Viralox® Health Spray

Viralox® Health Spray



Product Description


Viralox® Health Spray

Viralox® oral spray is a powerful concentration of Lactopeptide™, a proprietary combination of proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) and lactoferrin peptides extracted from bovine colostrum. 

What Is Viralox® PRP Colostrum Spray?

Viralox® is an oral health spray available exclusively from Sovereign Laboratories, a company launched by Douglas Wyatt, the world's top authority on bovine colostrum. Viralox® is available in 5.0 fl. oz. (150 ml) and 2.5 fl. oz. (75 ml) varieties; the 2.5 oz size is TSA-compliant, so you’ll never need to be without Viralox® protection.

Bovine colostrum is produced by female cows and expressed shortly after giving birth to their young. It is a milky fluid that contains vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and other powerful bioactives that help a newborn grow and develop. The immune components in colostrum provide immunity to the newborn and protect against disease-causing organisms.

The concentrated immune components (peptides) in Viralox®help encourage optimal immune function. Viralox® can be used by adults and children, and is especially helpful for those in close proximity to others -- the workplace, school, or daycare. 

Viralox® health spray helps:
  • Block viruses from binding to healthy cells
  • Increase natural killer (NK) cell activity
  • Regulate cytokine production
  • Increase T-cell production
  • Support the immune system
Viralox® is made from the highest-quality colostrum, so its PRPs are of the highest quality. The bovine colostrum used to manufacture Viralox® is processed at the only processing plant specifically designed and built to process colostrum. Viralox® is supplied as a liquid spray for oral use, and it is convenient to use and safe for all ages. Additionally, Viralox® is easy and fun for children to use with no pills or bad tasting liquid to swallow. Since Viralox® is a nutritional supplement, no prescription is required.

How Is Viralox® PRP Colostrum Spray Different from Colostrum-LD®?

Viralox® PRP spray is not considered a substitute for Colostrum-LD® powder or capsules. The colostrum spray is a companion product for use with Colostrum-LD®, and while it delivers the benefits of immune factors, it is missing all the abundant growth factors of  Colostrum-LD®.

Colostrum-LD® contains growth factors designed to help remediate leaky gut, a medical problem associated with allergies and autoimmune disorders. The PRPs in Viralox® function by stimulating a person’s underactive immune system, so that it can be more effective.  Ideally, Viralox® and Colostrum-LD® should be taken together for maximum immune support.

Does Viralox® PRP Spray have any Side Effects?

Viralox® has no known side effects, and it is a safe product intended for use by individuals young and old.  Before taking Viralox®, Colostrum-LD®, or other bovine colostrum supplements, it is important for an individual to consult with a doctor who is knowledgeable about bovine colostrum’s health benefits. 

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