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    About Us

    30+ Years of Immune Resilience

    Sovereign Laboratories is the worldwide leader in the bovine colostrum supplement industry. For more than 30 years, we've dedicated ourselves to developing natural products that provide the most efficacious solutions for resilience, vitality, aesthetics, and healthy aging. Company founder Douglas Wyatt is a leading authority on bovine colostrum and is credited with establishing the gold standard in processing raw bovine colostrum into a powdered nutritional supplement. Mr. Wyatt is also an early developer of liposomal delivery (LD) for enhanced bioavailability of colostrum and other nutritional supplements.

    Immune Health is our Flagship Product!

    Sovereign Laboratories' signature product Colostrum-LD® is the top-selling brand of bovine colostrum in the United States. Colostrum-LD® is considered the premier foundational supplement for optimal gut and a healthy immune system. Furthermore, it was designed with healthy aging support in mind, no matter where one is on the spectrum of life – from infants to centenarians.

    The Sovereign Laboratories Difference

    At Sovereign Laboratories, we’re passionate about immune health and physiological homeostasis as the two key components of overall health and well-being. In trying times, it’s more important than ever to support your healthy immune system. A strong, balanced immune system and gut microbiome will serve you well, and our products are laser-focused on immune and gut health.

    From Our Family to Yours

    Our awesome employees are equally passionate about colostrum's role in helping to optimize physical and mental health. In fact, many were Colostrum-LD® Advocates prior to joining our Team. You'll notice their enthusiasm, care and concern just by talking with one of them. Sharing health with our customers is our top priority. Many have chosen to share their success stories with us through their online reviews. We appreciate them for their loyalty to the Colostrum-LD® brand and for allowing us to play a significant role in their lives and that of their family members.

    Our Journey

    Company founder Douglas Wyatt rediscovered colostrum to help his ailing wife more than 30 years ago. Because colostrum was not commercially available at the time, Wyatt pioneered the manufacturing and processing with liposomal encapsulation with the intent to aid the colostrum's delicate bioactives during their transit through the digestive tract. This was the birth of Sovereign Laboratories' signature product Colostrum-LD®. Over the years, other immune-enhancing and gastrointestinal products followed and today, complements the product line.

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    "Douglas Wyatt is simply the most passionate person on the planet – and maybe the most knowledgeable – when it comes to every aspect of bovine colostrum."
    Mark Tager, M.D.

    Be well. Stay Safe. Remain Healthy.

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