The Kat James Show: Dr. Wiggy Saunders on “Resolution Boosters” transcribed and edited for reading from the January 2018 broadcast.

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Are you ready to be transformed. You're about to spend a life changing hour with a woman who's done more than just talk about dramatic self transformation, she achieved it, then literally wrote the book on it. Leaving countless success stories in her way. Will yours be next? To find out now and every week on the Kat James Show and now your host – Kat James.

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Hello everybody and welcome to the Kat James Show. I hope you're ready to be transformed because today I'm going to start a series of shows and I'm calling "Resolution Boosters." Whatever your resolution is, and I do hope after especially if you've been listening to this show, that you're making resolutions that are smarter and I bet you are. I bet you instead of reducing your calorie intake or trying to get down to a certain size by your reunion in June or just working out more or you know, not eating your junk, that you're going a little further. I always like to get people onto the biochemical approach that literally saved my life and reversed the brain issues related to my eating disorder. Reestablished my hormonal function.  I often talk about the hormone Leptin, for example. So what I want to talk about with these resolution boosters are things that can boost your success that we don't always think about, but that will literally have impact on any resolution health resolution that you make.

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And to help me do that, I have with me Dr. Weston "Wiggy" Saunders. He is often called Dr. Wiggy and I will delight in calling him that during this interview. He is a leading authority on integrative medicine. His practice, Robin Hood Integrative Health is one of the fastest growing integrative medicine clinics in the country. They've got eight providers. He's a graduate from Wake Forest School of Medicine and a member of the prestigious National Honor Medical Society. He had his own morning segments on the local NBC morning news has been featured on The Doctors TV show, a strong social media following also recognized nationally as an expert on thyroid conditions, hormone imbalances, and complex medical conditions. He has helped thousands of patients to regain their health and vitality by fixing the underlying cause of the problem and is sought out from patients all over the country. Welcome to the show Dr. Wiggy.

Dr. Wiggy: 02:41
Thank you so much. And thank you for that introduction. I'm not sure if I can live up to my own bio.

Kat James: 02:46
Oh, I have a feeling you've gone even beyond that. So you are an entrepreneur and you obviously have your medical degree. What made you go in the integrated direction, before we get into these different things that maybe people aren't thinking about who haven't really gone in that direction? Tell me about that journey.

Dr. Wiggy: 03:06
That has been a journey and that was actually something that I really felt called to – integrative medicine because even early on during medical school when we're kind of being taught – this disease – name it and blaming game. I always felt like there was a better way to do it. And I always felt like there was a way to really address these underlying problems and by fixing those problems, that's where people really restore their health. And so that's where I really felt called to do it and so I started reading about it through medical school and through residency. And then the more I learned about the more I really felt like that was what I'm supposed to do and now that I'm practicing it, it's just so cool to see the success stories and how much you really can turn around someone's alive if you fix those problems.

Kat James: 03:49
Absolutely, have you had any personal experiences where you might have been faced with the conventional choice and the integrated or even what some might call the alternative choice with dealing with yourself personally or your family?

Dr. Wiggy: 04:04
I think that is a common reason why a lot of people and a lot of doctors start getting into the integrative and alternative medicine side is if they do struggle with specific issues themselves. And yeah, I've had some things that I've kind of worked through for the years. My biggest thing that I've had  issues with really has been fatigue and you wouldn't really think that if you kind of just saw me or, or talk to me, but fatigue is something that I've really had had some issues with through college and even through med school and residency. And so it was something that there was something going on. And so I've had to do some searching myself and do some testing and some treatment to figure out some of these things going on. And fortunately for me, I have been able to pull out of that fatigue because. But I think sometimes having that, that personal experience, you can relate to people better plus I think you have a better idea of what are some of the things that could be causing something like fatigue.

Kat James: 05:01
Absolutely. You have a lot of stories that we want to cover during this interview because there are so many of these types of success stories, that we can only hope that more and more doctors go in this direction and are able to experience the joy of really helping people and with all of the knowledge coming out regarding how important, just our basic immunity is, do you find that this touches on it and focusing on that, again. It's the beginning of the year and people are making these resolutions. If they would focus on that and not on the end goal, looking or being a certain size or but I got to say that my listeners are very health oriented. They want to feel good, but do you think that that's a missing piece in a lot of consideration when people are trying to turn their health around?

Dr. Wiggy: 05:59
Sure. I definitely think that the immune system is so important for overall health. I'm not sure how important it is to focus just on one part of the body versus the other. I think the big missing pieces when you try and do kind of that fragmented medicine and that's really what traditional medicine is kind of turned into where you kind of just looking at one part of the body or another. Where I really feel people get a response from is really when we look at the holistic approach. So we're looking at all these different things. Yes, immune system is super important and I think that that is one of the areas that maybe somewhat neglected from doctors and also from patients, but you have to be looking at the endocrine system, the detoxification system, the nervous system. All these things are so important because the truth is they're all connected. If one of the things is off, then other things could be off.

Kat James: 06:47
Sure, I do think though that, when I say immune system, I mean almost a microbiome. The Gut, the gut health, what we're born with. If we were breastfed, which will definitely affect the endocrine system as you know. And, our rate of healing and all sorts of things. And so there are some unusual things that you use in your practice and some stories. I know that you're a big fan of colostrum as well, and a love for you to touch on what different types of issues doing that step, which I would call a booster for any health goal. I would love to know if you agree with me on that.

Dr. Wiggy: 07:32
Yes. So the immune system is a critical gear when it comes to restoring someone's health and until you fix that gear, I think that's when people will have a lot of issues in life that does kind of go back to the immune system but also to the gut because that's where about 70 percent of the immune system is hosted. So we can get the gut working better, get the immune system working better then yes. A lot of times people tend to really start feeling better in a lot of these other systems tend to start working better as well. So some of the things that we really focus on in our practice, again, when we're looking at the immune system and dysfunction of the immune system, there are really two main categories. I've stated the main categories that we're getting a lot more into, and this is really more of a complicated disease process, but we're dealing with a lot of chronic infections. Chronic infections, those are things like chronic Epstein, Barr virus, chronic lyme disease, chronic Mycoplasma, all these things can cause serious, serious issues and really people can be really debilitated from that. We're really looking at chronic infections, not even necessarily so much as a problem with the bugs per se. It's really more about a problem with the host – so that's one category. And then the other category really is kind of the autoimmune side. So when the immune system is confused and you're actually getting a attack of the body's own tissues. That's where we can also use some immune modulating...get the immune system back in balance. Then again, the autoimmune side tends to improve.

Kat James: 09:07
Now when we come back, I just want to pick up right where we left off, but I also want to talk about today's kind of labyrinth of all of the things that a human being goes through that can take away from this basic thing we're supposed to be born with. This basic ability to heal and fight back and resist and all of the things from the vaccine schedule, to the antibiotics people get early on and other things that you see, that if it's not looked at that it's just a huge gap and how you've been filling that gap, bringing people back to that original potential. And of course the success stories that have come up. Everybody stick around and we'll be right back.

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Welcome back to the Kat James Show. We're here with Dr. Westin "Wiggy" Saunders and he is a leading authority on integrative medicine. He is going to share some inspiring stories of healing with us today. This is the first of my series on "Resolution Boosters." It's going to be a succession, a month of shows, dealing with things that people can add to whatever their regimen is to boost their success and maybe even have a huge impact on whether or not they are able to keep their resolutions. Speaking of that, Dr. Wiggy, I wondered if you could talk about some of the things that people may not realize are standing in the way of their healing potential that you've seen and also how what you do and colostrum has helped, especially if you can just outline in different individual case studies.

Dr. Wiggy: 11:05
Sure. We can break that down a little bit into different pieces here. So a lot of people that, again, they've been to so many different places. I've been to so many different doctors in so many different specialists and, and they've also tried to kind of figure these things out on their own and it's really hard to try and do that again by yourself. It's really hard to try and do that in my opinion, through the traditional medical route because I think you do tend to miss some of these bigger issues that I think really do get overlooked.  That's what distinguishes Integrative Medicine from more the traditional side is that we do change the perspective. We don't want to say, OK, what, what disease do you have? What are the underlying causes? So some of these underlying causes that I really do believe are at the root for so many different disease processes and really so many so much impairment and just help how people feel that we really have to go after those things.

Dr. Wiggy: 11:58
So we've touched on them a little bit. You know, certain things like chronic infections. I do believe that those are, are grossly under diagnosed or undiagnosed with so many things that are missed. With that, I believe that toxicity in our world is getting so much worse. You know, where you're getting exposed to toxins from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed and everything in between. There's so many things that we're exposed to in that I really do believe that we developed a bit of a toxic load, so when we have so many different toxins being floated in and out of body, that again, that affects so many different things. And then there are a lot of things that kind of domino from some of those major issues. Other things like, you know, thyroid imbalances.

Dr. Wiggy: 12:39
I think there is a difference between being normal and being optimal. And that's where I think that again, you can look at things differently and by optimizing endocrine dysfunction, people tend to feel so much better. So the thyroid and the adrenal fatigue, that's a huge thing. We see so many people with adrenal issues, hormone imbalances, so there's a ton of things and that's really where I think people need someone to kind of help them out and kind of be their quarterback because he trying to figure this out on your own and trying to again, just do it through medications and through just labeling diseases. It's really hard to do.

Kat James: 13:18
Yeah. So you mentioned thyroid. I think what you were getting at is if someone's, you know, other doctors said their thyroid was normal based on their labs. It's not the end of the story. Is that about right?

Dr. Wiggy: 13:31
Oh, absolutely. And again, I don't know how many times I've heard that story where they said they've had their thyroid checked and it was normal. And then we do more comprehensive thyroid testing, like a free t4 free t3, reverse t3 thyroid antibodies. And we evaluate or identify so many different areas of dysfunction. And again, you really can see such a huge difference with just fixing that I think that that's one thing that's really missed by a lot of people.

Kat James: 13:59
Yeah. You mentioned the host, you mentioned all these modern assaults and new people coming into life, their first days of life, the way that people are born into this world. I've had conversations with Doug Wyatt on the show about this and how critical it is that they are born with their mother's colostrum as a nutrient so often doesn't happen or something happens early in life or even later in life that disrupts that natural immunity that people get from that. And we know that the microbiome is super important, but I do agree with you that sometimes people forget the host in their focus on the bugs. In the case of a Hasimoto's or an autoimmune issue, and I dealt with Hashimoto's, lots of autoimmune issues, we know that is so connected with the host health. How do you make up for the fact that maybe someone didn't get breastfed or someone was blasted with antibiotics prophylactically when they entered the world.

Dr. Wiggy: 15:09
Right. Well, that just means I have a lot more work to do. Basically, if things have not been taken care of from the time they were born and they are not taking care of their body and plus we're having, yes, all these different assaults on the body as we get older. It does make my job harder. I'll go back to your point about how important it is for us to be starting off, with health from day one and how important it is for those of us who are parents. How important it is for us to think about our kids health and as they grow older and if you don't, it really predisposes them to having problems down the road. I'll just give you an example. My two boys - a 5 year old and a two year old, and we have made a big effort to make sure they got breast milk as long as my wife was willing to do that. There's more and more research coming out about the first couple of months and really in utero as well. That environment can make such a huge difference 10, 20, 30, 40 years down the road. So the best way to keep people from getting sick is prevention. That prevention starts a lot earlier then 20 and 30 or 50 when we're talking about doing a colonoscopy, you know, it starts, it starts in utero and when our kids are little. And we really have to focus on that.

Kat James: 16:35
And even a mother's advocacy, when she's giving birth and advocacy in her birth plan and the first days of life, of course her nutrition leading up to it, you know, getting enough DHA and all of that. So what if someone did not get breastfed, I know you use colostrum in your practice, I would love for you to explain to people what you do and I realized that it was not even available, honestly, something that had to do clinical research until Doug Wyatt's company, Sovereign Laboratories did the research and, and developed the Liposomal delivery system at this incredible substance was not even really able to be supplemented. And you use that. I think in cases like these, can you explain to people what that is and what it does that's irreplaceable?

Dr. Wiggy: 17:24
Yeah, I think that's a good thing for us to talk about because like I was saying earlier about the breast milk and how important that is for a baby's growth and development that if they don't get that then they're really missing out on so many important nutrients and growth factors and that's where colostrum can play such a huge role. Yes, it's so good to get it as kids or as babies but as adults there are a lot of really, really fascinating health benefits that we can still benefit from. And then we can get that from the cow colostrum. You know, there are the things like the nutritional factors, there are the immune factors, there are the proline-rich peptides, there's so many cool things that are in colostrum that you really can't get anywhere else besides a mom's colostrum. And so we actually have such a cool source of powerful nutrition that you're right, wasn't really available that long ago. And especially in a form that you can get and get to the cells.

Kat James: 18:33
Yeah, the liposomal delivery. Right. Exactly. And so let's say you have an autoimmune [condition], I'd love for you to talk about some of your case studies where this has played an irreplaceable role.

Dr. Wiggy: 18:43
OK. So, you know, I use colostrum pretty widely and pretty broadly, but I do use it whenever I'm dealing with any sort of, again, immune system dysfunction or any sort of chronic infections. So one of the categories really is that autoimmune category...those people with Hashimoto's or rheumatoid arthritis or MS. And that's where the immune system is confused. So one of the pieces of our protocol, again, not the only piece but one of the pieces of our protocol is the colostrum. We use colostrum pretty early on in the treatment process. We do continue this throughout our treatment and what we do tend to see is that one of the benefits of the colostrum really is the immune modulating piece because the autoimmune disease really is just a confused immune system.

Dr. Wiggy: 19:41
The TH1 and the TH2 cells really are out of balance. And what we have to do is try and get those immune cells back in balance. And by doing so, a lot of times the autoimmune disease tends to calm down and we do tend to see some really cool improvements, not only in symptoms, but we also tend to see some improvements with the actual antibody levels. So like one case that I can think of, and this is actually a ton of cases that all can be summarized in a similar pattern, but we had a patient, she was 30 something, 35 I think, and she had Hashimoto's for most of her adult life. She always had high Hashimoto's antibodies. So you probably can relate to this, where there's the high TPO antibodies, high thyroglobulin antibodies.

Dr. Wiggy: 20:26
Again, just knowing that there is an autoimmune attack on the thyroid. So what we did, of course, we had to get rid of the food sensitivities, get rid of yeast, try and detoxify those types of things. But we also added in some selenium and low dose naltrexone as well as the colostrum. Again, offer those immune modulating effects. And with time it's really quick. It's really cool. Once people started doing a program, you can kind of see them, you can see their antibodies kind of step down. You know, with time, every time we check them, their levels come down and plus they're feeling better. And what's really neat about that, this particular patient, we actually able to reverse her Hashimoto's so she no longer had thyroid antibodies. They actually went back to normal yet we're able to do this on a regular basis. Of course, not everybody, but a lot of people, they are able to at least lower the levels like that, but some people will actually reverse the levels.

Kat James: 21:20
Yeah, that's amazing. And again, you're using was actually through Doug Wyatt that I found out about your work and I will arrange for everyone listening to, to get some of this colostrum which is again the only one that's clinically proven because of its liposomal delivery to actually do all of the things that we hear that colostrum can do and it's called Colostrum-LD as in liposomal delivery. And to get the free sample that I've arranged for is to go to and get a free 10 day supply. It's a small little pouch of the stuff depending on how often you take it, but it is amazing stuff and I highly recommend that people look into this especially if they have inexplicable or a lingering things and like you said, the repeat infections are a giveaway and that's going to happen after antibiotic over use, which I'm sure you get frustrated with incredibly. But when we come back, I'd love for you to tell me some of these things that people can do right now with their resolutions in addition to boosting it with the colostrum products, that they can also make resolutions not to do in order to avoid some of these problems. Then we'll of course have more success stories. Stick around. We'll be right back. 

Kat James: 23:15
Welcome back to the Kat James Show. We're talking about resolution boosters. We also have for those listening, it's just a really nice free product. That is something that my guest Dr. Wiggy Saunders is using a regularly with a lot of success. Of course, he has some pretty amazing protocols. We're just beginning to hear some success stories and turn around of things that really a boost in order for people to get past them. Now, if you're not particularly ill and you're setting your own New Year's resolutions, and I know you're making smart ones. If you've been listening to my show for awhile, there still might be this missing factor that could give your resolution a boost and we're talking about many things, but the one that we're offering you for free today is the only colostrum with clinical studies behind it, showing it to do all of the things that you've heard colostrum can do.

Kat James: 24:16
So because of the technology in this Colostrum-LD as in liposomal delivery product by Sovereign Labs because of the technology that this company and Doug Wyatt helped to develop and bring to market it is now possible to get a second chance if you came into this world without the benefit of your mother's colostrum. That's a very big thing to consider whether you are just trying to see the scale go down in the beginning of 2018 a or whether you're dealing with something much more serious because as we know, the scale is responding to all sorts of things that it goes far beyond and usually the calorie intake itself is not the big factor. It can be how your thyroid is functioning, how your adrenal glands are functioning, how you're healing a and how you're utilizing your food. Many other things...Dr. Wiggy, I would love for you to bring on another example, maybe an example of someone who has a story that was frustrating and chronic and other applications for this resolution booster, the colostrum that you've been using.

Dr. Wiggy: 25:40
One case in particular because there's so many great success stories we've seen with colostrum. But one that does come to mind, and this was just because it's so visual, is a patient that really had a lot of different autoimmune conditions. You know, he also had Hashimoto's, but as well as a rheumatoid arthritis. But the one thing that was really obvious for him is that he had a pretty bad case of Vitiligo was the autoimmune disease that basically causes destruction of the melanin of the skin. So he have this de-pigmentation [with] darker patches and patches of white skin. It was pretty obvious for him plus, and all the other problems that come along with all these autoimmune diseases like fatigue and headache and stomach problems. So we, again, we had some more to do with him. And of course going through the treatment protocol, one of those things that we added into his mix as well was the Colostrum-LD. What was cool with him is that we did see again, it took some time, but he also really seemed to respond really well to this.

Dr. Wiggy: 26:48
So what we first noticed was, I said, his digestion improved. That was kind of the first thing that he stopped having as much of reflux, his bowels regulated tending to be definitely more towards the loose stools and diarrhea. That was the first thing to improve. Then he really noticed more energy that he noticed with our treatment protocol and something else that was really interesting with him is that he slept well as long he was taking colostrum, his sleep improved, which I can't necessarily explain that mechanism besides decreasing just inflammation and just getting the immune system calmed down, but that can help down-regulate the brain activity, but he slept really well with the colostrum.

Kat James: 27:33
Would it affect the aches and pains as well? Maybe

Dr. Wiggy: 27:37
It does, yeah. So it definitely can. Can help with pain, especially again if there's a lot of inflammation going on. But again, what stands out with me with him was what the vision will change that we actually saw with the Vitiligo. We actually started the re-pigmentation of his skin, which is crazy because in med school, they basically tell you that Vitiligo is incurable.

Dr. Wiggy: 28:03
You can never have any sort of re-pigmentation of the skin ever and it's just going to get worse and those patches are going to expand. Basically for him his patches actually started to shrink and of course he was amazed. I was also somewhat amazed because I didn't even know if that was possible, but we thought we saw it with our own eyes. And when you see that you're like, wow, that's really pretty cool and that really points to the power of the colostrum. Again, of course it's not the only thing that we use, but it, I think a big part of getting things regulated again, get his immune system calm down and all these other symptoms, like I said, without improving and with a skin improving. Again, that was pretty cool case.

Kat James: 28:43
Very, very cool in fact I was going to ask about skin issues because it's something that I haven't talked about that much as far as colostrum goes and there are even topical applications for it. And so if you want to talk more about the skin issue or what you think are some of the more, other unusual case studies, we can continue until the end of the hour.

Dr. Wiggy: 29:16
Sure. Colostrum is excellent for the skin and it's used for, for multiple purposes for the skin and one of the things that I tend to recommend for a lot of my patients that are complaining about  sagging skin and wrinkles and just aging skin is actually really, really good just for improving kind of the external appearance because it has a lot of these growth factors in it. Because it has the growth factors in it, the IGF-1, the EGF and growth factors in it and you really can't get growth factors getting anywhere else. And that's what colostrum is for. Babies need the colostrum to grow. So if we take it as adults, we do tend to get some, some different benefits. We don't grow, we don't get a head taller, but it does help with skin elasticity.

Dr. Wiggy: 30:01
It helps with skin appearance, it helps with the tone of the skin. So a lot of times people that are looking for that kind of benefit, that's great. And then it is good if there is a skin [issue] that needs to be to be healed or if there's something going on with the skin. So one example of this was actually just yesterday, and I don't have this, the results back from her yet, but she, this was  a younger girl and she had this weird kind of a real red itchy, inflamed rash on her legs and it looks like a mix of some sort of Eczema or psoriasis. But what I do in those scenarios and this is what I recommended for her, is I took a paste basically of coconut oil and I added the colostrum into that and I have them mix it up. And then I just have them apply that twice a day. And a lot of times the rash will start to get better. By the next day or within a week there's so much benefit of the colostrum and also benefit from the coconut oil and the moisturizer. That tends to work really well for lots of different ailments. 

Kat James: 31:12
Fantastic. So, going back to what my listeners can get for free if they go to is a supply of colostrum powder or they might even be able to choose the spray, I'm not sure about that. But definitely you can look for that free offer again at So, you're saying they could even mix that powder with the coconut oil and do your technique that way?

Dr. Wiggy: 31:43
A very, very easy way, especially if you're dealing with any sort of skin issue. You just start taking and start looking younger that that would be good too.

Kat James: 31:50
Yeah. Now you use PRP sprays. I would love for you to talk a little about that. Speaking of growth factors, can you talk about that?

Dr. Wiggy: 31:59
So PRP spray that is a, I'll say, complimentary product to the Sovereign colostrum because it's actually isolates one of those specific nutrients in the classroom called, called the proline-rich polypeptides, PRP for short. Those are probably the best thing that we use for the immune modulating side. But I was talking about actually balancing the immune system. A really cool case that we've seen with a proline-rich polypeptides is that we actually use PRPs with the colostrum a lot in kids. One of the more, beneficial things that we see with kids is this immune modulation. And we've had multiple cases with kids with what's called Eosinophilic esophogitis. And we've had some really cool responses with that.

Kat James: 32:50
Maybe you can tell us a story about that when we come back. Really interesting stuff. We are talking about a resolution booster, whether you want to look better. Clearly colostrum can make this happen internally, externally and with the growth factors in it, which cannot really be found, as you said anywhere else. And we would love to gift you all with that free sample again at and we'll be right back.

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Kat James: 34:03
Welcome back to the Kat James Show. Interesting stuff. We're learning about one of this series of shows resolution boosters. This time we're focusing on how colostrum, in addition to what it's best known for, a difference immune and guts and other applications. Now we're hearing about things that might come to mind as far as the thyroid, which would affect your weight, which would affect your New Year's resolutions. Perhaps certainly thyroid problems are widespread, but so are other problems that might be related to your weight goals or your health goals or your skin goals. And we are with Dr. Wiggy Saunders and he is again a leading authority in integrative medicine. He is a graduate of the Wake Forest School of medicine and a member of the prestigious national honor medical society, Alpha Omega Alpha and he has been on The Doctors. He's had his own show, on the local NBC morning news, his own segment. Dr. Wiggy, I would love for you to continue in our last segment with whichever stories you think are perhaps the most surprising, but also, relating to issues that have a, that can be uniquely helped with the colostrum, which again, we're giving away to folks and I'll give that author offer again at the end the segment. Go ahead.

Dr. Wiggy: 35:39
Sure. So yeah, let's keep going on the kid example with the Eosinophilic esophagitis. I love it when we're able to help kids. I just got to really set them up for a lot healthier [life] if we can fix them younger. So this was actually a case from our pediatrician that we have now in the office, Dr Bose Rafaella, and he's actually the one that came across with colostrum because he's the one that has been a dealing with kids for so long. And one of the more common things that he sees frequently in the office is this disease process called Eosinophilic esophogitis where it's basically an autoimmune disease where you have inflammation and irritation of the esophagus from the immune system. And so they have a lot of trouble swallowing and they have trouble eating.

Dr. Wiggy: 36:35
They tend to not do well. And so again, with, if they're not eating well, they're not assimilating their nutrients. Again, they have so many other health problems resulting from that. But we do look at it from a core standpoint. At its core, it's going to be, Eosinophilic esophogitis is really an autoimmune process where the immune system is confused. So that's where I was saying where we use a lot of Colostrum-LD in those cases as well as things like, again, low dose naltrexone. And of course you're not getting off of food sensitivities and those types of things but we also a fold in on top of that. A lot of times they use it, the one-two punch of the Colostrum-LD with the PRP Spray -  proline-rich peptide spray.

Speaker 4: 37:15
So that's again, that's the concentrated proline-rich polypeptides that have such powerful effect on the immune system. So getting that local application, you know, that the spray and then they swallow, it tends to coat the mouth the esophagus as it goes down. And then you're doing that with the Colostrum-LD which really works on healing the gut. And by doing that with this immune system optimization and immune system balancing that we're doing with all these other things, these kids do great. I mean they really do. And I've had multiple cases where they had really bad, really inflamed, couldn't eat. With the scope, they could see again how bad the esophagus looked. Then they go through this protocol in six months, a year later they go back in, they scope again gets back to normal and they really have no signs of disease at the time. And, they're eating well. It's just so cool. Yeah, it's really cool to be able to see those kids just turn around and really perk up.

Kat James: 38:20
I'm sure. Sorry to interject it. It's probably frustrating for you to, you know, to see adults that if they would've only been so lucky as to have these therapies as children's probably could have saved decades of needless problems. Before we go further, I would love for you to share your information because I think a lot of people will be interested in your protocols and the way that you use these Sovereign Labs products, but also these special techniques that you have. Could you let people know how to reach your practice?

Dr. Wiggy: 38:57
Sure. Our practice is located in Winston Salem, North Carolina, and we do have people coming from pretty much all over the country to come to see us and want to reach us. You can go to our website is just It's not because of Robin Hood, like we steal from rich and give to the poor. It's just our street address.

Dr. Wiggy: 39:26
Our phone number is 336.768.3335.   And, I said yes, if you're, if you're in the area or if you just want someone to take a closer look at your root causes, can, we'd be happy to take a look at them for you.

Kat James: 39:37
Terrific. I would leave it to you in our remaining few minutes, to outline any other information you care to give us another success story.

Dr. Wiggy: 39:51
Yes, I've got one more for you. So I'm glad we have a couple more minutes. And this is more of a personal story than anything else. And this has been a big challenge actually for me over the last three months. So three months ago, I was playing soccer in the alumni game over at Wake Forest, so I played soccer for Wake Forest and I'm trying to keep up with it with the young kids and probably not a good idea as I'm getting older here. And unfortunately I ruptured my Achilles tendon when I was playing and it didn't feel very good and I would not recommend it. But it happened, so I went through the whole surgery, cast and crutches and all those and all those things in it.

Dr. Wiggy: 40:34
It's been miserable for me, but one of the first things that I went to go get because I've worked really wanted to improve in any sort of healing issue or any sort of injury, I went and got the Colostrum-LD. That's the first thing that I grabbed. So I started taking that. I use that. I was using that twice a day and I'm still using it twice a day because I'm still in, in the healing process. But I think that I've actually been able to recover a lot faster and I have been able to get back on my feet, start working out again. And so I'm now back in regular shoes. I'm walking around and I'm working out and it's only been three months ago since I had a complete rupture of the Achilles. So I think that that's really kind of speed up the healing process. So if I have anyone else that comes into the office and they're, they're complaining about some sort of injury or they, they tore something or they broke something, you know, what I'm recommending for them to do, as I say, go try the colostrum because again, because of these growth factors in there, you're not gonna find this anywhere else. They'll start taking that twice a day. And I think that a lot of times it does speed up their healing time and the recovery process

Kat James: 41:34
interesting. And you know, some people may be able to find you and get to your practice in North Carolina, in Winston Salem and others who don't, I think you've just given them a big clue, especially there are those, like I said, who make the usual resolutions, but I think a lot of people don't even dare to make resolutions to get their joints and the old injuries and things that they just think they're going to sort of carry the scars of for the rest of their life. And even just forget that they themselves in their life could affect that issue. Certainly, I know you and I, I'm sure we both agree that the dietary change can make huge changes in the rate of healing, but now you're recommending that if someone, even someone who had an injury from 10 years ago or college football practice or, or something from a long time ago, it sounds like with this very unusual aspect of the growth factors, that they would be able to boost a, this resolution to feel better in a way that maybe they didn't dare hope, hope to feel better if they didn't really go and maybe they would think, oh, I got to face the surgery if I want to do that or do something that I don't want to do, take steroids or something like that.

Kat James: 43:02
And I think that you probably would say, no, that's the last resort. You don't want to do that...maybe not even ever. And then there are those who feel that, you know, antibiotics. So I've been on so many antibiotics and then they have those chronic infections and they just accept these things. And not even in the realm of New Year's resolutions. So maybe what we've done here is inspire people to feel that they have more power to fix more things than they realize and that they don't have to just live in quiet misery on certain aspects. And so, for your work, I thank you for inspiring us with these stories. And again, one more time with your website and then I'll reiterate the free colostrum offer.

Dr. Wiggy: 43:52
Yes. Thank you. So the website is Just as it's spelled. And the phone number is 336.768.3335.

Kat James: 44:02
Terrific. And again, for your free sample of the Colostrum-LD®, you're going to go to Thank you again, Dr. Wiggy and everyone, join us next week for another transforming show. Thank you so much for having me. It was a pleasure.

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