Why Is Colostrum the Ideal Supplement for Adults?

colostrum slows down aging

Have you been searching for a way to combat the effects of aging? To date, there has been no proven “Fountain of Youth” to reverse aging. And even though many multi-vitamins and nutritional supplements claim to provide anti-aging benefits, few actually deliver as promised.

However, one product stands out from the crowd because it works with your body to help enhance your overall health and potentially slow down the effects of aging – Colostrum-LD®.

With Colostrum-LD®, adults can enjoy a safe, non-allergenic, non-habit forming product that utilizes the natural substances in bovine colostrum.

For example, your body produces fewer growth hormones after puberty, despite the fact that these hormones are crucial for the reproduction of the majority of the body’s cells and tissues. This steady decline occurs from the early 20s until about age 80; at this point, the average person will no longer produce any growth hormones.

On the other hand, the naturally-occurring growth factors in Colostrum-LD® may help stimulate the reproduction of all types of cells in the body. This makes Colostrum-LD®  an ideal option for adults to combat the negative effects of aging.

Colostrum contains a balanced combination of immune and growth factors. It has been used in human clinical trials with aged subjects and shown in some studies to help adults increase muscle weight and strength, along with improving muscle tone, reducing body fat, returning elasticity to the skin, and bolstering bone density.

Man and Woman Biking. Feel good again with Colostrum-LD.

Colostrum May Help Adults in a Number of Other Ways

  • Improved Immune Function – Colostrum-LD® could help boost, balance, and maintain your immune system’s natural functions.
  • Reduced Recovery Time – With Colostrum-LD®, adults may be able to speed up their recovery from exercise or injury.
  • Enhanced Support for Leaky Gut & the Microbiome – Colostrum-LD® is clinically proven to assist with symptoms of Leaky Gut, a leading cause of chronic and autoimmune conditions. It also helps maintain healthy gut flora (the microbiome) which appears to have a positive effect on mental health too.

Unlike many nutritional products, Colostrum-LD® is a food and can be consumed in any quantity. It has no side effects and is non-allergenic too, making it exceedingly valuable for adults.

Let’s not forget about the benefits that colostrum may provide for infants and children, either.

Colostrum is the “pre-milk” that mammalian mothers provide to infants in the days following birth. It helps support an infant’s growth and development especially during the first two years, and colostrum supplementation in children also has been shown to help reduce symptoms and duration of illness by enhancing the child’s own immune system.

At Sovereign Laboratories, we pride ourselves on having more than two decades of experience and believe that our clients should receive the best colostrum products available. As such, we want to ensure that you’re fully satisfied with our colostrum products and are happy to help you understand the benefits of our entire line of colostrum and LD products.

Although the “Fountain of Youth” may be elusive, there is a product that may help you combat the effects of aging and potentially support other areas of your health and well-being – Colostrum-LD®. With daily supplementation, your body will be better equipped to fight the negative effects of aging.

This article was brought to you by Sovereign Laboratories, a world leader in the development of liposomal delivery to maximize the bioavailability of our dietary supplements.