Colostrum & Pets: An Interview with Steven R. Blake, DVM

Colostrum & Pets: An Interview with Steven R. Blake, DVM



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Douglas Wyatt from the Center for Nutritional Research interviews veterinarian Steven Blake who uses colostrum to treat his patients. Dr. Blake recognizes that animals can suffer from Leaky Gut Syndrome in the same way that humans do. As animals age, their ability to produce immune factors and growth factors decreases and this results in an increase both acute and chronic diseases. By supplementing with colostrum, and thus strengthening the gastrointestinal tract, Dr. Blake believes that it's possible to eliminate over ninety percent of all diseases in our beloved pets. Dr. Blake discusses his patients' success stories with allergies, joint pain and surgical wounds. He reminds us that it's our responsibility to care for our pets with the most non-toxic modalities we can.

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