What Is a Liposomal Delivery System and How Does it Work?

What Is a Liposomal Delivery System and How Does it Work?

We all know that nutritional supplements can help support a healthy diet combined with regular exercise. But did you know that you may not be getting all you need from your supplements? While many of today’s supplements contain several vital nutrients, your body may not be absorbing all these crucial ingredients.

This is where a liposomal delivery system comes in or rather kicks in to better send these ingredients into and throughout your body. So how does a liposomal delivery system work? We are glad you asked. In this article we will break down the following:

  • What are liposomes
  • Nutraceuticals and the history of nutritional delivery systems
  • Advantages of a liposomal delivery system
  • Frequently asked questions about liposomal delivery

What Are Liposomes?

Think of liposomes as the vehicle that transports active ingredients whether you are taking a nutritional supplement or even prescribed medication. In order to be highly effective, they need a carrier that can be sent to the right places in our bodies. Before we jump on the informational train of liposomes, let’s talk about lipids.

Lipids are energy-rich molecules that are oily or greasy and are stored in our adipose tissue or body fat. This sweeping range of molecules includes cholesterol, fatty acids, and triglycerides. Lipids are fat, not water-soluble, so they are instrumental in supporting how our bodies support and maintain structure in our cells through storage.

This brings us to liposomes that use the fat-soluble solution of lipids as a transmitter to where they can be sent and absorbed with the maximum benefit to our bodies.

Suppose you have ever taken a supplement on an empty stomach. In that case, you may have noticed that it could literally be a gut-wrenching experience making you wish you had eaten a plate of pasta or even a slice of toast before taking your daily vitamins or supplements.

This is due to the acids that live inside of our GI or gastrointestinal tract and break down our foods. Not only does a liposomal delivery system help curb this experience, but it protects and ferries these nutrients to where they should be absorbed and can do the best for our bodies through bioavailability and before the harsh environment of our GI tract takes over.

Nutraceuticals and the History of Nutritional Delivery Systems

As we mentioned earlier in this article, liposomal delivery systems have been used in medicine going back all the way to the 1970s. Since then, companies such as Sovereign Laboratories have been incorporating a proprietary liposomal delivery system for top absorption of their products in powder, liquids and spray formulas.

Advantages of a Liposomal Delivery System

A liposomal delivery system increases the process of bioavailability. It’s this process that makes medicines and supplements better absorbed by our bodies and into our bodies’ cells as well.

Other advantages of a liposomal delivery system include:

  • Reduce gut and liver from metabolization—helping to eliminate drug-nutrient interactions
  • Increased absorption over standard supplements regardless of a higher level of ingredients or doses in traditional supplements

Now that you know the distinct advantages of a liposomal delivery system in a supplement, it’s also essential to choose a brand that has a proven and effective delivery system. Or, more importantly, what these lipids are extracted from so that the crucial nutrients in these supplements are protected.

Sovereign Laboratories’ proprietary LD (liposomal delivery) is coated with bio-identical liposomal lipids that are extracted from sunflower lectin for maximum absorption and enhanced digestion.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liposomal Delivery

There have been much buzz and questions surrounding liposomal delivery in today’s supplements and nutraceuticals. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

How does liposomal delivery work?

This process of liposomal delivery works by our bodies’ ability to neutralize pH inside the liposome. This allows protons to smoothly go through some membranes and also neutralizes the ingredients in the supplement. Simply put, liposomes allow the diffusion of the supplement instead of direct cell fusion.

Is liposomal delivery better?

Yes! In fact, the effectiveness of liposomal delivery has been well documented in research from the NIH or National Institutes of Health. The advantages as discussed earlier in this article involve bioavailability or absorption, fewer digestive issues and delivery into the body’s cells.

Are liposomal supplements safe?

The short answer is…yes! Liposomes are considered biodegradable in the human body. This naturally occurring process makes liposomes safe for the delivery of nutrients from supplements.

Which vitamins should be liposomal?

Liposomal is quite effective for most vitamins but has the biggest impact of delivering high doses of Vitamin C, curcumin, magnesium, glutathione and bovine colostrum directly to cells.