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    Colostrum Supplements

    Colostrum-LD® is an all-natural concentrated source of immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, colostrum polypeptides, and growth factors which promote healthy immune system support.

    Colostrum Supplements

    What Is a Colostrum Supplement?

    A bovine colostrum dietary supplement functions in much the same way as colostrum produced by mammalian mothers in the initial days after childbirth. The supplement can be consumed daily and contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which promote a healthy immune system.

    Sovereign Laboratories offers a variety of Colostrum delivery systems including capsule and powder form.

    As an industry leader in bovine Colostrum dietary supplementation, Sovereign Laboratories places high value on making sure our Colostrum comes from healthy cows, the ingredients undergo thorough testing, and that our liposomal delivery system gives you the best chances of realizing all of Colostrum's health supporting benefits.

    What Ingredients are in Bovine Colostrum?

    Bovine Colostrum dietary supplements contain ideal amounts of:

    • Colostrum Polypeptides: Amino acids that may help balance a healthy immune system.
    • Growth Factors: Proteins that may help regulate cell division and promote cell growth.
    • Immunoglobulins: Molecules that promote a healthy immune system.
    • Lactoferrin: Protein that is commonly found in fluids in the eye, nose, and respiratory tract which are believed to support a healthy immune system.

    Colostrum-LD® is a superior health supplement that contains high levels of important key components. It is produced from the first-milking of healthy, pasture-raised cows. It is gently processed with flash pasteurization and low-heat drying. Cows are known to over-produce up to 8 gallons of excess Colostrum. Our suppliers make sure the baby calve gets its full share its precious mother's milk and is given a spare supply in a bottle as well. Everyone wins.

    Are Colostrum Supplements for Sale Online Safe and Effective?

    The effectiveness of colostrum supplements is determined by manufacturing processes and the quality of the raw colostrum. For those who are exploring colostrum supplements for sale online, it helps to choose a company with a proven reputation in the bovine colostrum industry.

    Sovereign Laboratories is at the forefront of the bovine colostrum sector. In terms of colostrum supplements for sale online, you have found a superior colostrum. Colostrum-LD®'s unique liposomal delivery system gives you the best possible benefits to bolster full healthy immune system support.. An additional benefit for those that are sensitive to lactose, Colostrum-LD® has been lactose-reduced making it safe for lactose-sensitivity. Also, Sovereign Laboratories meets strict standards for both safety and efficacy. Colostrum-LD® is manufactured in the only U.S. facility dedicated to processing bovine colostrum for human consumption.

    Colostrum Supplements from Sovereign Laboratories: What You Need to Know

    Sovereign Laboratories provides Colostrum-LD® backed by more than two decades of research. Our bovine colostrum comes from pasture-raised dairy cows that are certified to be healthy. Our suppliers test all raw colostrum supplied to us to ensure it comes from the first milking and does not contain antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.

    Raw colostrum used to make supplements is flash-pasteurized to make it safe for human consumption. The flash-pasteurization process adheres to stringent international standards.

    What Makes Colostrum-LD® a superior Colostrum supplement?

    Unlike many other colostrum supplements, Colostrum-LD® uses a liposomal delivery (LD) system which helps colostrum bioactives remain active at the cellular level.

    LD helps all of colostrum's health-enhancing bioactives gain their best chance of reaching the small intestine to experience maximum benefits. This distinctive technology works towards the bioactives remaining intact as they pass from the stomach to the rest of the GI tract and get absorbed into the bloodstream.

    Research indicates traditional (without LD) colostrum supplements tend to clump together in the GI tract. Comparatively, it is believed that colostrum with LD disperses throughout the GI tract for maximum effectiveness and absorption.

    Colostrum Supplements: Capsule or Powder?

    Colostrum-LD® in capsule or powder form helps promote healthy immune function. For those who choose Colostrum-LD® as a powder, the benefits of colostrum start as soon as it enters the mouth. Meanwhile, colostrum capsules dissolve in the small intestine (further down in the GI tract), so the upper GI tract misses out on colostrum's benefits.

    Some people prefer colostrum powder, as it comes in vanilla and plain flavors and makes it easy to drink the desired amount. Conversely, others choose colostrum capsules because they are convenient to take on the go.

    Is a Colostrum Supplement Right for You?

    Incorporating colostrum dietary supplements into an everyday diet may be beneficial, but it should not be taken lightly. To determine if a colostrum powder supplement or any other nutritional supplement is the right choice consult with your doctor or nutritionist.

    Colostrum is generally recognized as safe, but a medical consultation allows you to share any health or nutritional concerns. If your doctor believes there is a benefit from colostrum dietary supplements, a plan can be developed to integrate colostrum into the daily diet. Furthermore, if lifestyle changes are necessary to maximize the benefits of colostrum, your doctor can help formulate an action plan to make these changes.

    Sovereign Laboratories Is Where to Buy Colostrum!

    Colostrum-LD® is available exclusively from Sovereign Laboratories, and it is one of the top-selling colostrum brands in the United States.

    Sovereign Laboratories provides fast, free shipping, and all orders are backed by a dedicated customer support team. To learn more about Sovereign Laboratories and our entire line of bovine colostrum supplements, please inquire today.

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