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    Sovereign Laboratories is seeking affiliates to partner with us and earn commissions from referrals resulting in retail sales placed on this website.

    Sovereign Laboratories has partnered with leading affiliate management company Share A Sale. Join the Share A Sale team at no cost to you and begin earning commissions on sales referrals to, plus enjoy the following benefits:

    • Monthly commission checks are sent to you from Share A Sale once you have accrued the $50 minimum (commissions carry over from month to month). There is also a Direct Deposit option for those who want to be paid faster. No relying on merchant bookkeeping. Share A Sale tracks all affiliate leads, sales and commissions.
    • Join the Share A Sale affiliate network for free. Prospective affiliates need only have a valid web site address and a valid email address in order to participate.
    • Access your Share A Sale account for earnings reports at any time, 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, using the username and password that you select when signing up for your Share A Sale account.
    • The Share A Sale network has over 3,000 participating merchants at the time of this writing and as a Share A Sale affiliate you will be eligible to earn commissions from those merchants as well.
    • Click here to learn more about the Share A Sale affiliate program.

    Sovereign Laboratories Affiliate Welcome Pack

    Sovereign Laboratories has also partnered with an additional affiliate program named, Link Connector. Link Connector is also free to join and easy-to-use. 

    • Click here to learn more about the Link Connector affiliate program.

    Why become a Sovereign Laboratories affiliate?

    In addition to earning commissions on sale referrals:

    • Sovereign Laboratories is a leading manufacturer of bovine colostrum for human consumption. Colostrum is the most important and most studied nutritional supplement in the world and has virtually unlimited upside.
    • Sovereign Laboratories colostrum is manufactured in the most technologically-advanced colostrum production facility in the world, the only plant of its kind dedicated solely to the manufacture of colostrum.
    • Colostrum-LD®, sold exclusively by Sovereign Laboratories, is scientifically demonstrated as the most bioavailable colostrum product and contains more bioactive components than any other brand. Simply stated it is the best, most effective colostrum in the world.
    • While colostrum is a naturally occurring substance and has been in used for centuries, only now is it being rediscovered, largely through the efforts of Sovereign Laboratories. Get in on the ground floor of an industry with a huge upside!

    Commission Rates

    Earn up to 15% commission* on all retail sales. The average sale on this site exceeds $100.

    How To Become An Affiliate

    • To become a affiliate you'll need to join the Share A Sale affiliate network. When you apply to become a Share A Sale affiliate you will automatically be applying to become a affiliate as well.
    • Applying to become a Share A Sale affiliate takes a matter of minutes, with final approval often coming within 24 business hours.
    • Click the button below to get started!
    Click here to join the Sovereign Laboratories Affiliate Program!
    *Please Note: Commission rates are adjusted on a seasonal basis. Please check commission rate when joining to the program to see the current commission rate.


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