BioIdentical Polypeptides-LD™ Capsules

BioIdentical Polypeptides-LD™ Capsules

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Serving Size: 2 capsules (800 mg)
Servings Per Container: 60
UPC: 855724006476
Code: BIOID-caps_120

Product Description


BioIdentical Polypeptides-LD™ Capsules and Powder

  • 120 vegetarian capsules (400 mg) or 6 oz Powder
  • Serving Size: 2 capsules / ½ teaspoon

BioIdentical Polypeptides-LD™ capsules is a proprietary bovine colostrum powder with enhanced PRP levels and liposomal delivery (LD). In capsules or powder form, Bioidentical Polypeptides-LD contains a minimum of 12% PRPs (proline-rich polypeptides, or low molecular weight colostral polypeptides), which is four to 40 times more than is typically present in other bulk bovine colostrum powders.

State-of-the-art and proprietary technologies are utilized to extract PRPs which are then added to first-milking bovine colostrum with liposomal delivery to produce BioIdentical Polypeptides-LD™. Sovereign Laboratories then uses proprietary liposomal technology to allow for maximum delivery and absorption.

What Is BioIdentical Polypeptides-LD™?

BioIdentical Polypeptides-LD™ is a Colostrum-LD® companion supplement designed for healthy immune system support. The supplement contains a small quantity of powdered bovine colostrum, which provides proteins, minerals, vitamins, and other nutritious components. Ideally, either BioIdentical Polypeptides-LD™ or BioIdentical Polypeptides(™) Oral Spray should be included in a daily Colostrum-LD® regimen for supporting a healthy whole-body balance.

Why Should You Use Capsules or Powder vs. Spray?

An oral spray helps ensure that a supplement's nutritious components are quickly absorbed.

Some people do not like the taste of the oral spray, and so BioIdentical Polypeptides-LD™ capsules are more neutral in terms of taste.

The capsule form can also be conveniently packed into a purse, backpack, or travel case for on-the-go use. Capsules also have a longer shelf life once the package is opened.

Regardless of whether an individual selects BioIdentical Polypeptides™ oral spray or BioIdentical Polypeptides-LD™ capsules, the benefits of the supplement remain the same. BioIdentical Polypeptides™ oral spray and BioIdentical Polypeptides-LD™ capsules are designed for optimal healthy immune system and gut health.

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