Sovereign Laboratories appreciates everyone who has shared their personal stories about our products. If you're thinking about trying Colostrum-LD® or any of our other products, please read the colostrum reviews below.

"I wanted to share with you the success I have been seeing my patients and in my family. It was a patient who actually shared your product with me, and after reading the information she shared, it made perfect sense. I started my daughter who has molluscum contagiosum and eczema on the Colostrum-IC® spray several times a day and the LD powder (2 tablespoons) one or twice a day. In 10 days, her eczema and molluscum have improved by about 75%. We do not eat any wheat and I told her that if she did this she could eat wheat at birthday parties only. She ate wheat at a party after 10 days, and the eczema flared, but not the molluscum. I can tell that her body is healing!

Also, one of my more sick patients with severe IBS, who I have been working with for about a year, has been taking the colostrum for 2 weeks and feels better than he has felt in years! It is healing his very sick gut.

Then, two days ago, I have another patient with severe joint pain who actually called me to tell me how amazed she is that her joints are feeling so much better."

-- Dr. Rebecca Boyd

"I am so happy to know you are still active with getting colostrum to the people. I started using YOUR product approximately 1996 for medical concerns, and literally could not live without it. I have spoken to anyone who will listen about taking colostrum for over 15 years now."

-- Dawn R.

"Your products test to be very good energetically (unlike other colostrum products I have tested). I have been taking the products, as has my wife, and we both like the results. I have no practice of my own but I travel & teach other doctors. As a result of my endorsement of your products, several other practitioners have also ordered your products. Congratulations on your accomplishments!"

-- Dr. Lee Cowden

"Wanted to let you know that my diverticulosis along w/diet and the colostrum and aloe vera I'm pretty much free of pain, I like how it mixes w/water."

-- Deborah G.

"I use to have to take antibiotics all the time but since I started taking your products I don't need to. Has changed my life. Thanks."

-- Allie M.  Australia

"This has got to be the very best product that I have ever used for my knees and inflammation. I had results within a week of taking this supplement. Thanks! Now, I want to reorder this product."

-- Cynthia S.  Sealy, TX

"If you have been reading my blog you will no doubt know that for the last few years I have been struggling with an autoimmune disease; called Multifocal Motor Neuropathy with Conduction Block..."

"...All in all Colostrum is having a massive impact on my quality of life..."

" is the product I have been taking: Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum-LD®..."

-- Carl Nolan, Time Trial and Sportive Adventures of a 45+ blog

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Carl has since updated the above blog post with a follow up post. Both posts are well worth the read if you are interested in one man's experiences with colostrum and how it has impacted his autoimmune disease and quality of life.

"...When taking Colostrum not only have I been able to maintain good shoulder strength I have suffered none of the other effects of my disease..."

"For the first time in years I am starting to feel I am in control rather than having the disease control me..."

-- Carl Nolan, Time Trial and Sportive Adventures of a 45+ blog

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Deborah"For almost 2 decades of faithful daily colostrum usage, I could be your poster child. I turn 62 in February. People think I'm half my age AND I take no medications. At my last doctor check up, he told me that ones like me put doctors out of business. YAY for colostrum and for you and Kaye coming into my life, Douglas Wyatt!"

-- Deborah Pinkowski Archer via Facebook

"People of all ages and from all walks of life have regained their health and changed their lives by taking colostrum. Colostrum is the most powerful healing substance in the world. If it were not for colostrum, the human race wouldn't even exist."

-- Dr. Robert Heinerman, Ph.D.

"There is only one bio-available colostrum on the market, Colostrum-LD®."

-- Dr. Andrew Keech

"Viralox’s PRPs is being heralded as the most exciting discovery in immunology to come along in decades ... It's completely different from any mineral, vitamin or herb; it's immune intelligence. "

-- Robert Robertson, M.D.

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