What Makes Colostrum-LD® a Superior Colostrum Supplement?

What Makes Colostrum-LD® a Superior Colostrum Supplement?

Bovine colostrum has attracted a lot of attention in the world of supplements. Naturally produced by nursing cows during the early days of an infant’s life, colostrum is filled with vitamins, nutrients, enzymes, and proteins that are known to be critical to good health. However, many colostrum supplements struggle to effectively deliver these nutrients and delicate bioactives in a fashion that the human body can use.

In this article, we’ll explore what makes Colostrum-LD® the superior colostrum supplement by explaining the revolutionary liposomal delivery system and the caring process that our suppliers use to obtain bovine colostrum.

Liposomal Delivery Works Faster and More Effectively

Most supplements struggle to effectively deliver nutrients to the body. Our powerful digestive systems are designed to break down food and extract nutrients. But when a product is mostly nutrients, the body can actually destroy a large percentage of the useful material.

When we’re infants, colostrum is readily absorbed because we’re still developing a strong digestive system. During this time, the dense nutritional content of colostrum easily gets absorbed into the bloodstream to facilitate growth and development.

Liposomal delivery seeks to overcome this issue by mimicking the way that we naturally digest. When we digest food, our bodies break down the parts that don’t serve us and extract the nutrients. These nutrients are then absorbed into the bloodstream with the help of lipids (already present in most foods) that our body recognizes.

In liposomal delivery, the nutrients from colostrum are encased in a liposome (a spherical structure of fats). This liposome protects the nutrients from harsh stomach acid and helps them be recognized by the body as useful. The digestive system naturally absorbs the liposome into the bloodstream, where it is broken down into its individual components, allowing the nutrients to flow through the bloodstream.

This delivery method is the secret ingredient that makes Colostrum-LD® the superior colostrum supplement. It’s absorbed more readily into the body and preserves a greater portion of colostrum’s nutrients. It all leads to a product that is superior to traditionally delivered colostrum.

Caring Bovine Colostrum Harvesting Process Ensures Proper Treatment of Our Animals

You’ve probably heard some variation of the phrase “happy cows make better milk.” The same is true of colostrum. We care about how our colostrum gets to us, and ensure that both calves and mothers are happy while providing the colostrum for our product.

Because colostrum is critical for the development of growing calves, we always make sure that the calf gets its fill of colostrum before any is gathered for our Colostrum-LD®. Thankfully, new mothers produce about eight liters of excess colostrum, so there’s plenty for both us and the calf. Even then, our suppliers always keep an extra bottle of colostrum handy in case the calf wants any more.