Bovine Colostrum and Immune Modulation: Managing Viral Threats with PRPs

Bovine Colostrum and Immune Modulation: Managing Viral Threats with PRPs



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Living in today's world requires a strong immune system. In the third millennium, medicine is confronted by new and more virulent pathogens which have either adapted to resist our current drugs or no vaccine exists. Stress, poor nutrition, unhealthy behaviors, and increasing levels of pollution and toxins in the environment weaken the immune system, thereby making humans less effective to defend against them. When the immune system becomes unbalanced, infection and disease get the green light. On the other hand, a healthy, balanced immune system provides the best prophylaxis against illness. Bovine colostrum and the proline-rich polypeptides derived from it are essential to good health in today's world. PRPs are an alternative to conventional pharmaceutical drug-based medicine and provide hope in the face of conditions that are either untreatable or difficult to treat.

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