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    Infant & Toddler Colostrum-LD® :: 50g, 25 servings

    Infant & Toddler Colostrum-LD® :: 50g, 25 servings

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      Serving Size: Approximately 1 Teaspoon (2g)
      Servings Per Container: 25
      UPC: 855724006681
      SKU: COL-POW-INF-50G

      Infant & Toddler Colostrum-LD® :: 50g, 25 servings

      Liposomal Lipid-coated Colostrum for Your Precious One
      100% Bovine Colostrum with Immunoglobulins

      • Promotes a healthy immune system
      • Supports intestinal health
      • Distinctive liposomal delivery for optimal absorption
      • Aids in normal childhood development

      Nature's First Milk

      Since the dawn of time, mothers' colostrum ("first milk") has sustained and nurtured their newborns. This rich source of immunoglobulins, peptides (lactoferrin & lactoperoxidase), signaling molecules (cytokines, proline-rich polypeptides), beneficial bacteria, and growth factors support the newborn's immune system. Pediatric experts generally agree that colostrum is "liquid gold." Along with extended breastfeeding of human breastmilk, bovine (cow) colostrum can also support precious little ones in their path to a healthy future. Bovine colostrum health benefits are bio transferrable to humans.

      Optimal Growth, Development & Immune Resilience

      The good news is that bovine (cow) colostrum is biologically compatible, plentiful, and a possible dietary supplementation. Living in today's world requires a healthy immune system, and this is why Infant & Toddler Colostrum-LD® is the ideal product to fortify your infant or toddler’s nutritional needs.

      Good Health is a Lifelong Endeavor

      Fortify your child's daily nutrition with Colostrum-LD® and give them the benefit of healthy immune system support. Bovine Colostrum can be an important part of childhood development, yet not just for little ones. We recommend Colostrum-LD® for all family members to support healthy immune systems and overall well-being… whether you’re two hours old or 102 years old.

      Recommended Usage

      Mix colostrum in 4 ounces freshly purified water (not bottled water), formula, or filtered apple juice and provide twice a day. If solid foods are appropriate, add colostrum to yogurt, applesauce, or vegetable puree. Upon taking colostrum for the first time, some infants experience mild sensitivity which may result in changes to stool color or consistency (loose stools or diarrhea). This is a normal reaction, so begin with ¼ teaspoon for the first few feedings and gradually increase to ½ teaspoon. If symptoms persist, contact your pediatrician for further advice.

      Product Q&A

      agnes d. Jun 15, 2022

      Does colostrum for infants need to be taken on empty stomach 2 hrs after last protein consumption or can it be taken with dinner that includes protein foods?

      Best Answer: For best results we do recommend the colostrum to be taken on an empty stomach. For babies on the package it states, Recommended Usage: Mix Colostrum in 4 ounces freshly purified water (not bottled water), formula, or filtered apple juice.

      Loretta M. Jun 15, 2022

      A shopper Jun 12, 2022

      So my 8 months baby should get 2g per day? Can he use this product for months or he need breaks between bags?

      Best Answer: Yes your baby should get 1/2 tsp twice a day which averages out to 2grams. We recommend speaking with your physician regarding how long your infant should take the colostrum.

      Loretta M. Jun 15, 2022

      ARIEL M. Oct 14, 2021

      Can you use this on a breast fed newborn?

      Best Answer: Hi Ariel, Yes! On the package back it states Recommended Usage: Mix Colostrum in 4 ounces freshly purified water (not bottled water), formula, or filtered apple juice and provide twice a day. Begin with a 1/4 teaspoon for the first few feedings and gradually increase to 1/2 a teaspoon.

      Janette W. Oct 14, 2021

      Amy E. Jan 25, 2021

      Does adding this to warm or hot liquid destroy any of the beneficial properties of this product?

      Best Answer: Yes, it can impact the efficacy. You can have warm to lukewarm water for best efficacy. If referencing a bottle for a baby, a comfortable drinking temperature for baby is perfectly suitable.

      Shelley T. Jan 26, 2021

      agnes d. Jun 15, 2022

      What do you mean by comfortable drinking temperature? The formula I’m using must have water first boiled and then dropped to 45C. I am adding colostrum to 45C water with formula. Is that ok?

      Yes, that is fine as we recommend "lukewarm" water.

      Janette W. Jun 22, 2022

      Lashawn P Dec 13, 2020

      Is a rash a normal side affect?

      Best Answer: Hi there! We recommend speaking to a physician to make sure that colostrum under your current health conditions is appropriate for you. Typically a rash is not a common side effect.

      Shelley T. Dec 21, 2020

      Tam G Oct 25, 2020

      We have used Colostrum LD successfully in the past, when little one was 2. Following a recent emigration all our systems seem to need some rebalancing. Which would be best for a 5 year old? Regular Colostrum LD or this new Infant & Toddler Colostrum LD?

      Best Answer: Either will work for your family. The formula is the same, the major difference is in the packaging and serving size suggestion. Always consult with your family's physician before administering!

      Shelley T. Oct 26, 2020

      katherine s. Oct 21, 2020

      What's actually the difference between the two colostrums? I wonder if the infant formula is better since I have gut dysbiosis.

      Best Answer: Hi there! The difference is in the packaging and serving size instructions. Otherwise, the formula is the same from regular Colostrum LD to Infant nutrition.

      Shelley T. Oct 22, 2020

      Judy B Oct 6, 2020

      We have a 7 and 10 yr old. Which colostrum is recommended for that age group?

      Best Answer: Colostrum-LD will be perfect for your 7 and 10 year old under the advisement of your children's pediatrician!

      Shelley T. Oct 12, 2020

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