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    Vital C-LD® Capsules - 120 count 520mg

    Vital C-LD® Capsules - 120 count 520mg

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      Purchase Vital C-LD® Capsules - 120 count 520mg

      Supercharged Vitamin C Supplement

      Unlike most other vitamins, the human body cannot manufacture its own vitamin C and so, eating vitamin C-rich foods or taking vitamin C supplements is the only way to prevent a vitamin C deficiency


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      Count: 120 capsules
      Serving Size: 2 capsules/day
      Servings Per Container: 60
      UPC: 855724006049
      SKU: VITC-CAP-120

      Vital C-LD® Capsules - 120 count 520mg

      What is Vitamin C?

      • A water-soluble antioxidant, also known as ascorbic acid
      • Is found in some foods and is widely available in supplement form
      • Is required for the body to make collagen, improves iron absorption, and promotes immune health

      Vitamin C is not manufactured by the human body, but it is critical to several biological processes. As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C helps neutralize free radicals that are generated when the body converts food into energy and from environmental free radicals created by air pollution, cigarette smoke, and the sun’s UV light. Vitamin C is necessary for the body to make collagen which in turn, helps wounds heal and improves the structure of skin. It also helps the body absorb the iron that is contained in plant foods. And in general, vitamin C helps the immune system perform its normal function of protecting the body.

      Vitamin C serves as a powerful antioxidant and because it is water-soluble, any excess is excreted in the urine. A high-quality supplement is advisable when one’s dietary needs are not being met by natural vitamin C from fruits and vegetables.

      Biggest Challenge with Vitamin C

      • Human body cannot manufacture vitamin C
      • Poor absorbability from foods and supplements
      • Causes stomach and G.I. irritation

      Unlike most other vitamins, the human body cannot manufacture its own vitamin C and so, eating vitamin C-rich foods or taking vitamin C supplements is the only way to prevent a vitamin C deficiency, which in its most serious form is scurvy. Unfortunately, the actual amount of vitamin C that the body can obtain from food sources is limited and similarly, most supplements have low bioavailability. Common sense dictates consuming more vitamin C, but too much vitamin C, especially in a limited time period, can irritate the stomach and G.I. lining due to its acidity. Food deserts may complicate the issue of obtaining sufficient quantities of dietary vitamin C, which would make supplementation necessary.

      Why is Vital C-LD® Better than Other Supplements?

      • Superior absorbability/bioavailability
      • All-natural
      • Non-irritating to the intestinal lining

      Vital C-LD® begins with PureWay-C®, a proprietary preparation of ascorbic acid with citrus bioflavonoids and lipid metabolites from natural vegetable sources. Vital C-LD® advanced absorption of this amazing antioxidant occurs at the cellular level and is bolstered by added rosehips and bioflavonoids. This technology also helps prolong the biological activity and antioxidant capacity without irritating delicate G.I. tissue. Vital C-LD® outperforms the competition when it comes to absorption rates and free radical scavenging.

      Vital C-LD enhanced absorption chart

      How Vitamin C Will Change Your Life

      Supplemental vitamin C is utilized to prevent vitamin C deficiency, which is a mild but common occurrence. Modern research has shown that vitamin C’s activity goes well beyond, with some significant impacts to overall health and beauty applications (think skin elasticity). Vitamin C has a high safety and efficacy profile for its ability to regulate multiple targets within the body; any excess will be excreted. Today, Vital C-LD® offers the most potent form of vitamin C to achieve the wellness benefits your body requires most.

      Vital C-LD® Benefits

      Not all are Created Equal Product Benefits Icons



      • GMO-free
      • Allergen-free

      Powerful Antioxidant

      • Fights free radicals and combats oxidative stress
      • Known worldwide for its capacity to prevent scurvy

      Wellness Benefits

      • Promotes overall immune health
      • Promotes a healthy nervous system
      • Promotes optimal iron absorption
      • Promotes collagen production for healthy skin

      Increased Bioavailability

      • Superior absorption (50%) without G.I. irritation 
      • Greater benefit obtained with smaller quantities

      Not All Vitamin Cs Are Created Equal

      Not all are Created Equal Product Benefits Icons


      The two biggest problems with vitamin C supplements are (1) poor bioavailability and (2) stomach/G.I. irritation. First, with vitamin C supplements (and vitamin C-rich foods), the actual amount of vitamin C that the body absorbs is quite low. The “best” absorption rate of a supplement is only about 50%. Vital C-LD® meets this threshold, yet most other brands fall well below, as do vitamin C-rich foods. Second, vitamin C can be very irritating to the delicate tissue that lines the stomach and small intestine. Liposomal delivery technology and delayed-release capsules help address this problem. Vital C-LD® delivers superior absorption without unnecessary stomach irritation.

      Product Q&A

      Carolyn R. Dec 4, 2021

      Directions say to take Vit C on empty stomach. Ok to take with Colostrum-LD?

      Best Answer: Hi Carolyn, Yes! You may take the Vital C along with your Colostrum-LD.

      Janette W. Dec 6, 2021

      Tim Jr Nov 27, 2021

      Is this synthetic Vitamin C?

      Best Answer: Hi Tim, No, it is made from citrus peel from Florida and is Vegan & Non-GMO & Halal certified, and Allergen-free.

      Janette W. Nov 30, 2021

      Katie J. Mar 13, 2022

      Is it tested for glyphosate?

      Best Answer: Hi Katie, Because glyphosate is ubiquitous almost everything on earth has some amount of glyphosate residues. Our products have been found to contain an extremely low amount of glyphosate as possible under these circumstances.

      Janette W. Mar 18, 2022

      A shopper Sep 9, 2021

      After taking C on empty stomach when can eat?

      Best Answer: 20-30 minutes.

      Janette W. Sep 9, 2021

      Sarah Aug 31, 2021

      What is your source for ascorbic acid?

      Best Answer: Orange peel

      Janette W. Aug 31, 2021

      Emily Aug 14, 2021

      Hi, does this have any corn in it/is it made at all from corn? Thanks!

      Best Answer: No, it does not.

      Janette W. Aug 16, 2021

      Lana C Jul 12, 2021

      How does this compare with LivOnLabs lyphospheric C?

      Best Answer: Hello, we are unable to compare our product to another brand as we are not educated on other brands. Our Vital C has a lipid metabolite formula that helps it to be 5X more absorbable than regular vitamin C.

      Janette W. Jul 12, 2021

      HOL H. Feb 2, 2021

      I see Amazon sells this. Is that the same as buying from you?

      Best Answer: Amazon is considered a third party website, so they have their own guidelines for selling our products, returns, etc. A huge benefit you will receive from ordering from our website is the reward points AND direct customer service experience.

      Shelley T. Feb 12, 2021

      Kay R. Nov 18, 2020

      Is this buffered?

      Best Answer: Hi there! Buffered in what way? Please give me a bit more information and I am happy to help!

      Shelley T. Dec 21, 2020

      Sabah May 11, 20220

      He means to ask if it is changed to a non acidic form. For example Ester C is not Ascorbic acid but it has been changed to Calcium Ascorbate so as not to cause stomach acidity problems. Ascorbic acid causes stomach problems for many due to being acidic. Buffered supplements changed the form of Ascorbic acid to Sodium or Magnesium or Calcium Ascorbate. Is that so with your Vital C supplement?

      Vital C-LD is not buffered with minerals like other buffered Vitamin C, but its lipid metabolite formula achieves the same effect with greater efficacy. (Buffering is done to increase absorption and make it easier on the stomach.)

      Janette W. Jun 22, 2022

      A shopper Oct 15, 2020

      Is the product gluten free?

      Best Answer: Yes, Vital C-LD® is gluten free.

      Shelley T. Oct 15, 2020

      A shopper Oct 14, 2020

      Can I use this for a bowel tolerance test?

      Best Answer: Hi there! Since we cannot give medical advice, it is best to ask your healthcare provider!

      Shelley T. Oct 15, 2020

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