Colostrum-IC® - Immune Concentrate - 150 ml

Colostrum-IC® - Immune Concentrate - 150 ml


Serving Size: 3 Sprays (2 ml)
Servings Per Container: 75
Potency: One serving = (48) 480 mg capsules
UPC: 893307001135

Product Description



Colostrum-IC® is a colostrum-derived peptides oral spray. It is a concentration of colostrum polypeptides recommended for supporting the immune system’s response, depending upon need. Colostrum-IC® also promotes healthy cytokine function† and supports immune function and response†.

How Does Colostrum-IC® Work?

Colostrum is the first food of life for mammals. It is produced by mammalian mothers immediately after giving birth, and it supports her newborn’s growth and development and immune function.

Colostrum-IC® contains colostrum peptides extracted from whole bovine colostrum which provide immune support. The colostrum peptides in Colostrum-IC® are commonly referred to as proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs). PRPs are small chains of amino acids that help initiate and balance immune response. 1,2

PRPs should not to be confused with plasma-rich protein (PRP), and PRPs are a bioactive component of colostrum. Colostrum-IC® is NOT liquid (whole) colostrum.

Colostrum-IC® is available in both 5.0 fl. oz. and 2.5 fl. oz. varieties. This oral immune spray is easy to use and can be incorporated into an everyday routine, not just when the immune system is unbalanced.

How to Use Colostrum-IC® PRP Colostrum Spray

Directions: Two sprays into your mouth and swallow, one to four times daily. Use within 30 days of opening. Some people prefer the taste of Colostrum-IC® cold, so store in the refrigerator if necessary.

Colostrum-IC® FAQ

Can individuals of all ages take Colostrum-IC®?

Colostrum-IC® is intended for use by men, women, and children. Anyone who works or plays in an environment where others are ill with cold and flu symptoms may benefit from using Colostrum-IC® daily.

Can Colostrum-IC® be used in combination with other supplements?

Colostrum-IC® can be taken on its own or in combination with other supplements. If an individual is already taking other supplements, he or she should consult with a doctor before taking Colostrum-IC®. That way, an individual can achieve the best-possible results based on his or her supplements.

Colostrum-IC® is NOT a substitute for Colostrum-LD®. Colostrum-IC® contains only colostrum-derived PRPs. It does not contain growth factors necessary for gastrointestinal integrity or cellular/tissue maintenance. Colostrum-IC® is a recommended companion product to Colostrum-LD®

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