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    Spring Into Good Health Bundle :: Vital C-LD® + Curcumin LD®

    Spring Into Good Health Bundle :: Vital C-LD® + Curcumin LD®

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      Spring Into Good Health Bundle :: Vital C-LD® + Curcumin LD®

      The following products are included in this specially priced bundle:

      • Vital C-LD® (120 capsules) 520mg Cap Bottle: Qty 1
      • Curcumin LD®: 60 capsules: Qty 1

      Vital C-LD® (120) 520mg Cap Bottle

      • Liposomal delivery (LD) for advanced absorption and superior retention
      • Supports healthy immune and nervous systems†
      • Superior benefits compared to other brands
      • Effective antioxidant defense

      Vital C-LD® is a superior supplement for healthy immune system support. State-of-the-art biotechnology helps prolong the biological activity and antioxidant capacity of this essential vitamin. Vital C-LD® is a special dietary supplement due to its unique liposmal delivery system.

      Vital C-LD® is a proprietary preparation of ascorbic acid with citrus bioflavonoids, rosehips and lipid metabolites from natural vegetable sources. Vital C-LD® provides you with maximum absorption using our distinctive LD biotechnology.

      Vital C-LD enhanced absorption chart

      Curcumin LD®: 60 capsules

      • 95% Curcuminoids
      • Helps Maintain Healthy Joints
      • Promotes Healthy Circulation
      • Can be used as part of your diet to help maintain a healthy blood sugar level
      • Helps enhances gastrointestinal (GI) and Immune Health

      Made from organic turmeric with liposomal delivery (LD), Curcumin LD® is standardized to 95% curcuminoids. Curcumin contains potent antioxidants to help maintain good digestion, and it has been used for centuries to support a healthy immune system and bolster existing circulatory and heart health. Curcumin LD® utilizes LD technology to enhance the body's absorption of health-enhancing curcuminoids.†

      Curcumin LD with enhanced absorption, by Sovereign Laboratories


      A Closer Look at Curcumin and Turmeric

      Curcumin is a key part of turmeric, a spice that gives curry its yellow color. Turmeric has been used as a spice and traditional medicinal herb in India for thousands of years. It also contains curcuminoids, compounds that help give turmeric its restorative medicinal properties.

      Curcumin serves as a powerful antioxidant. It is fat-soluble, and it may be incorporated into a person's diet via a high-quality supplement. 

      Curcumin vs Turmeric

      What Are the Purported Benefits of Curcumin?

      Curcumin's benefits include:

      • Healthy Joint and Muscle Support
      • Improved Focus
      • Enhanced Mood Support

      How Does LD Help Maximize the Effectiveness of Curcumin LD®?

      Liposomal Delivery, or LD, helps Curcumin LD® components stay biologically active at the cellular level. The distinctive liposomal delivery system aids Curcumin LD® components in having a better chance of receiving total absorbption for maximum benefits. Also, LD enables Curcumin LD® components to rapidly support the GI tract, as well as deliver these components to the proper cells. The result: LD helps boost the overall effectiveness of Curcumin LD®.

      Is Curcumin LD® Right for You?

      Like any dietary supplement, it is suggested to meet with a doctor to help determine how to incorporate Curcumin LD® into your everyday diet. Curcumin LD® was designed for your optimal health and does not contain bioperine, a derivative of black pepper.

      When it comes to finding the best curcumin supplement, Curcumin LD® rises above the pack. This curcumin supplement is produced by Sovereign Laboratories, a worldwide leader in the bovine colostrum supplement industry. Plus, Curcumin LD® comes with an LD delivery system to help people maximize the supplement's effectiveness.

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