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    Regenacol™ Revitalizing Face Mask (Single)

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      Regenacol™ Revitalizing Face Mask (Single)



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      Regenacol™ Revitalizing Face Mask (Single)

      Regenacol™ Colostrum-LD® Concentrated Revitalizing Face Mask (Single)

      A concentrated facial sheet mask containing Colostrum-LD® to encourage the skin's natural recovery. Skin is visibly smoother, hydrated, more radiant and has a healthy glow.

      The AGE Defiance™ Anti-wrinkle Mask combines a rich blend of Co-enzyme Q-10, Beta glucan, Gold Kiwi Extract and Oligo Fucoidan Fucoskin™ with Colostrum-LD for a rejuvenating mask and facial massage, a perfect way to unwind and relax.

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