Doug WyattDoug Wyatt is considered the 'Father of Bovine Colostrum' for re-introduction of this incredible and most important healing food for human use. He has initiated dozens of clinical studies regarding anti-aging, GI health, Immune and infectious disease studies including AIDS/HIV, H1N1, MRSA and c Dif. Athletic performance and auto-immune conditions, Asthma and allergies.

Doug has pioneered the processes to preserve and provide shelf life with low heat and flash pasteurization methods to insure the safety and maximum efficacy of Colostrum's healing components. He is also credited for developing a Liposomal Delivery or LD that protects colostrum from digestion, delivers the components into the blood stream and makes them available at the cellular level throughout the body. LD or Liposomal Delivery has been shown to increase colostrum bio-availability by more than 1,500%.

In 1992, Doug founded the Center for Nutritional Research, a not for profit research and educational organization dedicated to the continued studies of bovine colostrum and its many incredible healing benefits. This organization has sponsored numerous clinical studies and helped develop processing breakthroughs that insure colostrum's efficacy. Standards developed by the CNR are recognized world wide.

Mr. Wyatt is a past Marine Captain and combat Helicopter Pilot with service in Vietnam in 1970-72; where he was the recipient of numerous service and combat citations and served with distinction and honor.

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