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    BioIdentical Polypeptides™ Oral Spray :: 2.5oz

    BioIdentical Polypeptides™ Oral Spray :: 2.5oz

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      Bioidentical Polypeptides™ offers added immune support for everyday life and for immune challenges when they arise. Depending upon your lifestyle and your everyday environment, your immune system can benefit from the extra help Bioidentical Polypeptides™ provides.

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      Serving Size: 2 sprays
      Servings Per Container: 56
      UPC: 855724006797
      SKU: BIOID-SPRAY-2.5

      BioIdentical Polypeptides™ Oral Spray :: 2.5oz

      What are Immunopeptides?

      Immunopeptides (“immune proteins”) are small chains of amino acids that rev-up or tone-down a less than optimal-functioning immune system. Most over-the-counter (OTC) immune supplements are designed to “boost” the immune system by providing an extra helping of vitamins, minerals, and/or botanical extracts. While these supplements may fulfill a nutritional need that is related to poor diet or poor nutrient absorption, they can only offer minimal, indirect support to the immune system. Immunopeptides are highly specialized molecules and work directly to support the immune system. They have the ability to communicate with other cells in the body to modulate the body’s immune response.

      Why are Bovine Colostrum-derived Immunopeptides Important for Health?

      • PRPs offer additional immune support
      • Low molecular weight peptides are easily absorbed
      • Bovine PRPs are biocompatible for human use

      The proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) are a type of immune bioactive which is extracted from first-milking bovine colostrum using a specialized patented process. This liquid extraction is concentrated into an oral spray. The PRPs are specialized signaling molecules which help activate and control the production and regulation of natural cytokines in the body. Cytokines are important to a healthy, functioning immune system and are primary drivers of immune homeostasis, or balance.

      Why is Bioidentical Polypeptides™ Better than Other Immune Supplements?

      • PRPs are found exclusively in mammalian colostrum
      • PRPs have superior absorbability
      • PRPs can be utilized for general health or specific immune challenges

      Bioidentical Polypeptides™ is a novel oral immune supplement covered by a United States patent (US7547770) and made in the U.S. from U.S. colostrum. The proline-rich polypeptides extracted and concentrated from bovine colostrum are 10 to 40 times greater than what is found in traditional powdered bovine colostrum supplements. Once swallowed, the concentrated PRPs get to work quickly to promote an appropriate immune response. Depending on individual need, that may involve upregulating or downregulating the immune system.

      How Bioidentical Polypeptides™ Will Change Your Life

      Bioidentical Polypeptides™ offers added immune support for everyday life and for immune challenges when they arise. Depending upon your lifestyle and your everyday environment, your immune system can benefit from the extra help Bioidentical Polypeptides™ provides.  Bioidentical Polypeptides™ takes advantage of the powerful proline-rich polypeptides naturally present in first-milking bovine colostrum. When the PRPs are concentrated in oral liquid spray form, they offer the most benefits because they do not travel very far down the digestive tract.

      Although Colostrum-LD® contains proline-rich polypeptides, the quantity is far less than Bioidentical Polypeptides™. Sovereign Laboratories recommends these Bioidentical Polypeptides™ be taken twice a day for general health and four or more times a day for advanced need. Bioidentical Polypeptides™ is not a substitute, but rather a companion product for Colostrum-LD™.

      Bioidentical Polypeptides™ Benefits

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      • Minimum 12% colostrum polypeptides
      • U.S. Patent No. US7547770

      Wellness Benefits

      • Promotes healthy cytokine production
      • Helps balance healthy immune function
      • Modulates immune response

      Oral Spray Benefits

      • Superior absorption
      • Quick action
      • Convenient to take
      • Travel size (2.5 Fl. Oz.) is TSA-compliant

      Not All Immune Supplements Are Created Equal

      Not all are Created Equal


      A big problem with immune supplements is that they target consumers’ fears of getting acutely sick, while failing to address immune health as a daily goal. Consumers often reach for OTC immune supplements when they start feeling ill, but by then, it’s usually too late. The better option is to keep the immune system balanced and running optimally 24/7 every day of the year. This requires a healthy functioning immune system without untimely over-stimulation. A consistent and balanced approach to immune health provides long term well-being.

      NOTE: Bioidentical Polypeptides™ contains only immune bioactives. It does not contain growth factors. For optimal results, this oral spray should complement a daily Colostrum-LD® regimen.

      Product Q&A

      CapeKeysGal Mar 21, 2022

      Does Bioidentical mean man made in a lab but is still synthetic?

      Best Answer: Hi CapeKeys Gal, The meaning of BIOIDENTICAL is having the same molecular structure as a substance produced in the body, but in this instance, it comes from another mammal (a cow). It is not synthetic.

      Janette W. STAFF, Mar 21, 2022

      Product Reviews : BioIdentical Polypeptides™ Oral Spray :: 2.5oz

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      7 Reviews | Write a Review
      5 out of 5
      Date: August 16, 2023
      Verified Buyer Recommended
      Great Product!
      I was using another product that was more expensive, however, this one seems to work just as well! I take double the dose.
      1 out of 5
      Longstanding Customer
      Location: Ohio
      Date: July 21, 2023
      Tastes Awful 😣
      I have been using this bio peptide spray for many years, and it was always very helpful to me and tasted decent. However, the last two orders of the spray was outrageously bitter. I was sent another bottle and it was so bad that made my stomach sick. I do NOT recommend the spray until they get it reformulated.
      5 out of 5
      Date: June 3, 2023
      Verified Buyer Recommended
      Reliable product
      This was one of the products on my list of things to bring with me traveling 6hrs to the east coast. Using this product gave me peace of mind while traveling. I was introduced to it years ago by a doctor and I've used throughout the years and have that it does work.
      3 out of 5
      Date: May 27, 2022
      Bad Taste
      The flavor is difficult for me to handle. The ease in using a spray is what made me decide to purchase. Maybe make it in vanilla?
      5 out of 5
      Date: May 7, 2022
      Great Formula, tastes like milk
      This is my first time trying this and I will continue to buy & use it. I love it, tastes like milk and it complements the Colostrum-LD that I also bought and will continue to use. I feel a difference after 1 week of use.
      4 out of 5
      Date: Apr5l 20, 2022
      Good choices at Sovereign
      Not seeing any obvious results just yet but haven't used the product for long either. So still out for vote. Taste is strange but doable.
      5 out of 5
      charles lester
      Date: January 31, 2022
      Been taking for years.
      don't know what bioidentical Polypeptides means? bot i been taking your colostrum for yeas , so that's why i been taking it

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