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    Our unique health supplements utilize high-quality ingredients to support better health and well-being, from improved digestive health to a more optimized immune system. Learning how these ingredients work provides peace of mind and fosters understanding as to the best use of our supplements. Learn more about our products, your health, and the research supporting our findings.

    • The Basics - Whether you are just beginning to use our products or could benefit from a refresher, reviewing the basics is the best place to start. This gives you a foundation to better understand your body and the role our products can play in supporting your overall health and immune resilience.
    • Product Quality - At Sovereign Laboratories, we pride ourselves on the quality of each product we sell through every step of the manufacturing process. All of our raw ingredients and formulations are tested and studied to ensure optimum health and safety. Learn more about the quality of our products with the articles below.
    • Microbiome - The human microbiome is a complex and vital part of life. It contributes to nearly every aspect of health and hinges on a delicate balance of bacteria. These articles provide an in-depth look at the microbiome and practical information for supporting and improving it.
    • Biofilm - Biofilms are complex communities of microbes that thrive in moist environments, both in the environment and within the body. Biofilms are known to play a role in certain health problems and infections, most notably yeast (Candida) infections.
    • Research - Research on colostrum and other ingredients found in our products is ongoing and evolving. Through clinical trials, meta-studies, and other research published on PubMed, we hope to share and learn even more about how our products can help you.
    • Colostrum By Population - Colostrum is packed with vitamins, minerals, and a wide range of bioactives that make it an essential supplement for everyone at every age. Read these articles to learn more about how bovine colostrum can support the health of your specific population.
    • Glutathione - Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that is composed primarily of the amino acids cysteine, glycine, and glutamine. While the human body naturally synthesizes glutathione, you may need to supplement it as you get older. Learn more about glutathione and its benefits in the articles below.

    Once you have gained the knowledge from these articles, consider trying our products and begin seeing the results for yourself.