Athletes often use nutritional supplements in the hopes of boosting strength and endurance for overall performance. Thanks to Colostrum-LD® from Sovereign Laboratories, athletes can use a bovine colostrum supplement that contains powerful components that help support the immune function and gut health. Plus, Colostrum-LD® is clinically proven to help athletes minimize the impact of leaky gut (increased intestinal permeability), a condition that otherwise puts athletes at risk of experiencing digestive health problems or immune-related conditions.

Colostrum Benefits for Athletes: Here's What You Need to Know

Colostrum-LD® is a bovine colostrum supplement intended for use by athletes of all ages, and it helps guard against increased intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”), which causes chronic inflammation that often contributes to autoimmune or chronic conditions.

Increased or abnormal intestinal impermeability occurs when large spaces between the normally tight junctions in the intestinal wall open up. This enables undigested food particles, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other toxins to enter the bloodstream. In this instance, overstimulation of the immune system occurs as the immune system attempts to destroy these foreign particles. The result: an individual becomes increasingly susceptible to chronic inflammation and chronic medical conditions, including autoimmune conditions.

Colostrum-LD® contains growth factors, particularly insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and epithelial growth factor (EGF) which help heal the lining of the GI tract and repair damaged tissue and organs. Bovine colostrum also contains natural antibodies and other proteins that help balance the immune system. By returning the body to a more homeostatic (balanced) state, an individual's risk of experiencing inflammation is reduced. Colostrum-LD® 's multitude of immune factors help slow down an overactive immune system or stimulate an underactive immune system depending on which is required for homeostasis.

Is Colostrum Safe for Athletes?

Athletes may benefit from using Colostrum-LD® on a daily basis. But like any nutritional supplement, it is important for an athlete to proceed with caution.

To ensure that an athlete can achieve the best results with Colostrum-LD®, it often helps to meet with a doctor or team trainer before first use. A doctor can perform a medical assessment to help an athlete review his or her overall health. Then, a doctor and patient can work together to determine the best way to implement a healthy diet and exercise regimen which includes Colostrum-LD®.

Ideally, when first starting a bovine colostrum supplement, it helps to begin with a small amount of Colostrum-LD® and gradually increase to the recommended serving size. This often helps an athlete limit the risk of mild constipation and diarrhea that sometimes occur after initial use of Colostrum-LD®.

What Is the Ideal Serving of Colostrum for Athletes?

As with all people, the ideal serving of Colostrum-LD® for athletes varies based on the individual. The recommended amount of Colostrum-LD® for athletes ranges between 10 and 20 grams daily; this amount helps promote healthy growth hormone levels in the body.

The results of Colostrum-LD® usually become transparent shortly after first use. Many people report results within the first few days of using Colostrum-LD®, especially if they are very much “in-tune” with their bodies. Otherwise, people experience results with Colostrum-LD® within 30 days of initial use. The one caveat is that Colostrum-LD® won’t do much good unless an overall healthy lifestyle is adopted.

Why Should Athletes Use Colostrum-LD®?

Athletes often search for nutritional supplements so that they can develop and maintain a healthy, well-tuned physical and mental being. With Colostrum-LD®, athletes can use a bovine colostrum supplement that helps bolster the immune function and protect against leaky gut at the same time.

Colostrum-LD® is provided by Sovereign Laboratories, a leader in the bovine colostrum supplement industry for over two decades. The supplement contains immunoglobulins, growth factors, and other powerful components that help support the immune function and gut health. Colostrum-LD® is available in convenient capsule and powder forms, ensuring athletes can easily consume it before or after workouts.

There is a lot to like about Colostrum-LD® for athletes. To learn more about Colostrum-LD® and its benefits for athletes, please read our blog.