Colostrum-LD is the missing link to optimal health. Today's dairy products are not as nutrient-rich as they were fifty years ago. Colostrum provides immune and growth factors that have been "ultra-pasteurized" out of our dairy products. Immune and growth factors are responsible for the health benefits of colostrum, so daily colostrum supplementation is essential to maintaining good health.

The top 10 benefits of colostrum. Colostrum-LD helps:

  • May help to limit the damage from leaky gut
  • Regulate inflammation; return the body to homeostasis; decrease pain
  • Eliminate gut-based infections; fight bacterial and viral infections
  • Stimulate the endocrine system to continue producing antiaging hormones
  • Increase lean muscle mass and strength; boost metabolism; increase fat burning
  • Increase bone mass and density
  • Accelerate recovery from injuries, wounds, and burns; eliminate topical/skin infections and accelerates healing
  • Create more youthful skin; improves elasticity; reduce age and liver spots
  • Enhance mental focus and concentration
  • Act as a natural anti-depressant by increasing serotonin and dopamine production

Only Colostrum-LD can heal and protect against Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS); LGS is responsible for creating toxicity in the bloodstream and chronic inflammation which significantly contributes to many autoimmune conditions and chronic diseases later in life. It is estimated that nearly everyone in America has LGS. The condition, also called intestinal permeability, can develop for a multitude of reasons, including complete lack or insufficient breastfeeding, use of antibiotics, over-the-counter or prescription pain medications, alcohol, acidic beverages, GMO foods, glyphosate- and other herbicide/pesticide contaminated foods. The growth factors in colostrum are primarily responsible for healing the lining of the gastrointestinal tract and repairing damaged tissue and organs.

Only Colostrum-LD® with its multitude of natural antibodies can return the gut microbiota to a healthy balance. The immune factors in colostrum also balance the immune system and in doing so, provide exactly the type of immune support needed to either quell inflammation or fight infection. The immune factors help tone down an over-active immune system (as in allergies) or stimulate an under-active immune system (as in infections).

Colostrum-LD® is a safe and effective solution for all ages and provides continued support for a balanced immune system throughout a lifetime. The Sovereign Laboratories brand represents the best colostrum products available born of our desire to serve, backed by science, and elevated by innovation. Sovereign Laboratories adheres to a higher standard of best practices, providing unsurpassed quality for optimal results.

The difference between other brands and Sovereign Laboratories is unparalleled and clinically-proven:

  • a) the source of our colostrum is from USDA certified grade A, pasture-fed dairy cows that are antibiotic, BST, BSE and GMO free;
  • b) Independent pre and post batch testing ensures highest levels of over 24 major components in bovine colostrum;
  • c) cGMP, Kosher and Halal certification; and
  • d) Liposomal Delivery protecting & enhancing absorption of bioactives up to 1500%.

Sovereign Laboratories' founder, Douglas Wyatt, is the modern father of colostrum who has sponsored numerous clinical trials and research on bovine colostrum to better understand the benefits of colostrum. Mr. Wyatt has also contributed to the development of the only dedicated processing plant in the world for bovine colostrum. So, if you haven't tried Colostrum-LD, you really haven't tried colostrum. In other words, you need to try Colostrum-LD if you truly want to experience the healing benefits of bovine colostrum.