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All US orders qualify for free ground shipping! Includes continental US plus Alaska, Hawaii and AA/AE/AP addresses. Most orders ship within 24 business hours. Your package should arrive in 4-5 business days.

Since we do not ship via UPS or FedEx please be sure to provide a deliverable shipping address. If the postal service does not deliver directly to your home use your PO box as the shipping address.

Tracking Your Order

When your order ships, you will receive a shipping notice with tracking information.

International Shipping


  • Under $200: $23.70
  • $200 - $399.99: $45.35
  • $400 +: $59.25
  • Orders ship via USPS Priority International Mail unless otherwise noted

International shipping (all except Canada)

  • $0 - $199.94: $32.55
  • $199.95 - $399.99: $65.55
  • $400 +: $85.95
  • Orders ship via USPS Priority International Mail unless otherwise noted

We ship all international packages by USPS (United States Postal Service) Priority International Mail. The USPS provides automatic email updates regarding the status of your shipment. In order to assure delivery of these updates please add as an allowed address to any spam filters you may be using on your home computer.

Tracking International Shipments
The tracking of international shipments can be inconsistent at times. When your package ships it will be scanned by the United States Postal Service and will be trackable with the tracking number we will provide until it leaves the USA. From the time your package leaves the USA until it is rescanned in your country the package will not be trackable. Once the package has been rescanned in the destination country it will once again be trackable. However, not all countries provide tracking information to the USPS which means it is possible updates will not be available once your package leaves the USA.

PLEASE NOTE: The laws in some countries prevent us from being able to ship to those countries. We are unable to ship to customers in Mexico, Germany, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and United Arab Emirates. Because we ship USPS, we can only ship to addresses that the United States Postal Service delivers to.


Possible tariffs and duties are not included in shipping costs. Depending on the laws of the country you are shipping to, you may be responsible for paying these fees when your shipment arrives. Please check the laws in your country regarding potential tariffs.

Sovereign Laboratories Refund Policy

We are happy to refund the purchase price of any un-opened product within thirty (30) days of the original purchase date. NO questions asked, although your feedback is certainly welcomed. No initial or return shipping fees will be refunded. Any opened product is non-returnable by federal law and non-refundable.

We will also replace any defective product and send out a replacement product if you return the defective product to us. No initial or return shipping fees will be refunded.

First-Time Users of Colostrum-LD®

If you are not satisfied with your FIRST purchase of Colostrum-LD® capsules or our 50 gram Intro/Travel Pak, we will refund the purchase price. All you need to do is return the empty bottle or bag. This applies to a first-time purchaser and applies only to ONE BOTTLE of capsules or ONE 50 gram Pak.

Please note: New or first-time users of colostrum may experience a detox event which can mimic flu-like symptoms (called Herxheimer reactions) and may cause temporary mild diarrhea or constipation. This is normal, and one out of five first-time users experience this. It is not a reason to stop taking colostrum. You should reduce your dosage to a minimum amount (one capsule per day, or ½ teaspoon) until the body adjusts, and then increase your dosage as desired to achieve optimal results.

Return Process

To initiate the refund process, please email us at and include “requesting a refund” in the subject line. We will email you the address of our Returns Department. You must enclose the purchase receipt with the product being returned.

One More Thing...

Colostrum-LD® is effective when it is part of an overall health program which includes (1) regular physical activity; (2) good nutrition and most importantly, avoiding the primary causes of Leaky Gut Syndrome (i.e., oral antibiotics, over-the-counter and prescription pain medications, and excessive alcohol consumption.) In other words, Colostrum-LD® won’t do much good if you abuse your body.