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    Pioneering the Use of LD Liposomal Delivery for Nutritional Supplements

    When buying a supplement, however, most people don’t consider how it will be absorbed in the body or if it is just digested. Dietary supplements are sold as tablets, powders, gummies, and other forms. How they are taken or used, either on their own or in conjunction with other health products, can affect absorption.

    The overall effectiveness of a dietary supplement is not guaranteed, and some supplements are more effective than others. Meanwhile, how a person responds to a dietary supplement varies, and an individual should always consult with a doctor before using dietary supplements to ensure that they can be safely integrated into his or her diet.

    At Sovereign Laboratories, we provide an online supplement store that features a variety of industry-leading products, including Colostrum-LD®, Vital C-LD® and Curcumin-LD®. Our store makes it easy to find superior dietary supplements online, as well as the opportunity to discover the benefits of liposomal delivery (LD) for nutritional supplements.

    The LD system is unique to our dietary supplements, and it helps our customers enjoy the full benefits of our products. LD helps the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and other components in our dietary supplements improve their chances for optimal delivery. In doing so, LD helps maximize the effectiveness of our dietary supplements.

    Our dietary supplements are designed with seasoned industry expertise. Our team places a heavy focus on superior Colostrum liposomal delivery. We take pride in providing quality dietary supplements, and offer Curcumin-LD® and Vital C-LD® that contain a rich combination of powerful ingredients.

    Colostrum-LD® allows individuals to integrate bovine colostrum components like immunoglobulins, growth factors, and lactoferrin into their diets.

    Comparatively, Vital C-LD® provides an excellent source of superior Vitamin C when taken on a daily basis.

    For those who are considering adding dietary supplements to their day-to-day health regimen, Colostrum-LD®, Curcumin-LD®, and Vital C-LD® may be beneficial. To stay up to date with industry news and research please subscribe to our email list in the footer below.

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