Why Should You Use Colostrum from Cows

Why Should You Use Colostrum from Cows

Cows, humans, and all other mammals produce colostrum, i.e. the first food of life. Colostrum comes from the mother’s mammary glands in the first few days after birth of her young. Its function is to promote the newborn’s growth and development and to help mature the infant’s G.I. tract. In fact, without colostrum, baby animals would die.

When it comes to colostrum supplementation, there may be no better choice than bovine colostrum – here are a few reasons why:

1. Safety

Bovine colostrum is safe and can be consumed in any quantity. When it is flash pasteurized (to kill any pathogens) and dried with low-heat, its effectiveness is comparable to raw, fresh colostrum. Thus, your daily bovine colostrum supplement will provide health-enhancing benefits for years to come.

Also, bovine colostrum features growth factors that are nearly bioidentical to those in human colostrum. Bovine colostrum does not interfere with medications, either. However, it is important to note that your doctor may need to reduce a medication’s dosage due to the fact that bovine colostrum has been shown to help improve GI health and may even help increase absorption rates.

2. Immune System Support 

Although human colostrum and bovine colostrum have many similarities, bovine colostrum offers 40x more antibodies than the human version. Bovine colostrum features all of the antibodies that a cow has been exposed to and those of the cow’s maternal lineage. As such, bovine colostrum provides an unparalleled combination of immune and growth factors to support the immune system. By ensuring good gut health with daily supplementation, bovine colostrum supports good immune health.

3. Ideal for Users of All Ages 

Looking for a supplement that can help users of all ages? Men, women, and children can consume bovine colostrum and enjoy the benefits of this nutritional supplement. Bovine colostrum even offers veterinary support, which means your dog or cat can reap the benefits. Who wouldn’t want their beloved pet to age healthy, have more energy, and sport healthy skin and coat?

4. Plentiful and Can Be Made into a Superior Bovine Colostrum Supplement 

Do you know the source of your bovine colostrum supplement? It’s important to know where your colostrum comes from because not all sources are equal.

Colostrum-LD® consists of colostrum that comes from pasture-raised Grade A dairy cows. These cows eat healthy, green grass and produce better milk and colostrum than cows that are fed grains and processed foods. Moreover, the cows are certified to be healthy and are not fed antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.

Lastly, the colostrum in Colostrum-LD® is obtained from large groups of cows that produce colostrum year-round. This ensures Colostrum-LD® contains the highest possible amount of immune factors.

Bovine colostrum represents an outstanding supplement. You might even consider it a superfood. Thanks to Colostrum-LD®, you can achieve superb results when taken as recommended. Colostrum-LD® contains growth factors, immunoglobulins, and other powerful components. This bovine colostrum product is also available in both a powder and pill form and should be consumed every day for optimal results. To learn more about Colostrum-LD®, check out our blog posts or visit our website for a free sample.

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