How Colostrum Benefits Your Skincare Routine

How Colostrum Benefits Your Skincare Routine

Did you know that the largest organ of the human body is your skin? It is the first line of defense in fighting environmental factors related to aging.

One of the first indicators of aging skin is the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, which seem to appear without warning. But wrinkles show up like a warning sign, before skin loses its elasticity and suppleness.

While time is no friend to our skin, there are steps you can take to turn back the clock on aging using colostrum skincare products.

In this article we cover:

  • What is bovine colostrum
  • The benefits of colostrum for the skin
  • How colostrum helps skin
  • Colostrum skincare products

What is Bovine Colostrum?

Bovine colostrum is the pre-milk produced by female cows within the first 72-hours following the birth of a calf, before the true milk comes in. Often referred to as “liquid gold,” this rich fluid is packed with protein, fats, vitamins, enzymes and growth factors that are essential in the first few days of life. Female cows produce over an excess of 8-liters of colostrum for their calves, allowing the remaining colostrum to be collected by dairy farmers for use in supplements and skincare products.

Bovine colostrum has gained in popularity for many uses. It is known to help with digestive issues, improve athletic performance, aid in supporting the immune system and help reverse the signs of aging. Additionally, bovine colostrum contains one unique enzyme, telomerase, which has been shown to slow aging in our bodies.

The Benefits of Colostrum for the Skin

Now that you know what bovine colostrum is, let’s dive into the many benefits of colostrum for the skin. Bovine colostrum contains many factors that can help promote cell growth, hydrate the skin, reduce dark spots and scarring, and help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. 

Hyaluronic acid

Bovine colostrum contains hyaluronic acid—a substance that allows your body to hold more moisture. In fact, this naturally occurring substance is already produced by the body to help lubricate joints and tissues. In addition to holding moisture in your skin, recent evidence shows that hyaluronic acid can increase collagen and elastin production, soft tissue growth and may even reduce scarring.

Colostrum and telomerase

Telomeres are part of our DNA chromosomes that protect the memory of information in our DNA, which is linked to health concerns and aging. Telomerase is the enzyme responsible for maintaining the length of these telomeres that, when shortened, are connected to health issues and aging. 

Simply put, the telomerase enzymes found in bovine colostrum can help these telomeres keep their length — the longer the telomeres, the less you might age

Skin growth hormones

Bovine colostrum contains an abundance of compounds rich in growth hormones that have been known to repair and regenerate new cells in bone, muscles, cartilage and skin.

One growth factor in bovine colostrum, known as IGF-1, can help boost alpha and beta (TGF-α and TGF-β) factors responsible for cellular repair, collagen production and skin growth. When these cells regenerate, they can help reverse sun damage and diminish blemishes.

How Colostrum Helps Skin

There are two distinct layers of the skin, the surface layer known as the epidermis and the living tissue layer underneath, called the dermis. The dermis, which houses blood capillaries, sweat glands, nerve endings and other structures, contains proteins and collagen that give our skin its strength and suppleness. Meanwhile, the outer layer, or epidermis, protects our bodies from bacteria and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

As we age, our bodies produce less collagen. This makes our skin less able to regenerate the cells that produce muscle fibers. When this happens, our skin can begin to sag and feel heavier. Other factors that can contribute to the aging of skin include stress, sun damage, lifestyle and diet.

Colostrum is ideal for rejuvenating and strengthening the skin’s ability to resist aging. Read on for ways you can incorporate the benefits of bovine colostrum into your healthy skin routine.

Colostrum Skincare Products

A whopping 1.68 million Americans spent more than $500 each on skincare products in just one quarter in 2020, according to data released by Statista. And spending was even higher for those that decided to have more invasive forms of anti-aging treatments such as derma-fillers and cosmetic surgery. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on skincare products to get healthy, beautiful skin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Colostrum for Skin

Does colostrum help your skin?

Yes! In fact, recent data has shown that colostrum can slow skin aging and even aid in wound healing. Bovine colostrum also contains growth factors to increase collagen production, hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin, and an anti-aging enzyme called telomerase.

What does colostrum cream do?

Bovine colostrum is bio-available so that the body and your skin can quickly absorb it. Colostrum cream can help moisturize the skin while it removes the signs of sun damage and aging.

Can colostrum be used topically?

Yes! Bovine colostrum topical skincare products are packed with immune factors, vitamins, proteins, minerals and properties. However, bovine colostrum is also available in a pill, powder or liquid supplement form that can be taken orally.

Is colostrum safe?

Colostrum is generally considered safe for most people. In fact, when used as a topical skincare product, colostrum has been shown to have healing properties for the skin. However, it’s always a good idea to consult with a medical professional before beginning a new skin care routine.