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We're proud to be the only colostrum company to receive the kosher OU-D certification from Orthodox Union for Colostrum-LD®, our flagship product.

Bovine colostrum is Nature’s first food – rich in immune modulators and growth factors. These key nutrients are missing in our foods since the advent of over-pasteurization of dairy products. Our modern lifestyle, including what we eat, can cause damage to our gut, or gastrointestinal system. Colostrum-LD can make the difference in your overall health by healing gut damage that without colostrum allows toxic substances and pathogens to enter the bloodstream.

Colostrum helps you get the most from your nutrition, feel better and improve chronic health conditions. Colostrum and Vitamin C are two essential supplements you need in your daily nutrition to be in the best of health.

If you are looking to shape up, Colostrum-LD can help you kickstart your program. Colostrum helps curb your appetite and makes fasting much easier to do. Taking colostrum after a workout helps you build muscle, reduce inflammation and repair the damage from strenuous exercise.

If you have trouble cutting back on sugar, it may be due to a Candida infection causing you to crave it's favorite food – sugar. Colostrum helps eliminate Candida in your body and puts you back in control.

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