Colostrum LD® Capsules

Colostrum LD® Capsules

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Colostrum LD® Capsules

Colostrum-LD® capsules are available in three sizes; please select a size for more information.

What Are Colostrum Capsules?

Colostrum capsules contain dried, liposomally encapsulated and micronized bovine colostrum, the milk-like fluid obtained from female cows in the first few days after giving birth. Cow (bovine) colostrum capsules feature a rich combination of bioactives that may help improve immune function. Bovine colostrum may also help address leaky gut, a primary cause of allergies and autoimmune conditions.

What Makes Colostrum-LD® Capsules Unique?

Colostrum-LD® offers an all-natural source of immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, colostrum polypeptides, and growth factors. The supplement contains colostrum that comes from the first milking of pasture-raised dairy cows (after the calves have their nutritional needs met). 

Along with the bioactives, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, Colostrum-LD® is backed by Sovereign Laboratories, a leader in the bovine colostrum industry. Sovereign Laboratories wasfounded by Douglas Wyatt, who established the gold standard for processing raw bovine colostrum into supplements. For more than two decades, Wyatt has spearheaded the development of Colostrum-LD® and continues to explore ways to help people globally benefit from this supplement. 

Comprehensive testing shows colostrum to be safe and well-tolerated for individuals of all ages. Colostrum-LD® capsules also carry Swiss food safety certification, and they are the only U.S. colostrum capsules certified OU-D Kosher and Halal. Colostrum-LD® capsules are processed in facilities that are inspected and certified by the FDA and USDA.

Colostrum-LD® is also clinically proven to help prevent or manage leaky gut (intestinal permeability), which occurs when the GI lining becomes more permeable (porous) than normal. Leaky gut allows undigested food proteins, pathogens, and toxic materials to enter the bloodstream, increasing the risk of diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and other chronic conditions. Another benefit of regular supplementation with Colostrum-LD® capsules stems from colostrum’s ability to balance the gut microbiome. The result: people may experience fewer episodes of nausea, heartburn, gas, and other leaky gut symptoms. 

Why Do People Choose Colostrum-LD®?

Unlike other bovine colostrum supplements, Colostrum-LD® capsules use a liposomal delivery (LD) system that ensures that these powerful bioactives reach their target cells once the capsule dissolves. LD helps colostrum bioactives remain biologically active at the cellular level and ensures that colostrum remains undigested as it travels through the stomach to the rest of the GI tract.

LD limits the risk that colostrum's components will clump together in the GI tract; instead, the system helps disperse these components throughout the body’s tissues and organs. 

How to Take Colostrum Capsules

The daily recommended serving of Colostrum-LD® capsules for adults is two capsules, twice daily, with 4-6 oz. of plain water. Colostrum-LD® capsules should also be taken on an empty stomach. For children, one Colostrum-LD® capsule taken one to two times daily is ideal.

Explore the Benefits of Colostrum Capsules

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