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    Daily GI & Immune Support Bundle :: GastroDefense Daily + ImmuSynergy 6

    Daily GI & Immune Support Bundle :: GastroDefense Daily + ImmuSynergy 6

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      Purchase Daily GI & Immune Support Bundle :: GastroDefense Daily + ImmuSynergy 6

      This dynamic duo provides a solid foundation for gut and immune health. If you're looking for an effective probiotic for daily GI support and an antioxidant powerhouse, this combination satisfies the basics. It's great for people who are always on the go and who enjoy the convenience of capsules.

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      Daily GI & Immune Support Bundle :: GastroDefense Daily + ImmuSynergy 6

      The Daily GI & Immune Support Bundle Includes GastroDefense Daily + ImmuSynergy 6

      GastroDefense® Daily

      • Maintains GI Health†
      • Promotes regularity†
      • Gradual-release probiotics survive stomach acid†
      • Colostrum-LD® promotes colonization of beneficial bacteria†
      • Contains up to 5 Billion CFUs (Probiotics)*

      * At time of manufacture

      GastroDefense® contains a rich combination of probiotics, bovine colostrum, and other ingredients that support healthy bowel movements. Additionally, GastroDefense® helps maintain a healthy gastrointestinal system.

      How Does GastroDefense® Work?

      GastroDefense® contains probiotics that help support digestion and help the body maintain the proper balance of "good" and "bad" bacteria. Probiotics refer to live bacteria that support the body. They are commonly found in fermented foods and cultured milk products.

      Also, GastroDefense® includes bovine colostrum, a natural prebiotic, which assists in colonizing the probiotics.

      What Makes GastroDefense® Effective?

      GastroDefense® proprietary formula consists of six probiotics (B.Longum, B.Bifidum, B.Lactis, L.Acidophilus, L.Rhamnosus, and LactoSpore [Bacillus Coagulans]), and inulin, oat bran fiber, Cape Aloe, and bovine colostrum to help promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.

      Why Is GastroDefense® the Best Supplement for a Healthy GI System?

      GastroDefense® is a top choice in terms of supplements that promote a healthy GI System, and its benefits include:

      • Helps protect against occasional diarrhea and constipation
      • Helps promote increased nutrient absorption

      Why is ImmuSynergy 6™ Better than Other Immune Supplements?

      • Contains some of the most trusted immune-boosting ingredients
      • Superior absorbability/bioavailability with PureWay-C®
      • Non-irritating to the intestinal lining

      ImmuSynergy 6™ contains five core immune-promoting ingredients (vitamin C, vitamin D3, zinc, beta glucan, quercetin) plus nature’s original immune health food – colostrum (Colostrum-LD®).

      ImmuSynergy 6 components

      This specially crafted immune powerhouse formula begins with PureWay-C®, a proprietary preparation of ascorbic acid with citrus bioflavonoids and lipid metabolites. Its advanced absorption at the cellular level helps prolong the biological activity and antioxidant capacity without irritating delicate G.I. tissue. Vitamin D3 provides additional antioxidant activity and helps address the tendency for deficiency in winter months when sunlight exposure is limited. Zinc is necessary for the production of new immune cells, and because the body cannot store this mineral, it requires regular replacement. Immulink MBG®, a proprietary extract from Reishi mushrooms, provides beta glucan, a polysaccharide shown to activate frontline immune cells for a robust immune response without overstimulation. Proprietary Quercefit® is a highly bioavailable form of quercetin, a flavonoid, and offers antioxidant and circulatory benefits. Colostrum-LD® rounds out the ImmuSynergy 6™ formulation by contributing its immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme and other immune bioactives which support the immune system in times of stress or immune challenge.

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