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    Colostrum-LD® Powder :: 12oz/340g, ~30-60 Day Supply

    Colostrum-LD® Powder :: 12oz/340g, ~30-60 Day Supply

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      Purchase Colostrum-LD® Powder :: 12oz/340g, ~30-60 Day Supply

      • Promotes a healthy immune system
      • Supports intestinal health
      • Potent liposomal delivery for optimal absorption
      • Promotes healthy aging support


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      Serving Size: 5g (approx. 2 teaspoons)
      Servings Per Container: 68
      UPC: 863784000143
      SKU: COL-POW-PLN-12

      Colostrum-LD® Powder :: 12oz/340g, ~30-60 Day Supply

      Colostrum-LD® can help:

      • Promotes a healthy immune system
      • Supports intestinal health
      • Potent liposomal delivery for optimal absorption
      • Promotes healthy aging support

      Colostrum-LD® supports a balanced healthy immune system and the healthy integrity of the stomach and intestinal lining. Colostrum is the first food of life and is collected from the first milking of Grade A dairy cows that are antibiotic free.

      Colostrum-LD is coated with bio-identical liposomal lipids extracted from milk and sunflower lecithin to help protect the colostrum from the digestion process for enhanced optimal absorption. Bovine colostrum is full of naturally occurring immunoglobulins, growth factors, Lactoferrin and amino acids to help boost a healthy immune function. Bovine (cow) colostrum is an ideal supplement because it is plentiful and biologically transferrable to humans.

      Colostrum-LD® Benefits

      Not all are Created Equal Product Benefits Icons



      • Minimum 25% IgG
      • Minimum 1.5% lactoferrin; 1.5% growth factors; and 3.5-5% colostrum peptides (PRPs).
      • GMO-free, antibiotic-free

      Powerful Natural Bioactives

      • Immune health – immunoglobulins, antibodies, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, proline-rich polypeptides
      • Growth, Repair & Development – growth factors, such as IGF-1, EGF, TGF

      Wellness Benefits

      • Promotes a healthy immune system
      • Supports intestinal health
      • Promotes tight junction integrity (repairs “leaky gut,” or intestinal permeability)
      • Promotes skin, hair, and nail health
      • Provides anti-aging support

      Increased Bioavailability with Proprietary Liposomal Delivery™ (LD)

      • Biological activity retained at the cellular level for optimal effectiveness
      • Greater benefit obtained with smaller liposomes
      What is Bovine Colostrum?
      12oz Colostrum Powder and Cows
      • Nature’s Powerful Superfood Is a rich source of immunoglobulins, antibodies, good bacteria strains, growth factors, and other immune bioactives, plus protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, and minerals
      • Develops the newborn calf’s intestinal tract by closing natural holes in the gut's thin lining (intestinal permeability or "leaky gut"), bovine colostrum health benefits are bio transferrable to humans, stimulates the immune system by restoring the new healthy gut, and promotes growth and development; similar benefits can be realized by adult mammals who take colostrum
      • The first mammary secretion from the female bovine (cow) that provides her calf with its first nutrition

      Colostrum is the yellowish substance secreted by female mammals (including humans) immediately after the birth of their newborns. It is sometimes called “pre-milk,” but this nutritious substance is considered separate from true breast milk. All mammalian mothers produce colostrum, so its commonly is referred to as “life's first food.” New mothers secrete colostrum for approximately 72 hours after giving birth, after which the colostrum production tapers off and regular milk production increases.

      Bovine (cow) colostrum is not the same as cow’s milk. Colostrum is produced for approximately 72 hours, but the colostrum used in supplements is traditionally taken from the first milking only, after the calf has drunk its fill. It is considered a dietary supplement because of its many health benefits to humans which include, immune support, gut health, joint and muscle support, skin, hair, and nail benefits (plus more). Because dairy cows produce an excess of 8 liters of colostrum, which the calves will not use, the extra can be used for supplements. Bovine colostrum is biologically transferrable to other mammals, including humans. Due to limited shelf life, fresh bovine colostrum is processed into powdered form so that it can be reconstituted with water when ready to use.

      Biggest Challenge with Bovine Colostrum Supplements
      Colostrum Powder 12oz with Liposomal Delivery
      • Pasteurization & drying methods affect survivability of bioactive components
      • Processing methods affect bioavailability and efficacy
      • Expectation vs. Reality

      Depending on how bovine colostrum is processed (i.e., made into supplements), its bioactive components can be rendered inactivated or compromised by high heat or prolonged heat exposure. The natural liposome surrounding the colostrum molecules is fractured during all types of processing, thus, reducing efficacy. So, for a bovine colostrum supplement to be efficacious, the liposomes must be replaced with sunflower lecithin. This application restores the liposomes and provides enhanced liposomal delivery. Liposomal Delivery (or LD), helps colostrum's bioactive components transit through the digestive tract and are poised to have better absorption into the bloodstream.

      Why is Colostrum-LD® Better than Other Supplements?
      How Bovine Colostrum Will Change Your Life
      • Begins with a prime North American bovine colostrum source from vetted, high-quality dairies
      • Superior absorbability/bioavailability with proprietary liposomal delivery (LD)
      • 30+ years of experience and leadership behind the development of bovine colostrum as a dietary supplement for human use

      Colostrum-LD® begins its journey as an ethically sourced raw, fresh colostrum from North American Grade A dairy cows that are not routinely given antibiotics. It is processed in a USDA-licensed facility according to gold standard methods which include flash pasteurization and low heat drying. Proprietary Liposomal Delivery™ (LD) restores the natural liposomal coating and maximizes the bioavailability of colostrum’s components so they can be readily distributed throughout the body. Sovereign Laboratories boasts nearly three decades of experience in the bovine colostrum supplement industry.

      How Bovine Colostrum Will Change Your Life
      Normal Gut vs Leaky Gut Infographic

      Supplementing your daily diet with liposomal bovine colostrum can have a positive effect on your overall well-being. As a foundational supplement, upon which other supplements may be added, bovine colostrum has a high safety and efficacy profile for its ability to regulate multiple targets within the body. Colostrum-LD® offers a potent form (high IgG content) to achieve the wellness benefits your body requires most.

      Most Americans, as well as those people living in developed nations, suffer from leaky gut yet they’re probably completely unaware of it. The delicate G.I. lining is comprised of tight junctions between the cells. When these become less tight due to a multitude of factors, the gut is said to be “leaky” or have microscopic holes. This allows some substances from the G.I. tract to leak into the bloodstream which causes the immune system to attack them voraciously. This may seem like a good thing, but is, in fact, not helpful to immune health in the long run. So, by restoring the tight junctions, the result is improved energy, better digestion, and a healthier immune system, among the many other great health benefits.

      For people who want to achieve the best possible results with Colostrum-LD®, it is important to incorporate it daily, along with healthy lifestyle behaviors. Colostrum-LD® has been shown to be safe for all ages; however, if you have milk allergies, please consult with your doctor to see if colostrum is right for you. Your physician can also explore how Colostrum-LD® can help achieve various health goals.


      Not All Bovine Colostrum Supplements Are Created Equal

      Not all are Created Equal Product Benefits Icons


      One of the biggest problems when it comes to the various bovine colostrum supplements on the market today is IgG (immunoglobulin G) consistency and lack of liposomal delivery (to get the bioactives through the stomach an into the small intestine). IgG is an antibody that helps control sub-optimal functioning in body tissues; IgG content is one significant measure of colostrum’s effectiveness. IgG content can be manipulated by manufacturers to create a range of lower to higher priced colostrum supplements. An effective colostrum supplement contains a minimum of 25% IgG. Additionally, gold standard processing methods are key to an efficacious, bioavailable, human-grade colostrum supplement. Lastly, without liposomal delivery (restoring the natural liposomes), a colostrum supplement won’t have much health value beyond powdered milk. Sovereign Laboratories’ 30+ years track record in the colostrum industry makes us your trusted source.

      Product Q&A

      WAF58r Jul 20, 2022

      Can this be taken with L-Glutamine Powdered Supplement?

      Best Answer: Hi Wendy, You can find the answer in our "frequently asked questions" on our website. Can I take my vitamins or other supplements with Colostrum-LD? Absolutely. Colostrum-LD can be taken with any supplement or prescription drug. There are no contraindications with Colostrum-LD.

      Janette W. Jul 20, 2022

      User Jul 2, 2022

      Will freezing after opening extend shelf life?

      Best Answer: Typically, refrigerating can extend the life of the product by about 2 weeks, so freezing may extend it longer.

      Janette W. Jul 6, 2022

      S K. Jun 5, 2022

      What is the best way to take it? With or without food?

      Best Answer: We suggest on an empty stomach.

      Loretta M. Jun 6, 2022

      A shopper. Mar 23, 2022

      Is this grass fed?

      Best Answer: Our network of 1,000 plus dairy farms does not exclusively consist of organic, grass-fed or GMO-free diets. The birthing cows could have a mixed diet consisting of pasture grasses, silage, grain, mineral supplements..

      Janette W. Mar 23, 2022

      A shopper. Feb 27, 2022

      What temperature was this product dehydrated at? And was it pasturized? I need complete bio available and GC proteins that have not been disturbed with heat.

      Best Answer: Our colostrum is flash pasteurized according to the most demanding of International Standards - 161°F for 15 seconds - to ensure the highest microbiological quality. This is significant because much of the colostrum currently being sold to the public has either (1) been prepared for the animal feed market and has not been pasteurized or (2) has been vat pasteurized which destroys the majority of the bioactive components.

      Janette W. Feb 28, 2022

      Janet M. Jan 20, 2022

      I now take collagen peptides every morning. Can I use your product in place of collagen? Or are there different purposes for each?

      Best Answer: Hi Janet, The Colostrum-LD powder can help maintain a healthy GI tract, help support a healthy immune response, and may help increase bone & lean muscle mass, so this is a completely different product than Collagen.

      Janette W. Jan 20, 2022

      Janet M. Jan 20, 2022

      Thank you! I asked because I saw someone comment that it was good for their skin, nails, and hair. That’s why I’m taking collagen, and I didn’t want to double up.

      A shopper. Jan 10, 2022

      Hi I just received my bag of colostrum-Ld powder however I dont see where it says how much water to add to the 2 tsp of powder, can anyone advise please?

      Best Answer: Hi! Great question! It will work well with 4 ounces of water.

      Janette W. Jan 11, 2022

      Yinell G. Jan 1, 2022

      Can children take this without side effects to their growth? I’m concerned about hormones and it accelerating growth development.

      Best Answer: Hi Yinell, This would be a question for your child's doctor or pediatrician.

      Janette W. Feb 18, 2022

      codhood Nov 16, 20212

      Why is lukewarm water needed? If the water is cold is that a problem?

      Best Answer: Hi Doug, Great question! The Colostrum-LD contains lipids coating the powder and a little higher temperature can help it dissolve better. So lukewarm water works the best. If you like it cold, you can make it with lukewarm water and then put it in the refrigerator to chill.

      Janette W. Nov 17, 2021

      Troy S. Sep 22, 2021

      My daughter has a severe peanut allergy. We must vet all the products we bring into our home. How and where is your colostrum produced? Where is the location it is produced at? Where is it processed? Is it produced in a facility that also processes or handles and/or uses peanuts or tree nuts in any product or in any way?

      Best Answer: Our products are made in facilities that do not process allergens including peanuts.

      Janette W. Sep 23, 2021

      Troy S. Sep 22, 2021

      How can the colostrum be pasteurized, or even heated at low temperatures for that matter, without losing (killing) any (most) of the beneficial contents that the consumer would get?

      Best Answer: Hi Troy, Great question! Our colostrum is flash pasteurized according to the to the most demanding of International Standards - 161°F for 15 seconds - to ensure the highest microbiological quality. This is significant because much of the colostrum currently being sold to the public has either (1) been prepared for the animal feed market and has not been pasteurized or (2) has been vat pasteurized which destroys the majority of the bioactive components.

      Janette W. Sep 23, 2021

      Dee B. Sep 17, 2021

      What is the shelf life or expiration timeframe?

      Best Answer: Typically 18-24 months.

      Janette W. Sep 20, 2021

      A shopper Aug 20, 2021

      Is this product good for heartburn?

      Best Answer: Colostrum LD can help maintain a healthy stomach and GI tract.

      Janette W. Aug 31, 2021

      A shopper Aug 7, 2021

      Hi! Is this safe for dogs?

      Best Answer: Hello, Yes! We have our Super Pet Nutrition which is packaged specifically for pets. You can view it here:

      Janette W. Aug 9, 2021

      Muhammad K. Aug 5, 2021

      When is your Colostrum collected and processed?

      Best Answer: Within 12 hours after the baby calf receives the amount it needs.

      Janette W. Aug 5, 2021

      Cindi P. Jul 22, 2021

      Is this processed at low temps? It probably said somewhere but couldnt find it?

      Best Answer: Hi! Yes! Our colostrum is flash pasteurized according to the most demanding of the International Standards - 161°F for 15 seconds - to ensure the colostrum will reach the organs and cells, and remain bioavailable at the cellular level.

      Janette W. Jul 23, 2021

      Lisa G. Jul 15, 2021

      Can colostrum and thyroid medication be taken together in the morning?

      Best Answer: Hi Lisa, Per our FAQ's on our website: Can I take my vitamins or other supplements with Colostrum-LD? Absolutely. Colostrum-LD can be taken with any supplement or prescription drug. There are no contraindications with Colostrum-LD.

      Janette W. Jul 15, 2021

      A shopper Jul 3, 2021

      how soon was it harvested after the baby calf had it shares?

      Best Answer: Within 12 hours.

      Janette W. Jul 6, 2021

      Nick Conrad Jun 29, 2021

      Better to take powder or capsules?

      Best Answer: The powder may be absorbed more quickly by the body, we have the capsules available for those customers who cannot take the powder.

      Janette W. Jun 29, 2021

      Roy M. Jun 28, 2021

      If someone is concerned with having a reaction to lactose, why can’t this powder be mixed with lactose-free milk? The lactase in the milk should break down any remaining lactose in the colostrum and the combination of fat and protein should help mix the colostrum better than pure water.

      Best Answer: Thank you for your question! We suggest mixing it with lukewarm water for best results. While there is lactose in our colostrum, we do have a significantly reduced formula. It is always best to consult with a healthcare practitioner or doctor before administering colostrum, especially if you have a lactose allergy or sensitivity!

      Janette W. Jul 1, 2021

      A shopper Jun 19, 2021

      What's the best temperature to mix the colostrum in?

      Best Answer: Lukewarm water.

      Janette W. Jul 1, 2021

      Ting X. May 31, 2021

      Can you ship the product with a cold temperature condition in very hot summer?

      Best Answer: We don't currently ship with cold packs. In the past it hasn't been an issue (the heat) as our product is defatted before bagged!

      Shelley T. Jul 1, 2021

      A shopper May 31, 2021

      Vanilla taste better than plain?

      Best Answer: Hi! It is a personal preference for many. Our plain is our best-seller, however we have VERY loyal customers who love our vanilla!

      Shelley T. Jun 1, 2021

      A A. May 28, 2021

      Does the plain have a slight vanilla flavor? I’ve used this product before and thought I had the plain version. It had a very underpowering and subtle vanilla flavor.

      Best Answer: It is subtle, but it is a definitely a personal preference

      Shelley T. Jun 1, 2021

      Leanda C. May 24, 2021

      I forgot to ask earlier... Is this an organic product? I see the lecicthin is not

      Best Answer: This product is not organic.

      Shelley T. Jun 1, 2021

      A shopper May 4, 2021

      I know you have said this should be taken first thing in the AM, but can you take it with food? Will it be less effective?

      Best Answer: I have thrown it into a kale, avocado, smoothie. With or without food, I felt the same.

      Kimberly May 13, 2021

      Alla T. Feb 13, 2021

      Can I take colostrum during antibiotic treatment for h pylori?

      Best Answer: We suggest speaking to your doctor regarding administering colostrum with any medical conditions!

      Shelley T. Feb 18, 2021

      DAWN V. Jan 29, 2021

      Does colostrum have naturally occurring prebiotics as well as probiotics?

      Best Answer: Yes!

      Shelley T. Feb 12, 2021

      Malkie F. Jan 22, 2021

      Hi, How should the colostrum-LD be stored??

      Best Answer: Colostrum should be stored in a cool, dry space like a pantry!

      Shelley T. Jan 26, 2021

      A shopper Jan 20, 2021

      Do you sell on Amazon as well?

      Best Answer: We do! However we do not have a reward program for Amazon purchases and aren't in control of shipping, receiving and returns as they have their own governing program.

      Shelley T. Jan 26, 2021

      Stacy A Jan 11, 2021

      Can this be mixed with almond milk and coffee?

      Best Answer: We do not recommend mixing with any hot liquids like coffee or tea unless lukewarm.

      Shelley T. Jan 11, 2021

      A L. Jan 2, 2021

      What does the plain taste like

      Best Answer: Most people claim the plan tastes like powdered milk!

      Shelley T. Jan 4, 2021

      Rachel Jan 2, 2021

      Is this humanely harvested? (Aka colostrum taken only after the calf has their fill)

      Best Answer: Yes and yes!! The calf is always allowed to drink its fill FIRST. We then milk the cows the excess (which can be up to 8 gallons!!!!) and a bottle is set aside for the cow should it become hungry later. The cows are born with 0 immune system, so it is absolutely critical they receive colostrum after birth and they can only fill up to about 5% of their body weight... there is a lot left over! Since they need the colostrum, and we support the ethical treatment of our animals, the calves always receive enough to start their lives in great health.

      Shelley T. Jan 5, 2021

      John D Jan 1, 2021

      Does this product contain soy lecithin?

      Best Answer: No, the product does contain sunflower lecithin.

      Shelley T. Jan 4, 2021

      Justin Dec 15, 2020

      Can I put it in my smoothie? (Raw yogurt, bananas, blueberries and another nutrient based powder?

      Best Answer: We recommend only mixing in a smoothie WITHOUT high protein foods, liquids, and powders.

      Shelley T. Dec 21, 2020

      Kristen M. Dec 4, 2020

      Refrigerate after opening?

      Best Answer: Hi there! Refrigeration is not needed. Simply store sealed in a cool, dry space.

      Shelley T. Dec 10, 2020

      Nicole C Nov 29, 2020

      What is the IgG percentage?

      Best Answer: Hi there! 1.25g per 2 tsp serving

      Shelley T. Dec 4, 2020

      jeong hyun Oct 24, 2020

      When is best time to take it?

      Best Answer: Hi there! We recommend taking colostrum twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening on an empty stomach with 4-6oz of lukewarm water!

      Shelley T. Oct 26, 2020

      Helen M. Oct 20, 2020

      How do I know what size to order?

      Best Answer: That's a great question! For many, the 16oz plain of vanilla is the most popular route. This allows you to use the powder with enough time to feel results (ideally).

      Shelley T. Oct 20, 2020

      PATRICIA P. Oct 15, 2020

      Does colostrum LD contain calcium?

      Best Answer: Yes, 62mg per 2 tsp serving

      Shelley T. Oct 23, 2020

      karen d. Oct 13, 2020

      Must the powdered colostrum be mixed with liquid, or is it just as effective putting powder directly in mouth, chewing and swallowing?

      Best Answer: Hi there! The powder can be mixed with 4-6oz of water. You can put it directly in your mouth should you prefer.

      Shelley T. Oct 14, 2020

      Brandi M. Sep 29, 2020

      Do you have an ingredients list?

      Best Answer: We do! If you select any size of colostrum bag, you will see the back label as it reads on an actual packet of colostrum.

      Shelley T. Sep 30, 2020

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