Optimal Health with Colostrum-LD

The “Modern Father of Colostrum” and Director of the Center for Nutritional Research (CNR), Douglas Wyatt, recently joined Kat James on her live radio show. Please listen below, or read the transcript provided afterward.

Kat James: Hello everyone, and welcome to The Kat James Show! I hope you’re ready to be transformed, because as many tools as you have learned about in the past (and some of you have been with me for eight years), I’m going to introduce another one today. Some of you have caught my conversation with Doug Wyatt, the foremost expert in the world on colostrum, and he’s also going to tell you where this incredible – and, I mean, it’s very close to a fountain of youth, it’s close to a panacea, because whenever something exists that allows all of your other tools to exist, it’s really critical that you have it working in your favor. And so, welcome back to the show, Doug Wyatt, and I would love for you, first of all, to talk about what you believe the missing tool is. Even though we have very savvy listeners here – we have people who have been cutting out carbs, eating good fats, people who have been taking brilliant supplements, even helpful supplements like probiotics – and I would love for you to begin to talk about all of the issues. And who should be listening to this show? Just people who are making New Year’s resolutions and want to lose weight? Or maybe we expand our resolutions, everyone, to include only health issues? Because, after all, weight loss and all these things that we think about in January are issues that are all health-related. What kind of health issues can this panacea that you’re going to talk to us about correct?

Doug Wyatt: Thanks, Kat, I appreciate the opportunity to be on your show, thank you so much! And I want to thank your listeners for spending some time with us. I’m going to change your life today. I’m going to make that statement right up front. And I’m going to change it in a way that’s going to be so positive that every one of your listeners, if they will pay attention to this show, and make some minor changes, it’s going to affect them so dramatically that they will never forget this conversation.

KJ: I believe you!

DW: The conversation is about well-being and our health and it’s about our life, progressing forward. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) out of Atlanta came out with a statement a year or two ago that said that every one of us in this country is going to die of an autoimmune disease. Every one of us. OK, I attended a medical conference this week, in Las Vegas. It’s the American Academy for Anti-Aging and the buzz at that show – and this is seven thousand plus medical doctors that attend this, to learn cutting-edge response on how to slow ageing and how to improve our health, et cetera – were all being bombarded with information about this one thing. I want your listeners to hear very closely. It’s the fact that all disease – ALL, capital letters – begins in the gut. And the person that first said that was a medical doctor (MD) and for his time, that was Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, two thousand years ago. What happened between now and then is that we got pharmaceutical companies and AMA and we’ve got all kinds of so-called scientific improvements and et cetera, and we forgot that very very very important first statement, the first adage which we learned over trial and error, over thousands of years when Hippocrates brought that message. And we’re beginning to understand how very very true it is.
Now I also want to impart to your listeners that there is a very simple answer to this. And it’s called the first food of life, the very first substance to enter your mouth after you’re born, was designed to provide perfect gastrointestinal health. And that’s such a commonsense statement. You see, when you’re born, your gut is sterile. Nothing’s ever been there. You’ve never had a meal, ever! And so there’s nothing in there, nothing. No beneficial bacteria, no food’s ever been there, no water’s ever even been there. And so the very first substance that God, nature, evolution – however you want to believe – provided, over a hundred million years of development, of mammalian evolution, the very first substance of our life was designed to do what? OK, and so we want to describe that very briefly. So we, as mammals, have a very special evolutionary advantage, and that’s the ability to pass immunity to our offspring. Colostrum does that. So we can be immune to everything that our ancestors came into contact with. Number two, all mammals receive all of the download of – it’s like an instructional manual. Colostrum is the manual, it turns on the immune process. And this process is continually tweaked and updated by raw, fresh milk. This is why it’s so critical to breastfeed, because it continues that instruction, and it’s very necessary to continue on an ongoing basis. And so we always found a wet nurse – nobody used formulas in the past. If you couldn’t breastfeed your child, you found a neighbor, OK.

And then the next supplement that came in was raw, fresh milk from the goat in the backyard, or the cow, or whatever, depending upon what part of the world you lived in. And what was this raw, fresh milk and colostrum providing? It was providing immune and growth factors, hundreds of bioactives. Hundreds! Not one. So what you’re saying is that we’ve been taking all these wonderful supplements, please understand that every time you take a supplement from an herb or any other you have one bioactive in it. Colostrum has hundreds – hundreds! And tens and tens of thousands of active antibodies to prevent disease-causing pathogens – bacteria, viruses and yeasts and protozoas, et cetera – the bad stuff – from colonizing and inhabiting our gut. And why do we want to do that? It’s because when they do that, they eat holes in our gastrointestinal tract. Infection is the number one cause of (what the buzz in the anti-ageing conference was, and here I’m going to come back and I’m going to say this – leaky gut – you cannot age, you cannot age, and you cannot age well if you’re sick) and all disease, Hippocrates said, begins in the gut. So all disease is directly related to gastrointestinal health and any kind of disruption in gastrointestinal health leads to damage to the bowel wall and that leads to the leakage of toxins into our body. And this is where all disease comes from – all disease. Including mental health!
So we’re not just talking about cancer and heart disease and autoimmune diseases, or allergies or diabetes et cetera, all of these – we’re talking about mental health – Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia and Parkinson’s Disease and ALS and depression – oh my goodness! You mean that we can treat depression by getting our gut healthier? Yes, it’s exactly what I’m saying.

KJ: Absolutely. Absolutely, so, I mean, there are so many directions we could go… I would love for you to just kind of give an idea of the breadth of issues that are affected – from arthritis and on. But I just want to make sure that everyone realizes that there’s an issue that is affecting their lives now, that falls under this umbrella of what is affected.

DW: Every one of us has a leaky gut problem, and I want to tell you how I know that. I was working with Rocky Mountain Labs ten years ago, and we had a trial with them and basically what I said was you’re getting hundreds of thousands of blood tests from doctors from all over for food allergies. And so they came back and I asked them, I said, “Do you ever have anybody that’s sent in blood that doesn’t have allergies?” And they said, “No.” Food allergies and that blood panel is proof of leaky gut syndrome. So what I’m saying is that every one of us has it to a degree or another. We just don’t know it.

KJ: Yeah. And what we’re doing is that everything is just about the Band-Aid solution so, clearly, what we’re going to do here, when we come back, with Doug’s help, is start on a road to making sure that everything we do in the future is not just a Band-Aid to make up for the problems that you have just outlined, but adding to things that can somehow start to work. But we have to go to this prerequisite that you’re about to show here more about when we come back. Everyone, stick around, we’ll be right back!
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KJ: Welcome back to The Kat James Show, we are here with Doug Wyatt from Sovereign Laboratories, arguably the foremost expert on colostrum, which we really never hear about and you’re also going to hear why you haven’t heard about it. That might be an interesting place to jump back into this, Doug. I mean, I know that what I want for you to do is to talk about all of the many areas of health issues and it’s really virtually every area that people need to involve this prerequisite that very few people are using. Why aren’t they using it? Why haven’t they heard about it?

DW: Well, that’s a great question, and it’s not an easy answer, so I’m going to try and do this as quickly as I can so that we don’t stretch it out. But the majority of colostrum on the market provides no efficacy. In fact, every other brand that’s out there has a serious problem in providing the benefits that we’re discussing. The colostrum research that’s been done has been done on raw, liquid, first colostrum right out of the breast. By the time you process it – and we have to do that, in order to be able to ship it, in order to give it any kind of a shelf life we have to dehydrate it, we have to take the water out of it, then create a powdered substance out of it, like you would powdered milk. Powdered milk will last twenty-five years if you store it away from oxygen and sunlight. You can do the same thing with colostrum. The problem is that when you dry colostrum, you fracture a natural delivery system that’s developed by nature that surrounds the colostrum molecule. And this is a lysosome that’s a structure of lipids that are the outside surface of the mammary cell that produces colostrum and milk. And so when we dry this in order to be able to provide it, that gets fractured. And here’s what happens. When you take that colostrum that’s been over-processed, and put it in clinical trials, it fails. No benefits. And so what happens is that the commodity colostrum that’s being sold in the health food stores out there is getting very little play. It’s a diminishing return because people are seeing no benefit out of it. And that’s the reason. And we’ve found over years of trial and error how to collect colostrum and process it without damaging it, and how to reapply that very very special lipid to the dried colostrum so that it provided a delivery method so that we could get colostrum past the stomach acids and digestive enzymes that adults have that infants don’t.
Colostrum has some very, very important factors that we began talking about, about gut health. First of all, colostrum has the ability to prevent gut infection. The biggest cause of GI damage is infection. And today, the biome is upside down. This is why everybody out there is talking about probiotic (beneficial bacteria) and how important they are. And they are important, it’s critical, because remember we talked about the fact that all chronic disease begins in the gut. Beneficial bacteria are part of the answer. What we want to talk about is, what does colostrum do that’s different? What it does that’s different is it destroys and prevents infection from virtually every pathogenic source – which means E. coli and Salmonella and Cryptosporidium and Rotavirus – and remember I said Salmonella and E. coli? These are the primary food poisoning bacteria that cause over six thousand deaths in this country and virtually everybody in this country is going to come down with food poisoning at least one time this year. And so if you’re taking colostrum on a daily basis, well, guess what? That will prevent that from happening. So what we’re talking about is the first step for gut health is to reduce and eliminate infection. And only colostrum can do that. See, every other benefit that comes from beneficial bacteria and/or other treatments that are recommended by physicians out there, help prevent damage, but they will not prevent the infection. They will not destroy the bacteria. They will not create the process to move those out of the body.

The second thing that colostrum does is that it contains actual skin growth hormones – and understand that your bowel wall is a skin surface; it’s not an interior part of the body; the interior part of the body is where the blood’s flowing, and blood’s not flowing inside your intestine, where the food goes and the feces flow through, that’s considered an outside part of the body. And so we want to heal and protect that surface so that toxins and feces cannot cross over into the bloodstream, because when that happens our immune system gets disrupted and we call this autoimmune disease. That’s the result of the toxins passing through. One of the doctors or physicians – a well-known, and I mean, incredibly well-known physician – and I will not mention his name because I don’t have permission to do that right now – but he was talking to me at the anti-ageing conference and he said, “Doug, don’t you understand that all disease is an autoimmune problem? All disease is autoimmune. All disease!” And all autoimmune issues become, and are a direct result of. damage to the gut and the allowance of toxins to pass into the body. Now there’s other causal factors that become a problem, and one of them is a lack of breastfeeding. One of them is a lack of having live, living immune and growth factors in our diet. That’s what you were mentioning earlier. So how do we get immune and growth factors? You can get them if you’ve got a cow or a goat in the backyard, and if you’re drinking whole, raw milk on a consistent basis. Raw dairy, unprocessed, totally unprocessed, and you’d have to do six, eight, ten servings a day in order to get an adequate amount of immune and growth factors. Or, why colostrum? Because colostrum is a concentration of one hundred percent immune and growth factors while milk is only one and a half percent immune and growth factors. And remember, I said that we were used to having raw, fresh milk in our diet. We’ve had raw, fresh milk in human diet for as far back as we know. In India, four thousand years’ worth. And the result of the healing properties of raw, fresh milk and colostrum is the reason that the cow is a god in India. A deity! It is so revered for its health-giving properties.

KJ: Yeah. I want to interject for a moment, Doug. What’s really interesting is that people that follow what I do are, you know, they don’t even do raw milk. I mean, if I had been raised on raw milk, many of my issues – although the eating disorder is debatable – would have been prevented. What’s interesting is that in modern society, we are so metabolically wrecked that some people have found a way of eating that makes them feel good, and they eat my way (for example) and get themselves leptin-sensitive and cut out the carbs and up the fat – they’re kind of making up for these horrible, horrible low-fat years. And it seems that your product would offer a way for people to benefit from colostrum without having what is actually, to them, a high-sugar item, which is drinking a lot of raw milk right now.

DW: Well, I want to say something to you, that there’s not a lot of sugar in milk. There’s lactose in milk, and lactose makes up a small percentage of it.

KJ: I get it, I get it. Eleven grams if you’re leptin-sensitive is a complete deal breaker.

DW: Oh, yes. Yeah, I understand what you’re saying. I want to talk to your audience a little bit about what we discovered about this process. And six, eight weeks ago, there was a headline in the LA Times that hit the New York Times and it hit a lot of other papers around the country, and the UCLA School of Medicine Public Policy came out with a statement that said over fifty-five percent of Californians are either pre-diabetic or have diabetes. That means one out of two people in this country have diabetes on the way, or have it. And that means, in my book, and the way you look at this is that the majority – and almost every one of these, ninety-eight, ninety-nine percent of those people – are overweight, obese, have a serious weight issue, and they are addicted to simple carbohydrates (i.e., sugar). Addicted to them! And every one of these people have Candida infection in their gut. Every one of them!

KJ: Right. And they’re addicted to more than just simple carbs, they’re addicted to plus-size, too!

DW: Yes, so it’s an infection. And remember I said that colostrum can help us deal with gut infection. That includes Candida! And here’s what the real truth out of that is, is that the Candida infection then becomes so pernicious in the body that they actually can control our mental process. What has been found is that is that it’s more difficult to kick that sugar habit than it is to stop tobacco or alcohol abuse.

KJ: Absolutely. Absolutely, it controls, and once people have this balance thrown off, you see – and I see in my work for seventeen years, doing these retreats – that the minute that someone comes back and has antibiotics, and say they haven’t had them for a long time, and suddenly they do and they’ve never had an issue with food – suddenly they’re unable to stay away from sugar.

DW: Well, antibiotics cause leaky gut, so therefore you’ve got undigested foods flowing into the bloodstream. The body’s creating antibodies to try and destroy those, that disrupts the whole immune system, now you’re in a state of where you have intensified inflammation going on in the body, and a whole bunch of other issues. And so colostrum was designed to prevent the infection, heal the gut, prevent the damage that the antibiotics are doing. In fact the studies that we did, we took the most pernicious damage-causing item, which is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (pain medications), of every kind, the black blocks warning on them that says: “Causes stomach bleeding”, every one of those pain medications. The CDC says that fifty percent – one out of two – in this country are using or abusing a pain medication on a daily basis in this country. Every one of these people, again, have leaky gut syndrome. And every one of these people will have, if they don’t already have, will have a very deadly autoimmune condition. This is where arthritis and MS and scleroderma and lupus and fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s and thyroid problems and all of these, and it shows up in skin health issues, like psoriasis and eczema and it shows up in mental health issues – depression (one out of five people, one out of four people in this country are complaining of depression), one out of eight have early signs of Alzheimer’s, I mean this whole thing is just exploding.

KJ: Absolutely. Now, when we come back, we’ll go really into some areas that people would never think – still, as much as you’re sharing, a lot of people have a hard time believing that some odd thing they’re dealing with still has this origin that you’re talking about – I want to also, you have a free offer, I believe, that I want you to share when we come back. It’s something, everyone, you’re not going to want to miss because I think you’re all gathering that there is this missing piece and the potential for you to gain from this is unlimited. So everyone, stick around, we’ll be right back.

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KJ: Welcome back to The Kat James Show! What an exciting prospect it is to find something that we haven’t been using that not only is just a great asset to what we’re already doing on our path to optimal health, but really a prerequisite that could make everything we’ve been doing up until now work much, much better. Even if you are eating in the way that we’ve learned to by listening to this radio show. So, what I do, and I just want to for a moment say that I do have a program coming up (it’s a Total Transformation program, these are the retreats I’ve been holding for seventeen years) coming up in Costa Rica January twenty-seventh through February seventeenth, but people are coming for two weeks or one week. And if you want to learn more about these retreats, where I actually live along with people and they learn how to eat in a way that really causes a biochemical shift (a pretty dramatic one, by about day three or four), and has been recognized by the foremost clinical expert on the hormone leptin to be unique in the fact that it’s achieving a recovery of sensitivity to this hormone, which is called the master hormone. Even more consequential by far than insulin. You can learn more about the hormone; search “Kat James and leptin”, or visit informedbeauty.com or give us a call at 87754TOTAL.
But back to our subject today, which is “The Missing Piece” with Doug Wyatt from Sovereign Laboratories. And Doug, before we get into more about colostrum, which we’ve been talking about, I would love it if you could share with us where people can get the colostrum itself for those who have been listening.

DW: Well, we don’t sell this in health food stores, and we work strictly off of our website and we work with the physicians. We have thousands of physicians who work with and prescribe our colostrum for patients. And we have a free offer right now. It’s mysovlabs.com. And right on the homepage you’ll see an offer for an introductory size package of colostrum. And we’ve love to have all of your listeners come and start out on a five-day supply and see what it’ll do for you.

Colostrum, it doesn’t take forever to start changing the bowel. That will start within minutes after you take colostrum. In other words, we start destroying and carrying out those bad players in the gut and we do that very, very quickly, and we start healing the gut very quickly. And we start changing the levels of the hormones in the body and one of the things that colostrum contains, is it contains all of the beneficial hormones. Every one of them. That’s amazing that they’re all sourced in one place. And it’s not if you think about it, because they’re necessary for us when we’re newly born, in order to stimulate the growth and the perfect growth of our body and every structure in it – from bone, nerve, cell, brain cells, et cetera – in fact, the growth factors that are in colostrum are so important that children that are not continually supplied with them will have a fifteen-point IQ deficit. And that’s been proven and published in the medical literature.

And this is why it is so critical and emphasized that breastfeeding should take place for at least a two-year period of time. And I know a majority – my research says that that doesn’t happen. Hardly ever, anymore. Six weeks is about max. And so when you stop breastfeeding, it’s critical that we provide the child with our colostrum, so that we continually have those growth factors and the immune factors that keep them from coming down with earaches and croup and throat infections and bowel infections and diarrhea and et cetera – all of those things can be basically prevented with colostrum. Now the reason we get – and remember what colostrum is? Colostrum is the very first food of our lives.

The colostrum that we harvest comes from dairy cows, so we’re getting this from the same source that you get your cottage cheese and your milk and your yogurt and et cetera from. And it’s important to remember that colostrum has to be very tenderly processed. We have to put that lipid back on the dried product in order for it to be effective for us. Otherwise it just gets digested. Remember, infants don’t digest colostrum; the digestion process doesn’t begin for a few days, and then milk is coming in, and it’s not colostrum anymore. Colostrum is only there the very first part of your life, and it’s there to stimulate the gut – get it ready for food, make it perfect, heal it, close the existing holes, mature the GI tract, so that food and other particles won’t cross into the bloodstream. That’s what colostrum is designed by nature to do, and it can do that very same thing for us, no matter what our age is.

So clinical studies that we’ve had published show that colostrum has the ability to repair and prevent gastrointestinal damage, even that damage caused from pain medications and antibiotics, et cetera, OK. And there’s a number of things that cause GI damage. And I just mentioned two of them: antibiotics and pain meds. Pharmaceutical drugs, steroidal medications, acidic beverages – you know, your favorite cola out there is eating holes in your gut – now alcoholic beverages, if taken on a daily basis, eat holes in your gut – the most important one, though, and I want to mention something that doesn’t hit the news a lot, and it’s because it’s been suppressed, and that is called glyphosphate. And glyphosphate is Round-Up. And Round-Up is a pesticide that destroys the gut tissue, and it’s sprayed on almost all of our wheat and corn crops in this country. And it’s even in existence in organic wheats and corn. So it’s very, very important to understand that it’s almost impossible to escape glyphosphate. And this is one of the reasons Monsanto allowed themselves to be absorbed by Bayer, a German company, leave the United States to get away from this controversy that’s going to explode down the road.

KJ: Yeah, we talked about glyphosphate before. I want to reiterate for those that are joining this conversation and didn’t catch, perhaps, the first segment, and remind them that you have the only colostrum that is delivered liposomal delivery, and that you have the clinical studies behind this actual product and why this hasn’t really been utilized by a lot of people who look for clinical studies. They may have overlooked, you know, that they looked at some colostrum they’ve tried in the past – a chewable or whatnot – they may have said, “You know, I don’t feel this” and that’s the case with me. Frankly, I tried a chewable in the past, and feel much more of a difference, and feel that I’m a very healthy person, but feel a difference from taking your product and have never felt a difference before. But you see dramatic differences, especially in people who have these autoimmune issues, but what else is effective?

DW: We can talk about weight loss, and let’s talk about this for a minute because when you have growth hormone – and colostrum contains growth hormone and IGF-1, that’s insulin-like growth hormone, and every cell in our body has receptors for IGF-1. And that is the real growth hormone. And when you have a supplement – colostrum – that contains that growth hormone, what it does, is that it keeps your blood sugar balanced. And it stops the body from metabolizing our lean muscle in between meals. So when you go on a diet – and I don’t care what diet it is – by any name, what happens between meals is that the body will digest our own muscle to keep blood sugar balanced to feed the brain. Because the blood sugar flowing in our blood has to be at certain levels or else have cellular brain death – in other words, we lose the ability to maintain our brain. And what happens with colostrum is that it shifts that, so that we’re burning and utilizing stored fat, we’re utilizing ingested fat. So when your diet, that you’ve been emphasizing with people, what we end up with, with colostrum is that it metabolizes that fat much better and keeps the blood sugar balanced. And it helps us retain our lean muscle, which is really critical. And so what I tell people is that no matter what diet you’re on, take colostrum four times a day – first thing in the morning, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and an hour before you go to bed – take a heaping teaspoon of colostrum, mix it in water, take that on an empty stomach between the meals, and it’ll keep your blood sugar balanced. And it will do that same if you’re diabetic. And here’s the wonderful part about this, is that then the cravings for the sugar can go away, because colostrum’s destroying the infectious bacteria and the Candida that is crying out and screaming to us to “Feed me, feed me, feed me!” that sugar and literally that’s what’s happening! And it will help you deal with an addiction that is so pernicious that it’s worse than trying to stop alcohol or tobacco. I’ve had physicians tell me that they can’t get people to stop eating the sugar.

KJ: Yeah, and this is, you know, twelve years I had my eating disorder, and eradicating the Candida is big but I think people go about it the wrong way. I mean, the dopamine pathways have something to do with it and once leptin is functioning in the body – which every human needs, functioning leptin – then some of the dopamine pathways are healed to a certain extent. But what’s interesting is that you’re looking at an alternative with your Colostrum LD that the other eradicators that don’t work so well. We’re going to come back with more about this incredible topic that is really missing from everyone’s New Year’s Resolution approach to turning your health around. Stick around, we’ll be right back.
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KJ: Welcome back to The Kat James Show. We’re here with Doug Wyatt and there’s no one more qualified and more experienced with the area of colostrum. And colostrum is just almost forgotten, and yet one of the most important things we can learn about for those of you who I know are dedicated to, just, evolving your health journey. And it was so important for me and I wish I had heard about it when I was fighting my eating disorder and liver disorders and autoimmune disorders, which are not noticeable and have turned around incredibly and can be turned on and off at will, with my diet or going off my diet, a piece that everyone needs to know about and that can elevate – no matter how healthy you are – can elevate your health even to a greater level. But it is absolutely critical if you’re struggling at all. And Doug, speaking of that, I want to reiterate the special offer right now, because so many people know after these last few segments that this is something they want to incorporate. And then after that, I’d love for you to talk about what you’ve seen and what someone who is dealing with something that’s not an autoimmune disease – joint issues and cancer et cetera – so let’s start with the special offer first.

DW: Well, the special offer is a free introductory package of Colostrum LD powder. The LD stands for Liposomal Delivery. Understand, without that, the colostrum just gets digested and it’s worthless. This is available at Sovereign Laboratories (the address for that is mysovlabs.com).

KJ: And so that’s where, what is the homepage, how do people find the free offer for the package?

DW: It’s right on the front of the homepage, right when you arrive. And so it’s right there, it’s not hard to find at all, and we want to make certain that everybody understands that we have this free offer so that you can find out for yourself just what colostrum’s going to do for you. Everybody in your family needs this: you, your kids, your mother.
I’ll tell you a story. I worked with a lot of physicians, and I was at the anti-ageing conference this last week in Las Vegas, and I had doctors coming up to me, saying, “I started last year because of the conference, I was here, and I started personally with colostrum and saw its results with my family. And I have a majority – almost every one of my patients – on colostrum. We’re getting such incredible results.” I had physician after physician come up and tell me that they had shifted the focus of their practice, their entire medical practice, to start out patients – every one of their patients – on colostrum. This is how valid and how important it was and how much the result factor out of this was so startling to them.

KJ: Absolutely. It’s one of the most important things that you’ve helped me discover, and is an integrated part of my recommendations. And so I’m going to leave it to you, Doug, for the rest of the hour, to cover what you want to about it. But what I want people to understand is, in the context of having just abused their own bodies throughout the holidays and going forward into 2017, what it is that the thought process is wanting to deal with this problem, that problem, but of course the weight – and you’ve covered the weight issue.

DW: Let’s cover pain. Let’s cover arthritis, which is the biggest and most pernicious autoimmune issue. Joint pain is the number one reason that people buy supplements, and we did a study with eight thousand patients with colostrum. Half of them had rheumatoid, and half of them had osteoarthritis, and within three to three and a half weeks, eighty-five percent of the people in this study were pain-free. Doctors that I work with can do blood draws and check for inflammatory markers pre- and post-use of colostrum, and we see the inflammatory markers coming way down, and coming down very quickly – within days. And so this is a combination of healing the leaky gut, stopping the transfer of toxins into the body, and then colostrum’s factors go to work internally in the body to balance and bring the immune system back into perfect balance.

I also deal with a lot of cancer clinics, and do a lot of work. And cancer is predominantly a processor problem with the environment. There’s been a lot of talk about cancer being a genetic issue, and it is in some cases, but very very few. What we find is that there is an ongoing immune issue, and again it comes right back to leaky gut, and so the best way to deal with any chronic disease issue is to heal the leaky gut and to keep it healed, and stop the transfer of toxins into the body. And then the incredible immune instruction molecules in colostrum, that we also concentrate in oral sprays that we have available on our website, and these can help keep the immune system in perfect balance. It can bring an immune system that’s overreacting back down into balance, one that is underreacting up and back into perfect balance, so that we can deal with just about any issue. Because again, first in this conversation we’re talking about all disease begins in the gut, all gut issues are leading to toxicity in the body, the primary causes of this problem in the gut is infection, and toxins that we’re taking in via the oral route – alcohol, pain meds, antibiotics, glyphosphate, et cetera – and colostrum is the only substance that’s been clinically proven to heal the damage from those areas. Colostrum is so valid at this.

We did a study with the Department of Homeland and the Department of Defense on returning wounded soldiers that were coming back after battle injuries with injuries that were not healing. They were infected, but they couldn’t treat. They tried antibiotics and everything possible to try and get these wounds to heal, and they weren’t healing. And we found if we put colostrum to work internally and externally – right on the wounds – that it not only eliminated the infection, it eliminated the associated pain from that infection, and it stimulated the repair of the tissue. Even if that wound was all the way down to the bone. This is what it does everywhere in your body, is it stimulates repair.

KJ: Two things, Doug, before the end of the hour. I just want to go back to this concept that you just went over regarding pain and the clinical studies, and we talked about the pain meds. And I want to talk about a recurring theme in that the New Year is an addiction, and how, like you said, the cravings that the colostrum helps to address incredibly. But the pain med addiction – the legal, the socially acceptable addiction – we are talking with what you’re introducing to my audience, you’re presenting something that is an absolute prerequisite to the kind of growth and repair, and the speed of this, that has to happen in order for people to have a realistic opportunity to wean off of these things. What I do helps incredibly, but what you do is absolutely incredible and needed as well.

DW: We find colostrum is very beneficial, especially in alcoholic treatment, because alcohol is converted to sugar in the body. In order to wean off of sugar we need to keep blood sugar balanced, and so clinical studies – human clinical studies – with colostrum shows that colostrum will keep the blood sugar at perfect, balanced levels if we take it on a regular basis. One of the real problems in coming off of alcohol abuse is that the blood sugar swings create a craving that’s so difficult to walk away from, and what that really is, is it’s a sugar craving. It’s a craving for the sugar that the alcohol becomes.

KJ: There are depletions of certain vitamins – B vitamins and the dopamine pathways – but I mean, the growth factors, I don’t know what the science is but I would be interested and perhaps in a future show we’ll talk about dopamine pathways.

DW: You’re absolutely right on that. Colostrum stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin, and colostrum – bovine, cow’s colostrum – has been issued, in the past, to US patents, for the treatment of alcoholic liver. In other words, colostrum has been shown and proven, to the satisfaction of the US Patent Office, to repair and reverse cirrhosis.

KJ: Doug, this is the first of many. We’ve run out of time! Again, visit mysovlabs.com for The Kat James Show listeners to get free colostrum.

DW: It’s a five-day, at two tablespoons a day, which is an optimal level. Understand that colostrum, when it starts cleaning you out, may not be enjoyable for a few days. That means it’s really working, and the person is really toxic. And so that’s not a time to walk away from colostrum.

KJ: Gotcha. A perfect thing for people to accept in the New Year. All right, thank you so much, Doug Wyatt, we will have you back soon. And everyone, join us next week for another transforming show!

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