Viralox® Health Spray

Viralox® Health Spray

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Viralox® oral spray is a powerful concentration of Lactopeptide, a proprietary combination of proline-pich polypeptides and lactoferrin peptides.

Viralox is great for children in daycare or school where germs are everywhere. Daily use in pediatric patients helps reduce infections by up to 74% and antibiotic use by up to 84%.

Viralox Health Spray helps:

  • Block viruses from binding to healthy cells, thereby preventing infection and reducing viral replication.
  • Increase Natural Killer (NK) cell activity which removes infected and abnormal cells.
  • Regulate cytokine production to suppress an overactive immune system or stimulate an underactive immune system
  • Increase T-cell production
  • Produce immunity to viruses and activate memory cells to shorten response time, if a future viral attack occurs
  • Assist the immune system to adapt to viral mutations

Viralox is made from the highest quality colostrum, so its proline-rich polypeptides are of the highest quality. It is produced year-round from cows in the Southwest United States, and the colostrum is processed at the only processing plant specifically designed and built to process colostrum. Viralox is supplied as a liquid spray for oral use. Viralox is convenient to use and safe for all ages. Additionally, Viralox is easy and fun for children to use with no pills or bad tasting liquid to swallow. Since it is a nutritional supplement, no prescription is required.

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