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    Pet Health

    Super Pet Nutrition, Colostrum-LD® Powder

    Liposomal Lipid-Coated Superfood
    100% Bovine Colostrum with High Potency 25% Immunoglobulins

    A Powerhouse for Your Best Friend's Holistic Health

    A healthy gastrointestinal (G.I.) tract is a key factor in maintaining our furry friends' overall health. Just like humans, bovine colostrum given as a daily food additive can benefit mammalian pets. Bovine colostrum provides natural immune bioactives and growth factors for optimal gastrointestional and healthy immune support. Colostrum is good for overall aging support health as well.

    Colostrum is the "pre-milk" that all newborn puppies, kittens, rabbits, hamsters, and other mammalian species receive from their mothers. It helps support their healthy immune systems and stimulates normal growth and development.

    Once weaned, pets no longer receive the benefits of their mother's colostrum or milk. By adding bovine colostrum to your pet's daily nutrition you may be supporting their existing health. Using bovine colostrum for your pet that utilizes liposomal delivery (LD) is even more effective and offers the most value for your money.

    Bovine (cow) colostrum is considered the "universal donor" colostrum for every mammal on the planet. With hundreds of immune bioactives, colostrum assists in promoting pets the healthy immune systems.

    Help your pet live a long and fulfilling life with more energy by adding SPN Colostrum-LD® in their daily diet.

    Bovine colostrum is considered a functional food. Because it has so many purported health benefits, it's a great addition to every pet's daily diet and especially important to aging pets. Most pets love the natural taste of colostrum. Just mix with some water or sprinkle it on their food. You can also brush their teeth with it.

    Suggested Use*:
    1 – 10 pounds .......................... ½ tsp. twice daily
    10 – 40 pounds ........................ 1 tsp. twice daily
    50 – 100 pounds ...................... 2 tsp. twice daily
    *or veterinarian's recommendation

    Pets enrich our lives by providing companionship, security, and by keeping us physically active. Our common goal is to take care of them the best we can so that they'll have long and fulfilling lives with us. That's why Sovereign Laboratories developed Colostrum-LD® for Pets – Superfood Nutrition for your furry friend.

    ✓ Supports a Healthy Digestive System
    ✓ Supports Joint Health
    ✓ Promotes a Soft & Silky Coat
    ✓ Supports Natural Energy & Stamina

    Super Pet Nutrition Colostrum-LD® is available in a 12 oz stand-up pouch and 50 gm Intropak.

    For more than 30 years, Sovereign Laboratories has been the trusted and recommended colostrum by healthcare professionals worldwide.

    Sovereign Laboratories supports Best Friends and other animal rescue organizations through donations and educational programs.

    If you have a success story about your pet and SPN Colostrum-LD®, we'd love to hear about it. Just send us an email at [email protected]

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