Treating Lyme Disease with Colostrum

Lyme Disease

Individuals can contract Lyme disease if they are bitten by an infected backlegged tick. Conventional medical treatment for Lyme disease is antibiotics taken over the course of several weeks or months. However, bovine colostrum supplements have been proposed as an adjunct to standard treatment for Lyme patients as well.

Ticks transmit Lyme disease, which is caused by a bacterium called Borellia burgdoferi. Lyme patients will display symptoms such as fever, fatigue, headaches, and a skin rash known as erythema migrans. If Lyme disease goes untreated, it can spread to the joints, nervous system, and heart, causing severe harm to the immune and digestive systems. Later symptoms of Lyme disease include neck stiffness, facial palsy (loss of muscle tone or droop on one or both sides of the face), and short-term memory problems. These symptoms may persist for days or months after a tick bite.

Oral antibiotics such as doxycycline, amoxicillin, or cefuroxime axetil are used to treat Lyme disease. Typically, a Lyme patient will recover after a few weeks of antibiotic treatments. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes a small percentage of Lyme disease cases may last for more than six months. Some people have persistent problems with Lyme and suffer greatly.

According to the CDC, Lyme disease is the most common vectorborne illness in the United States. The CDC has estimated 329,000 new cases of Lyme disease are contracted annually, and 95 percent of Lyme disease cases were reported in 14 states in 2015.

Although antibiotics offer a proven option to treat Lyme disease, digestive and immune system problems may linger for Lyme patients. Bay Area Lyme Foundation (BALF) states a two-tiered ELISA/Western Blot blood test frequently is used to check for Lyme disease. The test measures human antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi and provides an indirect measure of infection. But BALF notes that the test misses up to 60 percent of cases of early-stage Lyme disease, and it may take weeks for the body to develop measurable antibodies against the infection.

Furthermore, BALF notes as many as 20 percent of Lyme patients will continue to experience symptoms after treatment. This indicates antibiotics alone may be insufficient for some patients to overcome Lyme disease.

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A significant drawback to Lyme disease treatment is that antibiotics can cause severe damage to an individual’s immune and digestive systems. Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria, but often leave behind pathogens that are resistant to antibiotics. These so called “superbugs” can become nearly impossible to treat in the future. More and more powerful antibiotics are required to treat the infection, and at some point, antibiotics may be completely ineffective.

Colostrum-LD® offers superior immune and digestive health benefits, and may provide a less risky alternative for patients with Lyme disease. Colostrum-LD contains immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, colostrum polypeptides (also called proline-rich polypeptides) and other immune components that assist the body in fighting infection. Lactoferrin is particularly potent in destroying bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Bovine colostrum provides a rich source of lactoferrin.

Colostrum’s polypeptides are powerful immune system modulators; they stimulate the immune system to destroy pathogens (via inflammation), and then bring the body back into balance by quelling the inflammation. Colostrum-LD® contains a high percentage of colostrum polypeptides, but for extra pathogen-fighting capabilities, a concentrated oral polypeptide formulation, such as Colostrum-IC, is recommended.

In addition, colostrum’s other health-enhancing properties can benefit Lyme patients during their recovery process. These include:

  • Reducing allergies and over-reactivity to environmental toxins
  • Addressing leaky gut (intestinal hyperpermeability)
  • Increasing muscle strength and stamina
  • Repairing damaged muscle, tendon, ligament, bone, skin, or nerve tissue

Colostrum-LD® is a viable therapy adjunct for Lyme patients. If you or someone you love has Lyme disease, speak to your physician about Colostrum-LD. If you physician is not familiar with the infection-fighting properties of bovine colostrum, ask him/her to contact Sovereign Laboratories. We’re happy to explain the reasons he/she should consider recommending Colostrum-LD to every patient, not just those affected by Lyme disease.

This article was brought to you by Sovereign Laboratories, a world leader in the development of liposomal delivery to maximize the bioavailability of our dietary supplements.



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