Bovine Colostrum Advocates Share Their Expertise

Bovine Colostrum Advocates Share Their Expertise

Bovine colostrum is an exceptional nutritional supplement because it has been shown to help users improve immune function, prevent infection, heal a leaky gut, increase muscle strength and stamina, accelerate the recovery process after exercise or injury, and attenuate the deleterious effects of aging.

Many physicians and health professional have joined the bovine colostrum movement because they’ve seen the recent explosion in chronic disease and deadly gut-based infections, and they realize that colostrum has a significant role to play. Whether through research, patient results, or personal experience, more and more professionals are having that “ah ha” moment when it comes to the amazing benefits of bovine colostrum. Here’s three of the top colostrum advocates:

Andrew M. Keech, Ph.D. 

Andrew M. Keech, Ph.D., has performed numerous clinical studies that highlight the benefits of colostrum. He also wrote Peptide Immunotherapy, Colostrum: A Physician’s Reference Guide, a book that explores how he and Douglas Wyatt discovered the benefits of colostrum and used this supplement to help Wyatt’s ailing wife.

In his book, Keech describes how he and Wyatt were among the “pioneers of colostrum.” As such, Keech and Wyatt together helped transformed colostrum from something that was commonly considered a “waste product” by many farmers into a life-changing supplement that aids adults and children around the world.

Keech also discovered how the immune factors in bovine colostrum can be used as a tool to support a healthy immune system. His focus on gut-based immune support gives hope to patients around the globe. Today, he serves as one of the leading colostrum experts and follows a mission to promote the benefits of colostrum in the hope of supporting more peoples good health.

Dr. Daniel G. Clark, M.D. 

Dr. Daniel G. Clark, M.D., co-wrote a book with Kaye Wyatt, wife of Douglas Wyatt, titled Colostrum, The Ultimate Anti-Aging, Weight Loss and Immune Supplement.

This book examines the benefits of colostrum and how colostrum helped Kaye Wyatt overcome a “long history of illness.” It highlights how Kaye leveraged colostrum to help combat various health concerns due to the radiation of her thymus gland in early childhood.

To date, Clark has written several articles about colostrum and its long-lasting benefits. He points out the importance of maternal colostrum stimulating a newborn’s immune system via the transfer of immunoglobulins. The immunoglobulins and other immune factors in bovine colostrum can assist users in realizing good health.

Tom White, Ph.C.

Pharmacist Clinician Tom White of Albuquerque, New Mexico has developed a simple and effective testing protocol to demonstrate healing of intestinal permeability. When Tom first sees a patient, he measures five key metabolic and other markers – fasting glucose, A1C, insulin levels, C-reactive protein, and Interleukin-6. He then places patients on a daily supplementation regimen of colostrum and repeats the test in 60 days. This pre and post testing protocol serves to demonstrate colostrum’s efficacy to both healthcare provider and patient, and it lets Tom know that his patients are sticking to their daily supplementation. After 60 days on a colostrum regimen, Tom sees a decrease in all five markers. 

Why Should You Consider Colostrum? 

As more and more practitioners discover the benefits of bovine colostrum, they start making this supplement an integral part of their practice and therapy recommendations. A majority of patient visits are precipitated by various health concerns that typically tie back to leaky gut. And if your doctor hasn’t heard about colostrum, YOU may be the one to educate him or her.

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