m massively in love. She’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen and there she is sitting again next to me.” She turned to me and she just went beet red; she went livid. And she says, “Who put you put to this? How could you possibly know this? There’s only two people in the whole world that know I’ve been dreaming about this all of my life. Ever since I was a little girl, I had these vivid dreams about dancing and the Japanese lanterns and I can hear the music in my dream.” And I said, “I know. That’s me.” And she says, “No, you couldn’t. My brother and my mother are the only people who know anything about it. Period. Nobody else knows of it. They must have put you up to this. This is a practical joke, isn’t it?” I said, “No, it isn’t.” I said, “I am very serious. I don’t know your brother. I don’t know your mother. And I’m going to prove to you something. You have to come out to my car.” Her girlfriend…she looked at her girlfriend: “You got to come with me. This guy is wacky.” I said, “Come out to my car please. I want to play you the music you’ve been listening to in your mind and in your heart all your life.”

Before I went to Vietnam, my very, very best friend was a newscaster in Salt Lake City, Utah on CBS. He did the evening news. He gave me an album Frank Sinatra only cut 1400 copies of. And he gave that to me as a going away present before I went to Vietnam. To save this very precious vinyl, I put it on a cassette disk – well, there was no such thing as CDs at this time in my life. I’d been playing this music over and over and over again that day in my car. Winding and rewinding it and playing and rewinding it and playing it. And I took her out and I played this music for her and she stood there and the tears just rolled down her face. She turns to me and says, “I can’t handle any more of this. I have to leave.” And I said, “I understand. This is a little overwhelming to me too,” And I got her phone number and made a date for the next day to have lunch with her personally. And she came and she showed up and we started comparing notes of all of this and this is a past life. This is, in fact, full to me, unsolicited past life regression that happened to me and there she was. I didn’t know why this was happening at the time. I honestly had no inkling of what it was going to lead to.

So Kaye and I became an item. We eventually got married. We were inseparable. And as time went on, I found out that she was very sick. She had a huge amount of health problems. And over investigation, finally her mother revealed that her medical doctor had taken highly radioactive cobalt and irradiated her thymus time over and over again when she was an infant because the thought at the time was that the thymus swells up when it gets busy. And they did this to a half a million people in this country and it killed them all. Kaye was one of the last survivors. And what was going on with her was if she got a cold or flu virus or any kind infection, it would turn into viral and then bacterial pneumonia. It would always progress and then massive antibiotics. I had this vivid nightmare of her with antibiotics going up both arms, Supermax, this power antibiotic at the time. Ten days running, and kept changing veins and the antibiotics destroying her veins over and over and over and over again. And the damn stuff damn near killed her and she was crying and was the most miserable I’ve ever seen anybody in my life and she turned to me at the end of that time and says, “Doug, I can’t do this ever again. I can’t do this ever, ever, ever, ever again. You have to tell me goodbye. The next infection I get, I won’t survive it. You have to let me go. You have to let me go.” And I went to a meeting that morning for a dear friend, a business associate. He was an N.D. like you guys, but he studied in Europe. There were no N.D.s in the U.S. 25 years ago of consequence; there wasn’t. Your schools and your certifications didn’t exist back then. And he turned to me and it was a short conversation. He got into colostrum very quickly. He said, “Have you tried colostrum?” And I said, “Colostrum?” I grew up on a ranch. This is the first food of life from the mother’s breast. This is what imparts and transmits immunity. Without it, all of the animals, except humans, would die. I said, “I’ve watched the process of this with colts and calves. It is absolutely critical that they get the colostrum.” A light bulb went on – just bingo – I said “I have to get my hands on some of this.” And he had some and I took it home.

My mother is a world-class herbalist and nutritionist. I tried that Chinese medicine, acupuncture, ayurvetic medicine – I tried everything with Kaye. Nothing was going to restore her immune system, I thought. Nothing. So I bought the colostrum but she wouldn’t take it. She was mad at me. I paid him a $160.00 for a quarter pound of colostrum; it wasn’t cheap. Four or five times more expensive than what we sell our product Colostrum now retail. And it wasn’t as good. But he dried it in his kitchen and he was tender with it and it worked. It changed her life. But she wouldn’t touch it initially. She wanted me to take it back. She was tired of my efforts to keep her alive. She didn’t want to have one more letdown. She couldn’t mentally and physically handle one more go-around of failure. And I left some abstracts laying around. One of them is a bestseller, Accelerated Healing – it would have been published in a peer review journal. Colostrum accelerates the healing of wounds and injuries of all kinds – it doesn’t matter what it is. It vastly accelerates it. So I left this there and I say a prayer in my heart and I go out and the next day, Kaye went out for a walk and tripped and sprained her knee so bad she crawled home. After examination with the doctor, she comes back and there’s crutches and Velcro cast and she can’t stand this stuff and she can’t go to sleep. She turned to me and she says, “I’ll take your dang medicine.” Because of her knee. She was in such pain. One tablespoon of colostrum, went to bed, and the next morning she forgot all about this injury – forgot about the crutches that were laying on the other side of the bed, forgot all about on her walk to the kitchen, rubbing her eyes, and looking for a cup of tea. And I said, “Kaye!” “What?” She’s still asleep. “Your leg.” “Wait!” She pulls up her nightgown and the swelling’s gone, overnight – all the bruising, all the swelling, all the pain, was gone overnight. That’s how quickly colostrum works. So she kept taking colostrum on a continuous basis from that point in time.

Now, I want to tell you that in order for Kaye to stay healthy, she had to have colostrum every day or she would slide back into dysbiosis. What I’m also telling you is that every one of you needs colostrum every day. Every one of you. Every one of us. All of us. And I’m going to get into this in a little bit.

So, what happened out of this is that the first thing I did is I went out to every commercial supplier of colostrum and I found them all – believe me, I found the raw material sources, people were producing this – and they were, all of them, categorically, all of them, producing colostrum to sell back to the dairy farmers to feed to the calves that didn’t get enough on their initial milking, etc. They needed more support. They were drying the colostrum in food dryers with natural gas. In the process of doing this, the heat would destroy virtually everything in the colostrum except half of the immunoglobulins. So that’s what you get from commercial sources of colostrum. You’re just getting immunoglobulins – nothing else (and only about 15% of it at that). That’s why most people don’t have percentages of any of the major components on their labels because two things: they can’t test for it (we have the only lab in the world that tests for colostrum’s components – we spent about a million and a half a year doing it). So what I’m saying is that it took us a while to figure out how to gather colostrum, transport it, process it, and the kind of processing we use now, we use chilled processing. We use cold processing. We’ve evolved over the years and reapplication of liposomes. And I want to talk about a couple of factors that are really critical to understand.

I’m going to tell you a story about GNC. When I first started, I created a company called Symbiotics, and some of you have heard Symbiotics. It sells colostrum in every health food store in the country – Whole Foods, all of them. I got them in every store. I had tens of thousands of physicians working with us. And when Kaye got sick at the end of the damage that had been done to her – extensive damage from the irradiation – created throat cancer and eventually took Kaye’s life. She lived twenty years longer than she would’ve, longer than any other person that had this kind of irradiation done to them. And later on, we realized that the gift of my meeting Kaye and her damage and her heart together and the discover of colostrum was a gift that was a requirement of me for my soul for her to reach out to you to bring the story to you, to bring this gift of life, to bring an awareness of the most incredible cornucopia of substance that you could possibly imagine. And that’s what colostrum is.

So what is colostrum? Let’s talk about this for just a minute. What does it do? How does it work? Colostrum is the first food of life. It has hundreds of bioactives in it, most important of which are not immunoglobulins by the way; that’s the highest percentage component. The PRPs are more important because they are the instructional material that teaches our body’s immune system to operate perfectly. In other words, they are the software. The body’s the hardware. All mammals, when we’re born, are born with incomplete gastrointestinal tracts – holes in our gut – on purpose. It’s not an evolutionary mistake. It’s so colostrum, when we suckle our mom’s breast, can flow freely down through the stomach and into the bloodstream, and it’s necessary for that to happen so that it can transmit immunity. It creates the whole of the immune system of the body. It transmits immunity to every disease that previous generations have encountered. Mammals are superior to every other species because we have this ability to do this, to transfer the immunity that accumulates from our ancestors. Wow, what a concept. But it can’t do that if that permeation isn’t there. This permeation is dangerous if it persists. What happens? This is Immune 101. If any of you have studied immunology, if you get a foreign substance into your blood, into your body, what does the body do? What does the immune system do? It creates antibodies against it and it tries to destroy these substances and it goes to war, and it gets disrupted, massively disrupted. So colostrum’s next step is it contains epithelial and endothelial skin growth hormones, transforming growth factors A and B; IgF1, which is Insulin-like Growth Factors, it contains growth hormone. All of these are naturally-occurring and bioidentical, believe me, between the goat, cow, water buffalo, human. They are so close that these hormones are bioidentical. The cow’s the universal donor.

There’s something really interesting and I want to tell you that this is called an old wives’ tale – it’s not an old wives’ tale at all. The doulas teach new mothers as they’re coming about prior to birth to massage and squeeze the breast so that we can start getting colostrum flowing a few days after out of the breasts in small amounts, drops, and you massage that into your nipple, into your breasts, and it prepares the breast for breastfeeding. It toughens the breasts. It will prevent the breasts from cracking, and prevent it from having sensitivity so you can’t breastfeed. Colostrum does exactly that in your gut, in your small intestine. It prepares and heals and prepares the body for food, and closes and matures the gastrointestinal tract. It does exactly that if you put colostrum on wounds, on burns, on sores, on deep burns, on eczema, on psoriasis, on any skin condition. And this is published. We’re going to go through information. I’ll provide copies on the published data in the workshop that we’re doing here at 3 o’clock.

When I started with colostrum, we also discovered something else about liposomal delivery, and I want to talk to you about how critical that is. But first of all, let’s make certain that you understand, if infants are not breastfed, and breastfed continually (it used to be for four years), and if you didn’t breastfeed your infant during that time, the infant died, if you didn’t find a surrogate. So we had wet nurses prior to formulas. Doctor Spock came about and that bugger created more havoc in health in this country than any person individually every did, and he apologized for it profusely because he told mothers that it was just fine to feed your infant formula. In fact, it was probably better because scientists developed it – what a crock. It’s dead food, it’s garbage, it’s junk food, and the only way that we can bring it back to life is by putting our colostrum into the formula or feeding the infant colostrum. This is very critical. If mothers can’t breastfeed, you have to have the colostrum in their diet. You have to have it in the infant’s diet because it won’t close these permeations. It won’t close them and you subject the infant to immediate turn to chronic disease. It begins at that time. We’re talking autism. Why do you think that’s 1 out of 67 today? It used to be 1 out of 5-6,000 infants. It’s directly related to this. So it has all of the explosion of chronic disease. UCLA Public Study School of Medicine four weeks ago, published data that they had collected in a year-long research that stated that 4 out of 10 Californians are pre-diabetic, and if you at the diabetic type II into that list, 55% of the adults in California are diabetic or pre-diabetic. What is this? It’s a crisis in health. It’s destroying our country, and it’s destroying lives, but it’s also a marketing opportunity for every one of you. Because it’s time for you to stand up and say “I have a treatment for this.” And here’s how you have to look at this: when we talk about colostrum having the ability to heal the gut and prevent leakage of toxins into the body, to heal and prepare the breasts for breastfeeding, to heal and prevent and treat intractable wounds like bed sores and battle injuries, damage from automobile accidents, and extensive burns, colostrum is proven to eliminate pain, to accelerate the healing so fast that we’re cutting weeks of healing time off of this. This is what the clinical studies that we help sponsor showed.

So what you have, I want to talk about this, as long as you have – what’s the primary cause of disease? You guys know this. Toxins in the body – the overflow of toxic substances in the body create all disease. Where does it come from? It comes from the open pipe in the small intestine that’s created from these things that we ingest that create gastrointestinal permeability, we call Leaky Gut Syndrome amongst the consumers. So what we’ve got is the sewer is flowing into the blood. When the sewer is flowing consistently 24/7 into the body, you can never bring the body into homeostasis. You can never bring the body into homeostasis. This is sort of like a housewife that has a leaky pipe in the kitchen and she’s trying to fix it by mopping the floor over and over and over and over again. You’ve got to call the plumber, folks. And it’s called colostrum. And it isn’t glutathione, glutamine, or food elimination diets – that’s the mop. Okay? You have to fix the holes. And you can only do that with the components that nature provided to do this in the first place. There is nothing else that nature designed to make the G.I. tract and the stomach ready for food. Nothing else was our first food but colostrum. Nothing else provides the skin growth hormones and other hormones to provides this.

I want to tell you a story that was a most amazing story to me, and I haven’t told this in a public lecture before and I think you might enjoy it. When I first started with colostrum, I had an opportunity at a conference like this – there was a Benedictine monk that came up to me and told me the most amazing story I could ever imagine. This man, at one time, was the biggest cocaine dealer in the world. He was the head of the cartel. He had homes in New York, and in Paris, and Monte Carlo, and Columbia. He had 400-ft yachts. He had hundreds of millions of dollars, body guards. He had more money than you could ever imagine. He had everything in the world, but he was into his own cocaine. He overdosed one day, and he died. And he had a vision, and God came to him (his words) and told him that he needed to change his life, that he had one chance, and one chance only. And when he came out of this coma that he had been in for several days, he made a prayer and a promise to God that he would change his life. And he turned and he gave away everything he owned to Catholic charities and to other charities. He gave away his yachts, his homes, and all of his money, and he walked away from the cartel. And you need to understand, you don’t walk away from cartels, folks. They come out after you and they’ll take your head off, okay? This is a lifetime commitment. So walking away was like giving himself a death sentence. Unequivocally they’d hunt him down. He figured there was only one way in the world that he could survive this and turn his life to God and be a spiritual being, and he went to a monastery outside of Atlanta, Georgia. In a little town, a Benedictine monastery, and he went there with nothing but the clothes on his back and he turned himself into the monastery, and he went in to seclusion for nine years. He never talked to a soul. He prayed and meditated for nine years. And in that period of time, there was a crystallization. And he became the most spiritual being that I’ve ever met in my life. I’m not Catholic, but he was awesome when he came to me. I could feel him glow and internally. And he told me the story. He said, “I’m here to talk to you, Doug because you saved my life.” I said, “How is that?” And he says, “In the monastery, the monks don’t take very good care of themselves. We don’t know much about health. We don’t have doctors there. We grow our own food, and we kind of get stuck into eating things that aren’t necessarily good for us. And we basically all are skinny and wasting and not healthy, and I was dying and I knew it. I knew I was dying. Down to 97 pounds.” And he talks to the monsignor, says “I have to go find something to heal my body.” The monsignor gave him a dispensation of one day to leave the monastery, so he went out, he couldn’t talk. He’d taken a vow of silence. So all of this was writing to them. So anyway, he went out, found a little health food shop, and the health food shop was carrying my colostrum amongst a bunch of other things. There was a Senior Nutritionist there. Now, nobody had a conversation with this man. I talked to the owner of the shop later on, and it was amazing. He came in in his sackcloth, shaved head, sandals. He went around doing this…to everything in the store. He finally came back and he selected one thing, one thing only. It had the presence – the spiritual presence – the light and the embodiment of God. What is colostrum? It’s the gift of life – the most spiritual substance you can possibly find. It is that transformation from our previous plane of existence that brings us to this existence and not just physically. It’s a spiritual gift of love from the mother that is so powerful that it changes lives, and there are some of you that won’t be able to take that spiritual adoptment because it is so powerful. And he walked over and he took the colostrum, and it’s the only thing he bought, and he took it back to the monastery and it healed him – healed his gut, gave him back thriving, he was gaining weight, he just thought he was living; he could feel it – feel the energy that it brought to him. He introduced colostrum to all the monks in the monastery, made them thrive and healthy, and he was so amazed and so overjoyed at this that he became charismatic, and he felt he had to go out and tell the world, and he begged the monsignor to allow him to leave the monastery for a while to go tell the world about his journey and his experience. And the monsignor said, “No, you can’t do that. The only person that can give you dispensation is the Pope.” And so he traveled to Rome, and he met the Pope, and the Pope was so impressed by the process out of this, the Pope gave him a year of dispensation to leave the monastery and he filled soccer stadiums in all of South America and Miami and Rio and filled soccer fields with 24-25-30 thousand people and he would tell his story, and he told every one of these people about colostrum and the gift of life. As the most amazing man I have met in my life, Brother Pablo Maria. That’s one of our healing stories that I wanted to share with you folks. It’s so amazing.

We reside in Sedona, Arizona because Sedona is a spiritual center, a healing center, a very powerful center that attracts people from all over the world to come and heal. Colostrum and the vortexes are electromagnetic and the earth energies and the spiritual energies that are there embodies our colostrum with a second dose of – we feel – energy that is not available through any other colostrum. It energizes it; it makes it very, very, very, very powerful.

I want to talk to you a little bit about liposomes. Why do we have liposomal delivery systems? And what are they necessary for? Through the years of learning about how to process colostrum and make it the most effective, we found that when milk in colostrum is expressed from the mammary cell in the breast it is surrounded by the cell membrane of the cell. Cell membrane is made up of phosphatidylserine, phosphatidylcholine. These are bipolar lipids that will naturally form, in certain circumstances, a liposome molecule. And that liposome has some very unique capabilities. Because it’s bipolar, it’s hydrophilic and hydrophobic simultaneously; those are big words that mean that it will dissolve in oil and it will dissolve in water simultaneously and what is your skin’s surface made of, folks? Oil, water, oil, water layers. Gut’s the same way. So if we are going to deliver nutrients across that surface, the liposome is the perfect, and the only, means we discovered that will actually do this. Now we see liposome as a bi-word, being talked about in a lot of herbal substances that are coming out in the market today. When I discovered that colostrum when it was raw and fresh, is surrounded by a liposome that gets broken when we dry it to get it its shelf life, and we actually had to figure out a way to go back and reapply these lipids to the dried colostrum powder. We did this 18 years ago. I did. So we have the very first supplements in the world that have liposomal delivery – that was me; I pioneered that technology. We’re the first, but we didn’t discover it. This was a gift to understand what nature had designed and made in its perfection of producing colostrum – that it was perfect. So what we have when we produce our colostrum: we extract the lactose; we don’t need sugar (we need it as an infant for fuel when you’re brand new); we extract the butter fat because we don’t need that (we need it as an infant to keep your body temperature up and fuel the infant). So when we get through removing 20% butter fat and 20% lactose, we go back in to the dried colostrum and reapply liposomal lipids. Phosphatidylserine and choline we extracted from the milk and that we also extract from sunflower, so we can come up with a proper consistency to form that liposome on the colostrum. And it’s critical that it’s there because, I want you to remember this, when you’re an infant, you do not produce stomach acid nor digestive enzymes at the time of birth. You do not digest or change colostrum in any manner whatsoever; it flows freely through the permeation in the gut in the bloodstream, unchanged on purpose. So what happens when milk starts coming in? Two things have to happen. The colostrum has to close the permeation, or we create autoimmune diseases, and allergies, and sicknesses, beginning at that point in time. And the second thing is we start producing stomach acids and digestive enzymes so that we can take food from our mother’s breasts, milk, and digest that into amino acids and provide a delivery of nutrients through the gut and down to the cellular level that are usable by the body. That’s prepared. The liposomal delivery protects the colostrum from digestion in adults. Once we go past that stage, without that liposomal protection in the delivery process, we simply digest most of the colostrum and it becomes a very expensive protein meal. Without the liposomal delivery, you might as well be buying powdered milk. That’s why, also, we have the only clinically proven colostrum on the market. You put anybody else’s colostrum on a clinical trial and it fails. We did studies with the University of Adelaide in Australia 1988, I introduced colostrum to the Sports/Physiology Department. We got two Olympic teams, the cyclists and the road and track team, put them on colostrum, 60 grams a day for six weeks. By the end of that time, these are maxed out Olympic athletes, we improved their performance significantly. We saw up to a 20% increase in strength and stamina. Colostrum builds and maintains, and helps us maintain lean muscle in the body. It helps burn fat. It stops catabolism of muscle and enables the anabolism of the stored fat. This is why, if you come to our workshop, we have a new program that is called the Wyatt Way. It’s a diet program of utilizing colostrum in a protein-carb rotation diet. No starvation. We are going to eliminate simple carbohydrates. You can do this with 15 minutes of exercise a day. You don’t need an hour’s worth a day. You need an hour’s worth of weightlifting if you’re not taking colostrum. You don’t need to do that if you’re taking colostrum. Colostrum helps you maintain the muscle. The study that we did with the University of Adelaide, not only did that, it eliminated the immune shut-down that takes place after any athletic event in all athletes. It stopped that, so the athletes didn’t get colds or flus. I haven’t had a cold or flu in twenty years. I take colostrum every day, and I haven’t had a cold or flu. So, we also saw recovery time cut in half, virtually cut in half. There’s a lot of publication on the internet right now about colostrum failing to do this. Let me explain. When you go out, and do a clinical study with garbage you end up with garbage results. If there is no growth factor in the colostrum, it cannot provide the results I’m talking about. The only way you can tell if you have these components, is you have to test. There is no such thing as a six-hour time or any of that nonsense. You have to test, pre- and post-processing. You have to know exactly what is in this product otherwise it’s worthless to all of you and all of your patients, and you just wasted all of your money. That’s part of the process. We, later after developing our liposome, found out we could have the same results for between 10 and 20 grams a day. It didn’t take 60 grams a day and it didn’t take 6 weeks to start achieving results. The liposome sped that up and accelerated this. We also instituted studies in gastrointestinal health. We took pigs and fed them hydrochloric acid as an antagonist, we scoped them (we didn’t kill the pigs), understand that this is how you understand and study human gastrointestinal tract. You do it with a pig as a model because pigs are the closest to us; they eat everything we eat. So we went in and fed them colostrum. We scoped them before. We saw, photographed, and diagnosed existing damage, fed the colostrum to half of them. What we found as a result out of this is that we healed existing damage in the gut, prevented any further damage, and here’s the real kicker, grew the villi height in the small intestine by 20%. Nutritional uptake was massively improved. We did the same studies in London using non-steroidal anti-inflammatories with humans at the Royal Hospital in London. Same results with humans – healed, prevented, grew the villi. So one of the things you’ll find in to putting colostrum in your body is you find your nutritional improvement, a vast improvement in nutritional absorption.

I’m talking a little bit about why everybody needs colostrum, and I want to talk about why that’s the case. What was our first food? For every one of us, it was milk. It came from our mother’s breasts, unless your mother didn’t breastfeed you. I’m sorry for those who didn’t have that experience. But for all of recorded history, all 50,000 years back, milk was always our first food. And not just from our mother’s breasts, but from the ruminant animal we threw a rope, or leather thong, strap or figured out how to haul then around with us going clear back to time of the Neanderthals. Cows are a deity in India because of the milk and the colostrum are so life-giving. Genghis Khan and his soldiers rode into battle drinking the mare’s milk from the mares. We always had reindeer in the north. Don’t tell me the Eskimos didn’t have milk. We either had a cow, a sheep, a goat, a camel, a yak, a water buffalo, a reindeer, or a mare, and we drank milk worldwide and why? This is the first food of life for all humans and always has been our primary and main source of food because you didn’t have to kill the animal to eat. So breakfast, lunch, and dinner from raw fresh milk and please understand, when we take the lactose and fat out of the colostrum, we have 100% immune growth factor – that’s what’s left. 100%. But in raw fresh milk, we have one-and-a-half percent of those same growth and immune factors. So this is why the Weston A. Price Foundation that is a hundred years old has been teaching people to drink raw, fresh milk every day all of their lives and in copious quantities if you can possibly get it. But now our ridiculous regulatory authorities in this country don’t want you to have access to this. They’ve made it impossible – near in most states – to access it. They’ve arrested farmers for selling milk to their neighbors (raw, fresh milk), and the reason that they do this is because in the 20s, when we had a lot of immigrants that were working on the dairy farms that had tuberculosis, they were passing tuberculosis on in the milk. The reason that happened is because they were milking the milk by hand and they were breathing over the open buckets of milk and breathing tuberculin into the milk, and that caused tuberculosis, and super-pasteurization kills all of the microbes, but it kills all of the living things in the milk too. So what we end up with out of that is that we now deprived our society – all of us – the ability to have a daily consistent supply of those very, very vital immune growth factors that are critical. So I like to teach every one of you that there are only a few supplements that you actually need to take, that are critical, that you have to supplement because you can’t get it in your body any other way. And immune growth factors are one of these factors, and it’s the most important because we have 280 bioactives, and if we don’t stop the leak into our bloodstream, if we don’t call the plumber, folks, you can never treat all of the other things you attempt to deal with. It is not possible. Call the plumber. The only things that you need to supplement besides living immune growth factors are Vitamin C; we don’t make any. Every other mammal does; we know that. Vitamin D. We all take baths too often, and you want to know why? Vitamin D won’t absorb. It takes 24 hours for it to absorb if you’ve been out in the sun. We all take bathes and showers and wash it off so we better supplement Vitamin D. I like Vitamin K2 through 7 because it keeps my bones strong. Colostrum keeps your bones strong; it has transforming growth factors that initiate repair of damaged bones. Every organ and tissue in your body can benefit from colostrum. Those of you that believe in liver cleansing and kidney cleanses, let me explain something to you: all you’re doing is using the mop. That’s the mop, folks. You’ve got to fix the hole. Liver cleanses do virtually nothing when you’re consistently pushing toxins into the liver. What are skin outbreaks? An overtaxed liver. Skin outbreaks take place when the liver can’t possibly take all the toxins out of your body. The liver gets overtaxed and has issues because of the holes in the gut. Leaky Gut is caused by GMO foods. 90% of the wheat and corn in this country has glyphosate in it. You know what that does to the animals? The gut? It destroys their gastrointestinal tract. What do you think it does to you? Half the people in this country take a pain med every day. Read the label. It says “gastrointestinal bleeding” on it. What do you think that is? Holes in the gut. Antibiotics in our food supply. You walk out of here and go to a restaurant and eat any meat, seafood, whatever is farmed is laced with antibiotics, acidic beverages, alcoholic beverages, Coke and Pepsi, okay? We can get into antagonist of this and they go on and on. If you eat too much sugar, we have yeast infection. We’re feeding the infection of the gut that erodes the bowel lining. So we have to turn that around and close the sewer. And only colostrum can do that. So we all need colostrum every day, and your family needs it, and every one of your patients. So what I like to counsel, is if you like to start any kind of therapy in your practice and have success, first thing you do is you put people on colostrum. Then we follow through with other modalities and other things and the other treatments become more successful, and you will become more successful in your practice. And here’s the other thing, when I was a young man, my father was a very wise man, and he told me, he says, “Doug, if you want to be successful in life, then you get involved in a commodity product that gets used up every day. Every day. You have an opportunity to provide that incredibly-needed, vastly-needed product of food supply.” And look at colostrum. I don’t look at it as a supplement budget. I look at it as a medical cost. I look at this as part of the daily food budget for every one of the people you’re working with. And it’s a heck of a lot healthier than a cup of Starbucks coffee and the colostrum costs you about half the cost of the coffee on a daily basis for therapeutic doses and uses.

So those are the basics. I want to tell you a couple of things. We’re going to get into a workshop about how you can improve your practice, how to actually implement this, how to advertise, and how to promote and bring people into your practice and talk about these things, how we can understand that over 50% of the American public is pre-diabetic or diabetic. When you add other auto-immune conditions on top of this like arthritis, lupus, and Hashimoto’s and MS and, you name it, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, add all of these into the flow, what do we got? 80-90% of the public sick. What is it doing to our economy that we can’t afford this? You go to the doctor and the doctor slaps Band-Aids, steroids, pain meds, etc. that just make it worse. You cannot deal with this with food elimination diets folks. That’s the mop. You can’t deal with this with glutathione and glutamine supplements. Those are antioxidants. That’s the mop. Colostrum has all eight essential amino acids. You don’t need individual amino acid therapy at all when you’re taking adequate therapeutic dosages of colostrum. So we’re going to talk about wounds, and talk further about the studies. I’m going to hand out copies of the studies we’ve done on Leaky Gut. We’re going to hand out studies on the wound healing. Understand that the wound centers all over this country are at an absolute lost. They can’t heal people. They go in and debride the infection, and the damages and the wounds just grow and grow and grow. Colostrum is proven to eliminate the pain in the wounds, it’s cheap to use, it stimulates your repair so fast, you can watch the cells divide under a microscope right under your eyes. It has the ability to repair the RNA right down to the RNA and DNA level. Colostrum stimulates the production of stem cells and differentiates them, and this is the beginning of all of that. We’re going to hand out a book to those who have come about how to improve and develop your practice by a very, very dear friend of mine, Alex Lebarksy at our workshop at 3 o’clock. It’s in room number G. I can’t take questions and answers here. We reserved those for the workshop. I want to say one thing on a last basis for every one of you that haven’t found a way to work with the colostrum yet. Please write this down: Colostrumtherapy.com. That’s for you. That’s your website. This is not for patients. It’s password protected. You have to come in and register on that site so we know that it’s a medical professional because there’s information on there that the FDA doesn’t like to get out to everybody. But medical professionals, we feel you have the discernment and the ability to look at clinical data and to make wise decisions for yourself and your patients. You will be able to make wholesale purchases directly on that website.

We have a range of products that we have. I want to briefly describe Colostrum-LD™ is the main one; we have to plug the holes and fix the sewer. Next, we have three PRP oral sprays that are concentrates of colostrum’s incredible healing components that regulate immune processes in the body. One of them is called IRM; it stands for Immune Response Modulator. This is the regulatory cytokines – in actuality, 100% bioidentical of those cytokines in our own body that regulate immune function. And what this does, is it modulates the immune function. It’s very effective at it. So when we have inflammation, when we have autoimmune conditions, etc. when we plug the hole, now we can bring the IRM and bring the body back into balance and stop the ongoing destruction.

Viralox® we did in clinical studies with AIDS patients, stage 4 HIV patients, and in 30 days, World Health Organization supervised, we had an elimination of all host infections. A third of these people had tuberculosis. About 25% had malaria, tsetse fly, infection of the gut (you can imagine), salmonella, e-coli, cryptosporidium, rotavirus, all of them. We had a complete turnaround of gastrointestinal health, elimination of diarrhea, elimination of the wasting, thriving came back, we had normalized CD4 and T-cell counts, and elimination of viral blood loads in the body with Viralox. Viralox is designed to help your body target infections, especially assist the body with anti-viral and approach dealing with viral infections, which we don’t have a lot of assistance for.

And the last product is Colostrum-IC, and it’s a combination of the IRM and Viralox, so if you have people who has Lyme disease end it’s a combination of autoimmune conditions and infections, then that’s the best product to use, and if you’re in doubt, the Colostrum-IC. These are oral spray products. Spray them in the mouth. They work very, very quickly. They enter the body within seconds. We have two gastrointestinal defense products that keep your bowel flowing. If you have constipation, we need to clean you out and keep it moving because the colostrum can’t be absorbed well if you’re always plugged up. So the gastro-defense overnight cleanse will do that. Clinical studies show it’s 95% effective. Most important part of this is that it won’t damage the gut. We want to heal the gut. We don’t want to damage it when we’re trying to clean it out. So here’s the other part of this. Colon cleanses you don’t want to do. We’re forcing the toxins into the bloodstream under pressure. You do not want to administer probiotics to your patients until you’ve used colostrum for 30 days. We have to heal the holes before we go forcing or allowing any foreign substance into the blood stream or otherwise the body will create immunity to them. And you will permanently create and immunity to the beneficial bacteria you’re trying to change the biome with. So 30 days of colostrum is mandated. Those are just some small pieces of advice that I’d like to give to you. We’re also introducing a liposomal delivery Vitamin C that, we believe, will be as effective and a replacement for the need to have intravenous vitamin c. As you all know, vitamin c in regular form gets used up, like any antioxidant capability, get used up in the stomach and in the G.I. transit. 95, 98, 99% of it that’s used up. 1% – this is why Linus Pauling believed in taking 10,000 mg of vitamin C a day because only 100 mg of it actually got in his bloodstream. But that’s very disruptive to the stomach, so we’ve developed a means to take our liposomes and apply it to the vitamin C and put this into a sustained-release and we have a 1500% enhanced viability with this vitamin C and it won’t upset the stomach. So it’s probably the most effective vitamin C on the marketplace right now. And that’s what liposomal delivery is supposed to do.

Folks, I really appreciate you being here. God bless you. We love you. I really am very touched and thankful for your presence and your time. God bless you and thank you so much.