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    Restore, Renew, Reveal the Beauty Within, Regenacol™


    Regenacol's ancient roots and inspiring science brings us a facial rejuvenation system we've all been waiting for. When it comes to creating radiant, glowing skin, where better to start than Mother Nature? Regenacol's anti-aging benefits from life's first food and the wrinkle-relaxing abilities of bee venom come together in a powerful system to provide intensive moisturizing and cellular hydration leaving skin smooth and silky. Regenacol made to look your best at any age.

    Regenacol™ Icon Trio: Powered by Nature, Nourish & Rehydrate, Inspired by Science

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    A lightweight serum developed with plant-derived bioactives and Colostrum-LD® growth factors that leave the skin visibly firmer, smoother, more even-toned and younger-looking for an overall radiant appearance.

    Telomere Age Defiance Serum with Colostrum-LD®

    Bee Venom Intensive Anti-aging Moisturizing Cream with Colostrum-LD®

    Precious bioactives in colostrum and energizing bee venom refine skin texture for a softer, more youthful, more luminous appearance.

    A rich blend of Co-enzyme Q-10, Beta glucan, Gold Kiwi Extract and Oligo Fucoidan Fucoskin™ enhances the bioactives in Colostrum-LD for a rejuvenating mask that can be followed by a relaxing facial massage, the perfect way to unwind and relax.

    Colostrum—LD® Concentrated Revitalizing Face Mask

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    Experience the benefits of Regenacol’s Skincare System. After 12 weeks, participants in a case study reported "overall skin radiance and diminished lines. They noted improved color as well as skin that felt hydrated and supple. Regenacol shows excellent improvement with all skin types."

    Before and After using Regenacol™

    Discover Colostrum

    Colostrum-LD contains regenerating bioactives that support natural skin health, including Epithelial and Epidermal (skin) growth factors which promote the rapid replacement of skin cells. In a study just published in the May issue of Journal on Drugs in Dermatology, liposomal bovine colostrum appears to provide a protective effect on telomere length erosion. These results suggest that topical treatment of a liposomal colostrum formulation would enhance skin health as it ages.