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Colostrum is our first food of life. We get it from our mother’s breast immediately after birth. It was designed by nature to defend and protect us from infection, eliminate the pain and physical stress of birth and help us grow and develop.  Most mammals, including cows, die if they do not receive colostrum immediately after birth. It has unsurpassed immune, autoimmune, allergy, gastrointestinal, athletic, diet and anti-aging performance. It is our first antibiotic and antiviral and has had more continued use than any other substance for health in cultures throughout the world than any other health product. It is the most clinically studied nutritional substance in the world. Immunoglobulins from colostrum were used by Dr Jonas Salk to develop the first oral polio vaccine.[1] Colostrum has proven effectiveness against numerous deadly viruses, including HIV,[2] flu,[3] and rotavirus,[4] and it has been shown to be more than three times as effective as flu vaccine.[5] John Heinerman, PhD, one of the world’s leading medical anthropologists and the author of more than fifty books on health and nutrition, stated that without colostrum’s development by nature we would be extinct.[6]

Colostrum is natures most effective and powerful food. As our first food it provides the infant with the ability to ward off and fight infection of all types,[7] helps stimulate lean muscle, bone, brain and nerve cellular growth and development. It stimulates epithelium cell growth in the intestines to close stomach and intestinal openings that are present at birth to allow colostrum’s components to reach all of the body structures to enhance growth and create perfect health.[8] Colostrum readies the body for nutrition and helps populate the bowel with healthy flora and fauna and enhances their growth and colonization.[9] It stimulates the body to utilize stored and ingested fat for fuel, and stops catabolism (the use of our own muscle tissue for fuel between meals) so we can grow strong and obtain radiant health.[10] How many times do we see breastfed newborns with their perfect skin and incredible health and wonder at the process that colostrum and mother’s milk delivers?

Even more amazing is that colostrum activates and stimulates immune responses to pathogens including viruses,[11],[12],[13] bacteria,[14] protozoa and fungus.[15],[16] It not only helps ward off their attacks, it primes the body to provide an immediate defense if pathogens return by signaling the immune system to create antibodies to fight infection. Colostrum also activates the creation and accelerated function of the immune response including macrophages, T-cells and NK/Natural Killer cells (that destroy infected or diseased cells in our body, making them up to 20 times more effective),[17] to defend and protect all of our body’s incredible mechanisms. There is no substitute for colostrum’s ability to activate and modulate immune response.

Colostrum’s cytokines help reduce the inflammatory response to reduce the pain of birth, and provide signaling process that provides the calming and soothing activation of serotonin[18] (a neurotransmitter in the brain) to help ease the passage into life. All of this helps eliminate pain and shock from the body’s new environment. Colostrum also helps balance blood glucose levels[19] and enhances protein assimilation for perfect growth and development of all of our body structures.


Colostrum’s benefits are universal and always available no matter what your age, and colostrum is the same whether from a cow or from a human mother. It is bio-identical in its form, composition and function. The same molecules that provide these seemingly miraculous benefits are ours to help assist us in this dangerous and virulent world we inhabit. But only if it is collected from healthy sources processed with upmost care and protected from degradation.


But don’t take our word for this just go to and search colostrum, bovine colostrum, immunoglobulin, cytokines, interleukin, Lactoferrin or any of the other components of colostrum. Prepare to be surprised at the amount of peer reviewed research you’ll find.

But why would this be a surprise? If this weren’t true, something else would have been the first food of your life. Science and nature, our first food of life, perfect radiant health: This is one story that is not too good to be true.

Colostrum’s clinically proven benefits show that (the right) colostrum helps:

  • Help fight off and eliminate infectious processes.  Clinically proven against nature’s most virulent viruses. Colostrum has been shown to be more than three times as effective as vaccines against flu5. It helps stop and helps eliminate all types of infection throughout the body, even cryptosporidial diarrhea in late stage AIDS patients who have virtually no effective immune response.[20],[21] It mobilizes macrophages, T-cells and CD-4 lymphocytes and supercharges NK (Natural Killer cell) responses by up to twenty times.17 It activates the immediate production of defense mechanisms and coordinates body defenses for optimum health, something no plant or chemical substance can even come close to.
  • Modulates immune function: Colostrum is a true immune modulator.It is the only immune support that does not rev up an already over responding immune response.[22] Colostrum’s components help balance immune responses and can assist in bringing back into balance over or improper immune responses that are associated with autoimmune conditions,[23] allergies,[24] asthma, diabetes,[25] etc. Colostrum is the only immune support appropriate for these conditions.[26] If you suffer from any of these conditions you should never take so called immune enhancers (boosters) as they can accelerate and worsen symptoms.
  • Stimulates growth and regeneration of our all body systems. Our body goes through constant renewal. Every seven years you have a completely new body. Why not give it the same regenerative and growth possibilities it has at our beginning? Muscle, skin, bone, brain and nervous tissue regeneration is proven.[27],[28],[29],[30],[31],[32] Athletes, aging seniors, our children and those who just want more lean muscle tone for a radiant appearance, all can benefit from colostrum use.

Athletes: Clinical studies show that athletes have up to 20% more lean muscle strength,[33] stamina and performance,[34],[35] stronger immune defenses (helps eliminate the after work out susceptibility to infections),[36] plus accelerated healing from injuries and strenuous physical exertion.[37],[38] Colostrum also enhances brain chemical response[39],[40],[41] for better visualizations and concentration.

Dieting:  Accelerates and supercharges every diet and exercise program. Colostrum has been clinically proven to help us burn fat, build and retain muscle, increase metabolism, and stop burning muscle tissue between meals. It balances blood sugar for enhanced energy and vitality and helps better brain chemical balance that lessens mood swings and cravings.

Blood pressure: One of the curses of modern life is high blood pressure. Milk has long been known for its ability to help maintain healthy blood pressure.[42] Peptides have been identified in milk and colostrum which function as ACE-inhibitors to lower blood pressure significantly.

Anti-aging: Who doesn’t want more muscle and strength, a sharper mental process, less fat around the middle, better immune responses, radiant GI health and optimum nutritional uptake? Colostrum is clinically proven to provide all of this; it also helps reduce inflammation[43],[44] and better balance brain chemicals. Better, more effective than anti-oxidants, growth hormone or any other therapy for strength, mobility, brain chemical function and protection and infectious defense necessary for active senior lifestyles. [45],[46],[47]

Infants and growing children: They need the same benefits after infancy; especially if they were not breast fed long enough, have food or other allergies, or have improper immune responses. Colostrum helps increases brain development, bone and muscle strength and decreases subjectivity to infections and auto-immune conditions. Soluble colostrum powder can be added to infant formulas or mixed into foods to assist immune and growth processes.

Scientists estimate that a majority of infectious and chronic disease begins in the gastrointestinal tract. And this is where colostrum is vital for the prevention and healing of GI damage from environmental factors.

GI and stomach health. GI health is vital to disease prevention at all ages. GI permeability (Leaky Gut Syndrome) is a pandemic problem with a majority of the population affected.[48] Odds are this means you and your whole family. Leaky Gut Syndrome is acknowledged to be the primary cause of autoimmune and allergic responses and the cause of many chronic disease conditions.[49] It is caused by taking antibiotics, pain and other medications (see FDA warnings), acidic beverages (sodas, coffee etc), alcohol, GMO foods, pesticides, and other environmental factors. It results in allowing foreign particles and toxins to cross into the bloodstream through our GI and stomach lining that produce adverse immune reactions, internal infections and other conditions that include the destruction of our own body structure and tissue. Probiotics cannot prevent and heal GI tissue. They only crowd out bad bacteria to reduce infections.

Only colostrum has been proven in numerous clinical studies to prevent and heal this damage and stop this destructive process. Colostrum's growth factors have been shown to prevent and heal stomach and GI damage.  Colostrum helps eliminate GI infection and inflammation and helps colonize beneficial flora and fauna (probiotics). It initiates GI immune responses and helps us optimize nutritional intake.

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So who needs Colostrum?

It appears that just about all of us could use these incredible benefits. We all need help to fight off and eliminate infection; increase our energy, strength and stamina; generate better bowel health; increase our mobility; regenerate and replace injured and worn out cells in our muscles, skin, bones, nerves and brain tissue; reduce stress and help achieve calm, effective mental processes.

Why Colostrum-LD® (Liposomal Delivery)?

Colostrum has large and small molecules that are very sensitive to light and heat. When it is fresh from the mother its small molecules are absorbed in the mouth and throat and are very quickly distributed throughout the body to initiate immediate immune response and communication. Then the larger molecules are passed on to the small intestine where they do their work.

Laboratory tests show that past infancy colostrum can be partially destroyed by stomach acids and digestive enzymes if not protected and delivered properly. Sovereign Laboratories is the world leader in the effective delivery of colostrum.

Colostrum-LD® is first of all the finest, purest and most effective colostrum available. It is obtained from only pasture-fed US grade A dairy cows that have been certified BST, hormone, antibiotic, and mad cow free. It is gently processed and certified to contain the maximum amount of colostrum’s vital components. Then it is encapsulated into a liposome (structural coating) made from phosphatidyl choline, phosphatidyl serine and other phospholipids that protect and enhance delivery of all of colostrum's components to the intestine, body organs and structure for maximum and enhanced performance. Liposomal Delivery is a state-of-the-art delivery system that has decades of science behind it, which allows Sovereign Laboratories to guarantee its performance and effectiveness.

Robert D. Milne, MD certifies in his book on liposomal encapsulation that: “Liposomal encapsulation has a proven ability to enhance usability and bioavailability by up to 1,500% or more”.[50] In addition the encapsulation material brings tremendous health and longevity benefits of its own. Colostrum without protection is mostly digested and turned into expensive protein.

Colostrum’s small components are called peptides and include PRPs, cytokines, interleukins, interferon and other immune factors. They can be destroyed by stomach acids and digestive enzymes when passing through the stomach. These peptides can be separated and are much more effective for mouth and throat delivery as sprays. Sprays provide a quicker, enhanced delivery method and are often more pleasant, especially for children, to take than capsules. Sovereign Laboratories uses an exclusive and patent pending process to carefully extract and concentrate these peptides in three separate formulas, all of which have been studied extensively and clinically proven and doctor recommended.

Colostrum-IC® (Immune Concentrate):  up to 24 time more immune performance than regular colostrum.

Viralox®(Nature’s first broad spectrum anti-viral and other pathogenic support)

IRM® (Immune Response Modulator) ™ for effective immune balance and anti-inflammatory help. The only support that effectively helps eliminates the cause.

Colostrum-LD® is produced exclusively for Sovereign Laboratories, the world’s leading experts in colostrum effectiveness. Lab certified to contain a minimum of 24% IgG, 1.5% lactoferrin, 1.5% IGF-1 and 3% PRPs.

Standardized, cGMP, Halal, Kosher and USDA inspected production from healthy, pasture-fed, antibiotic and BST-free grade A dairy cows. Produced exclusively for Sovereign Laboratories

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Douglas Wyatt is considered one of the world’s leading experts on bovine colostrum. He was the founder of Symbiotics (now owned by a natural foods conglomerate). He founded Sovereign Laboratories to expand the development and delivery to the public of the finest and most effective colostrum products in the world.  There are none better. That is our commitment and pledge.

For more than 20 years, Douglas Wyatt has dedicated his life’s work to the prevention of chronic disease and infection. He discovered colostrum through the efforts to save his wife Kaye who had her immune system destroyed in her infancy. He is a bio-engineer and a research director of one the world’s leading nutritional research organizations dedicated to colostrum research and its relation to human health and longevity. He assisted in the origination and has sponsored numerous clinical studies with colostrum related to GI health, infant health, autism, HIV, flu, athletic response, and hospital-associated infections. Mr. Wyatt’s passion is helping others achieve health independence, freedom and vitality

Learn more about Sovereign Laboratories and colostrum research at

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