"If your colostrum is heat-dried, not end product tested for bioactivity and does not have the LD (Liposomal Delivery) reapplied to the dried colostrum, it is no more effective than powdered milk."

Andrew Keech, PhD

Colostrum is the world’s most powerful super food. It has tens of thousands of clinical studies to back its incredible performance. Fresh, raw colostrum has over 200 bioactive components but up to recently processed colostrum could not compare. Now Colostrum LD® is the only bovine colostrum that is as close to fresh, raw in potency as possible, but without the risks.

Colostrum-LD® is dried by cold processing (for shelf life) to insure that all of its components are intact and bioactive. We test and standardize our products for maximum content and bioactivity of all of the most important components: Immunoglobulins, Proline-rich Polypeptides (PRPs), Growth factors Igf-1, TGf-a & b etc), Lactoferrin, etc.

In addition, the LD (liposomal delivery) system insures colostrum reaches the whole body. Only LD replaces the natural coating lost in dried or frozen processing. Without LD, colostrum loses most of its effectiveness. This is why many professionals don’t achieve the results they expect from colostrum.

The LD Difference means:

  1. Colostrum does not oxidize in storage
  2. Colostrum is not digested (digestion destroys colostrum’s bioactivity)
  3. Colostrum components are delivered through the bowel wall into the blood stream to reach all our organs and cells where needed.
  4. Transport through the cell wall to assist in RNA and DNA repair, stem cell initiation and differentiation; facilitating cellular growth, repair, prevention of infection and identification of damaged and diseased cells, etc.

Only Colostrum-LD® delivers the following benefits:

  • Cleanse and restore the harmonic balance in our GI tract, quickly, safely
  • Prevent and Repair GI tract damage (Leaky gut) and keep it operating at its optimum
  • Prevent toxins from passing through our GI system and creating internal destruction
  • Prevent our body from destroying connective tissue and vital organs
  • Repair immune function and bring it back into optimal balance
  • Destroy disease causing micro-organisms and help clean them out of our body
  • Restore cellular communication and function
  • Stimulate the repair and regeneration of body tissue
  • Activate Natural Killer cells and increase their activity up to 400%
  • Activate the production of disease prevention antibodies
  • Increase strength, stamina and cellular regeneration
  • Slow and help reverse the aging process
  • Stimulate stem cell activation and differentiation

Colostrum LD® (Liposomal Delivery)

Colostrum LD PowderThe only pharmaceutical quality, standardized, clinically proven bovine colostrum available and now with Liposomal Delivery that increases bioavailability by up to 1,500%. Nothing can compare for trusted, proven performance and quality.

Colostrum is life’s first food, designed by nature to bring perfect health in a hostile environment. It is the most important combination of powerful growth, immune and healing factors ever or it would not have been your first meal. Colostrum creates homeostasis in the gut. It can destroy and prevent the colonization of GI pathogens of all types including: h Pylori, C Difficile, e Coli, Salmonella, Rotavirus, Shigella, etc.).

Colostrum LD® is proven to prevent and heal gut permeability (Leaky Gut Syndrome) caused by infectious pathogens, toxins, antibiotics, NSAIDS, prescription pain and other medications, alcoholic and acidic beverages, and environmental hazards. Leaky gut is generally accepted as the primary cause of most chronic disease including auto-immune, allergies, Asthma, diabetes, autism, and cancer, etc.

Colostrum with Liposomal Delivery has also been shown to deliver and increase bioidentical Igf-1 our only true growth hormone, along with all the other growth factors such as TgF A and B that help destroy cancer and other diseased cells in our body. Proven to increase energy, lean muscle, strength and stamina by up to 20%, accelerate repair and recovery (injuries, workouts, etc.), activate fat metabolism, balance glucose levels and increase vital nutritional intake (even in late stage HIV/AIDS). Stimulate and initiate RNA and DNA repair and activate stem cell production and initiation.

Only bovine colostrum’s components have been proven bioidentical to human colostrum and proven in thousands of clinical trials to be safe and effective with no known drug interactions or side effects.

Viralox® Clinically Proven, Patented,Oral Spray

ViraloxViralox brings you Lactopeptide™ a proprietary concentration of colostrum’s peptides: PRPs 2s and 3s (Proline-rich Polypeptides) 200 & 300 ng molecules along with Lactoferrin.

Lactopeptide shifts the immune response from predominantly humeral (inactive) response to a more proactive cellular response. This assists the immune system to effectively fight chronic infections while simultaneously inhibiting the initiation of inappropriate inflammatory cascades.

Viralox helps destroy and prevent infection of all types of pathogens.

  1. It is nature’s most powerful NK (Natural Killer Cell) activator. Increases NK activity by up to 400%.
  2. Promotes t-lymphocyte production to become either helper or suppressor t-cells.
  3. Activates B-lymphocytes that produce antibodies to any virus or other pathogen present.
  4. Activates memory cells to shorten immune response.
  5. Helps regulate and control cytokine responses (especially important in stopping inflammatory over response).
  6. Stimulates production of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-A) and Interferon gamma (INF-y).
  7. Blocks the cellular viral receptor sites to prevent viral reproduction.
  8. Shown to normalize CD4 and T-cell counts in AIDS patients.
  9. Helps the immune system to adapt to viral mutations.
  10. Clinically effective against a wide range of viruses: HIV, Herpes, Human Papilloma, Rotavirus, Adenovirus, Hepatitis C, Hanta, RSV Epstein Bar and Cytomegalovirus to name a few.
  11. Effective against a broad range of other pathogens: bacterial, yeast, and fungal.
  12. Powerful anti-inflammatory support.

Viralox has been shown to be so effective in antiviral support that stage three and four clinical trials with the WHO supervision with late stage HIV/AIDS patients showed an elimination of viral loads in all the participants that remained compliant with protocols. Clinical references available on request.

IRM Immune Response Modulator™

IRMPowerful, effective, easy to use spray. IRM is a concentration of PRP-3s Proline-rich Polypeptides that are responsible for the regulatory control and balancing of immune functions in our body. Nature’s only true immune modulator.

IRM regulates and reduces improper immune responses.

The only natural product that helps stop the destruction of body tissue while inhibiting the initiation of inappropriate inflammatory response and cascades associated with allergies, chemical sensitivities, Asthma and auto-immune responses.

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